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  1. RobertTGM

    Do you have a WWII Relic?

    I have money from that time. 2 banknotes: - 1,000 kuna 1941. Independent State of Croatia (German puppet state) - 10 dinara 1944. Democratic Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Partisans) 8 coins: - 50 ore 1945. Norway - 2 francs 1943. Vichy France - 1 pengo 1941. Hungary - 2 pengo 1941. Hungary - 1 franc 1943. Belgium - 50 centesimi 1940. Italy - 5 centesimi 1941. Italy - 1 reichspfennig 1944.B (Vienna mint) Third Reich
  2. RobertTGM

    Some Skin idea in 2020 december

    Looks awesome! would be cool to see some for headgear aswell and also some new clothing that fit the winter atmosphere like coats added into the game.
  3. RobertTGM

    My numismatic collection (1938-2010s)

    Very cool. I see inflation marks, couple notgelds and modern banknotes. Nice collection Quar.
  4. RobertTGM

    My numismatic collection (1938-2010s)

    Its 50 forint from 1983, socialist period (People's Republic of Hungary). Found it among old documents that belonged to my grandparents. Quite common banknote but i love the design.
  5. RobertTGM

    Interior decorations

    There is a propaganda poster in the redesigned building. Its fine.
  6. Hello. Like many of you guys, i enjoy history, which made me start a numismatic hobby. To those who don't know, numismatics is a hobby about collecting coins, banknotes, tokens and medals (each one having its own category ex. banknotes - notaphilia). I first started over 1 year ago and now decided to share it with you guys. While it is true this hobby is expensive, you don't need to be rich in order to have the hobby. Some cool stuff cost a few cents each. (inflation marks, west german marks, yugoslav dinars etc.). I have stuff from socialist bulgaria, romania, poland, russia, netherlands, france (which includes a jean mauline commemorative), occupation money from the yugoslav wars and a lot more. The only WW2 coin i have is a norwegian 50 ore coin from 1945, and the oldest coin i own is a 50 dinara coin from 1938 Kingdom of Yugoslavia (the shiny 3rd one from the right), also being the most valuable because of 75% silver in it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask :D. Here is the pic:
  7. RobertTGM

    Captured mods

    I think that with captured mods being added, everyone would be running with the best weapon in the game fully modded and other weapons would basically not exist if you get my point. Captured weapons was already a big mistake like Dauminator said. It ruined the uniqeness of factions, captured mods would make it even worse. Same thing with vehicles (it's on hold but let's hope it never makes it).
  8. RobertTGM

    The problem with Soviet tanks

    They are fine. Btw, this should be the least thing you should be worried about rn. Maybe they could add the feature to remove and add some of these type of things as for customization purposes in the future, idk. Also, i mostly see historical pictures of tanks with the tanks attached.
  9. RobertTGM

    Graphics driver crash

    So this only started happening recently (like 2 or 3 weeks ago). Whenever i play the game for 30 minutes or more, it causes the crash, requiring me to sometimes restart the whole PC. This has never happened to me before and it surprised me the first time it happened. Also, i noticed this only happens with Heroes & Generals. Any other game seems to work properly without causing this issue. Any possible fix or?
  10. RobertTGM

    ghillie suit

    It sounds cool, but recons are already a big pain in the butt, its already too difficult to spot them hiding in the bushes, ghillie would just make them impossible to spot.
  11. RobertTGM

    Help about binoculars I have

    Alright, thanks. Been searching for the info for 3 months.
  12. RobertTGM

    Help about binoculars I have

    Should work now. I edited it.
  13. RobertTGM

    Help about binoculars I have

    Im new to this.
  14. Before i begin, i have a question. I have some badges, military patches and medals. Most of them from cold war and yugoslav wars. Am I allowed to post them in "Historical chatter" or they go in "Offtopic". Thats my question. Anyway, back to binoculars. So, from my research, I think i have Japanese naval binoculars. It is in english writing so im not sure if is it from WW2, pre or post war era (i checked online and they seem to have japanese writing). If you wonder how i got this, it was passed to me by my grandfather who used it in yugoslav wars. Here are the pictures.
  15. Now, weapons already have a good amount of mods. Why not add mods to vehicles. This can bring more customisation to the game. Here are some of the mods that can be used on vehicles (gonna write for infantry only, for now only 3 types of mods, but if u have any more ideas, post below, also im aware that game needs more serious additions and fixes than this) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ENGINES Different engine types have different amount of horsepower. It will make the vehicle faster and better, especially APCs and AA vehicles, but there can be some downsides like being more vulnerable to gunfire. Now, im not good with prices but they should cost less than 125 000 credits. TIRES There are 3 different tire types. Normal ones, offroad and road. Offroad (like the name says) is for "off" road. It will make the vehicle go faster when going into the fields avoiding roads where the action is and trying to get near a capture point. Gives advantage when someone is chasing you with different tire types. Useful for APCs. Road ones are opposite, they make the vehicle faster while on the roads and slow off the road. Normal ones are basically half offroad half road. Should cost less than 90 000 credits. DIFFERENT MACHINE GUNS Name pretty much says it all. You can have the ability to change machine guns on infantry cars (and a german motorbike). Ex. changing mg34 on the kubel with mg42. Faster rpm. No downsides. Should cost around 100 000 credits. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, as i said above, game needs more serious updates, but after that, i would like if they put something similiar into the game in the future. If you have any ideas to improve this, please, post below. Thanks for reading. 😁