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  1. They already screwed up by adding blacks to the Axis army, presumably meant to be men of the Free Arabian Legion into the game. If they added Northern Africa to the game's RTS, it would make more sense, considering the fact that they did fight against standing armies from the UK, Free France, New Zealand, Greece, and the United States in Tunisia. As far as their European deployment is concerned, the Free Arabian Legion did fight against partizans in Yugoslavia and Greece, but there are no partizan sub-factions in the game either, so...
  2. Heavy tanks should be invulnerable from Anti-Tank frontally, and all heavies should be given the same level of strange bullshittery side armor that Tiger II has where sometimes it only does armor damage from the side, sometimes it does base structure damage, but only about 2 components are reliably killable with AT.
  3. Metal--Sabaton

    buff german pls

    GE has the worst jeep, I'll agree. But y'all unlock a motorcycle pretty early on that doesn't flip on anything. Sure it triggers mines, but it seats 4 players, has a crate for HP/Ammo/Pzfst, and is arguably the best terrain vehicle in the game for infantry, maybe the best overall. Better yet, why would you bother spawning the Kubel when you have the Kettenkrad? There are always more motorcycles in battles than jeeps, so GE effectively has the best "jeep" in the form of a cheaper, more common motorcycle spawn.
  4. Metal--Sabaton

    buff german pls

    Uh... what? https://gyazo.com/190e3707099a44d4cc05578ee49686a5
  5. I understand this is meme format, and well done. But I got the idea for my weapon mods from a GE main.. the same GE main that first suggested to ME that the FG42 should cost 1,258,000 on GE infantry. Go figure.
  6. Except I have one on my SU paratrooper already WITH mods. https://gyazo.com/898feef9f35b8feab1268b20308590f2 Perhaps you should rethink who you're speaking to when talking about false OP claims. I have more German weapons on SU than most Germans have on Germany. I know what the current weapon balance is, and I know that the FG42 wouldn't even be the best gun in the game with mods. That goes to the MG34, although nobody seems to notice. https://gyazo.com/3111f1b00d32ac8ccb62f943c9afd3ff I know the FG42 should have mods like every other captured infantry weapon, not once did I say that every one of those things I suggested should happen FIRST, but that they should happen. I DID say that a few of those things need to happen first, but not all of them. Notably, making all captured weapons the same price regardless of faction, if it unlocks the same way as other captured weapons (either rank 9, or rank 11). That's pretty simple. Otherwise, if they want a "captured weapon" to cost the standard price on the original faction, they should simply make it a native weapon. It makes no sense for a weapon to unlock captured, but cost the standard price. In case of the STG-44 on tank crewmen, it should absolutely cost the same on GE as on SU/US, as it's not a standard tanker weapon. The FG42? There can be a case made to make it a standard infantry weapon, but then that would give GE infantry 4 native LMG's. This is why I brought up the idea of adding the Fedorov Avtomat as an SU para/capped infantry weapon, a counterpart to the FG42, doing the same for the Johnson, but also adding the 1919A4 with 50 rounds, faster reload, better handling as the new T2 US LMG, so US isn't unfairly shrunk down to 2 native infantry LMG's. So to sum up: Make ALL captured weapons cost a premium, then add mods to the FG42 on infantry, and STG44 on tank crewmen, considering that those are currently the only 2 "captured" weapons with a price irregularity between factions.
  7. Metal--Sabaton

    Solve the issue with disallowed names ingame

    " And don't even suggest that by RETO not wasting resources on a problem that will never be solved, is supporting that kind of language/speech. " I never said RETO supports it, but the fact that they already go through the effort of forcing someone to change their character/squad name means they've already made an initiative. It wouldn't take much more effort to keep a log of how many times specific players were offenders, and sooner or later either they would stop, or their accounts would be permanently banned. They would continue this for a short while with alt accounts if they're persistent, sure, but sooner or later, the undesirable, offensive trolls will find a game that's less harsh, and more welcoming to their type.
  8. Add the option for US/SU infantrymen to buy a black paint helmet like the one GE has. We already have black veteran helmets, so having the option to buy a black base helmet would give more variety in aesthetics. A nice quality of life update. Also maybe make one with a cover. https://gyazo.com/0de4f98b5555859fe18e360f3bb69871 https://gyazo.com/51f97aa87a07eb0d54337ce48b060ee2
  9. Add the option for US/SU infantrymen to buy a black paint helmet like the one GE has. We already have black veteran helmets, so having the option to buy a black base helmet would give more variety in aesthetics. A nice quality of life update. Also maybe make one with a cover. https://gyazo.com/0de4f98b5555859fe18e360f3bb69871 https://gyazo.com/51f97aa87a07eb0d54337ce48b060ee2
  10. take it how you want, at least I laid out the groundwork for a system that would have each faction mirror the other in accessibility to different types of equipment. It pays of to be specific sometimes, just like my post about the FG42 for US/SU infantry, which some saw as longer than it should've been, but I'd argue that it was detailed enough to sway the opinions of many people who would originally oppose it. Pointing out specifics is key to a strong argument. At the end of the day, my idea won over the decision board, and we have something that looks like this. https://gyazo.com/0559784e5afba0943ce6e04a4bfb8ed6 So yeah, I'm waiting for mods on the FG-42 too.
  11. Include more harsh punishments for disallowed names. I see so many squads and even player names with SS, and it's not only in poor taste, but it's against your own ToS. If someone were to make a formal complaint about this with little to no punishment implemented, the game could be banned in many countries across Europe, and we all know what that would lead to. I suggest the current system of replacing squad name with "CHANGE SQUAD NAME" should remain for the first offense, with a warning message sent to the player. If the player persists with a second attempt, they will receive a week ban. 3rd attempt? Permanent ban. This isn't limited to SS names of course, but those are the most obscene. https://gyazo.com/b1a3f3a8655b9604445275191c08d39e https://gyazo.com/cb9a03b8e41c2abd77e3d188a8a48111
  12. M1A1 is a native Para weapon, and a native Tanker weapon. If Reto decides to make it available for other classes, the same standard should apply. You're capturing it from another class. The STG is also now available on all tank crewmen. Why is it that GE can buy it for the standard infantry price? Why can US buy a non-native Infantry weapon (M1 Carbine) for regular price? And better yet, I guess I take that back because the M1 Carbine doesn't unlock like other captured weapons, so I guess they made it native for Infantry. The Johnson LMG was actually used by U.S. Marines who traded explosives with U.S. Air Core soldiers to get their Johnson's. And supposedly some ex-German paratroopers had their FG42's after the battle of Crete. So I'd reckon the Johnson should the same way as the FG42, rank 11, and both should be modifiable, but with a marked up capture price tag, because they were not issued to regular infantryman from the beginning. Now this begs the question of the disparity in standard issue LMG's. If the Johnson is to become a para weapon, available for capture on infantry, the U.S. needs another infantry only LMG, and SU needs a paratrooper LMG. Give SU the Federov Avtomat, and give USA the M1919A4 LMG with the old 1919 sights. Give it a 50 round belt, with better mobility, stability, and a faster reload as a new US Tier 2 LMG.
  13. No, because it's a native PARATROOPER weapon. The M1 Carbine is a native PARATROOPER weapon. It's not meant for that class, so it should cost the same as it would be captured, because effectively it is captured.
  14. Change FG42 scope to 1.9x (for both paratrooper and infantry) with current infantry scope FOV, raise the price for GE captured FG42 to 1,258,000 like SU and US FG42's, make M1 Carbine a captured US Infantry Weapon like FG42, raise the price of US M1 Carbine to 229,000, make the unlock for both USA and SU/GE rank 11, then give all mods to FG42 for all factions.
  15. Metal--Sabaton

    Skill Based Matchmaker for Staged Battles

    Not sure to take this as sarcasm or at face value. Common sense says sarcasm, but what I know about the community in this game's typical mindset says otherwise.