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  1. Ever since the infinite sprint update I've noticed players bouncing around when they walk/run. It isn't really enough to impact gameplay, but it is rather strange. This issue has occurred every game since the update for me, and it only seems to happen to actual players and not bots. It reminds me of the vehicle bug a while back where vehicles would try to sink into the ground when you drove them and would bounce around a lot (It looks almost exactly the same). This bug doesn't affect me, just the player models of everyone else in the match. I also seem to recall that old vehicle bug affected older AMD machines (mine was one of them), so I can't help but wonder if it isn't somehow related. Specs: Windows 7 AMD FX 4130 Quad Core 3.8GHz Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050
  2. Deuce443

    Leavers and Uneven Teams

    These are both good ideas, I think either one would go a long way to keeping player counts high in games. At the very least if a spot is reserved for someone who manually pressed the 'leave match' button it should only be reserved for 60 seconds or so. Sometimes people do mess up and queue with the wrong gear and leave to fix it real quick and that's ok for the mostpart, but I don't think those people should be catered to if the consequence is uneven teams due to players using the system incorrectly (salty alt+f4s, people exploiting the timer to keep teams uneven intentionally, etc). Right now uneven teams are a bit of an epidemic, especially at certain times of day, and much of it is centered around the presence of clans in matches or good organized play in general. Obviously that isn't the clans fault for being good, but any FPS game is going to have plenty of salty ragequits to go along with it and we definitely need a system that minimizes the impact of that on the quality of matches. At the very least, and I'm sure this will be a terribly unpopular opinion, reserve slots should be played out by bots while the player isn't in the game. This would at least put bodies on capture points to reduce the steamroll. I would hate to see bots in war mode but I think I hate uneven teams even more. They could even force bots to play defense only and never attack in war matches or something, I dunno.
  3. Deuce443

    HELLCAT-main battle tank of america

    MG42 works fine for me without bipod, just need to crouch. This would be true if the Fallschirmjager didn't exist, but the Johnson and the Fallschirmjager are counterparts, not the MG13 and the Johnson.
  4. Deuce443

    HELLCAT-main battle tank of america

    I guess if we're going to go down this road... US has Hellcat that's OP. I absolutely agree. GE has MG42 which is better than 1919, MG13 which is better than BAR (by a WIDE margin), STG which is better than M2 Carbine (the carbine is a glorified SMG, not really the STGs fault imo), and the Panzerbusche which is the best class of weapon when dealing with enemy aircraft as infantry, a weapon class US lacks entirely. I won't mention planes since I don't fly them. For reference I play both US and GE. I'm just saying if Hellcat gets nerfed, it needs to come as a package deal and everyone who plays this game knows it. Things need rebalancing.
  5. I understand that when you disconnect from a match your slot is saved so you can get back in the match in case your game crashed or whatever else but there are some issues with the current implementation, namely that teams can become extremely uneven if enough players start leaving one team, and this is especially noticeable in war matches. These issues could be improved in a couple of ways: 1. 5 minutes is way too long to save a spot for a player. This should be reduced to 3 minutes maximum. 2. If the difference in the number of players on each team is greater than 3 players, leavers should lose their reservation. I have noticed games with a difference of 5 players or more on the war map, and when I try to queue for these games to even them up I'm stuck in a queue so long because of the reservation timers that the battle may as well be over by the time I get into it. Salty players often Alt-F4 when a game isn't going their way, and while the game may think this is a crash these players have no intention on returning to the match. The reservation timer is also exploited by alt accounts to start battles and win them quickly without much resistance. These changes would reduce the impact that clans have on matches as well, considering players ragequit most often against organized opposition. It is frustrating to see a winnable battle get lost because it's 10 vs 16 and you have to watch it from queue the whole time because the reservation timers won't let you in.
  6. Deuce443

    Unlocking the PTRS?

    It is in fact bugged. As far as I have heard your progress is still there, but you will have to find another PTRS and use it on that soldier to make the ribbon re-appear. Make sure you have enough credits on-hand next time to buy both the ribbon and the weapon outright in one go. This post should give you a decent ballpark estimate for the ribbon costs. Hopefully they fix this bug soon.
  7. Deuce443

    I don't like bots

    I think bots need to serve to fill in slots for leavers in Staged and that should be it. They should be temporary replacements to keep teams even in the event some squad gets salty and rage quits.
  8. Deuce443

    Prototype test: Hero control tweaks

    Everyone talking about wanting weapon balance first needs to understand that if they change the core mechanics balance will be changed with them (as some have already pointed out when comparing LMGs and SMGs with the new system). It is important to get the core mechanics set before individual weapon balance is looked at or they're just creating more work for themselves in the long run. I do definitely want to say that I feel like loadout weight should have an impact on movement speed though.
  9. Tbh I kinda think infantry scopes should be removed and ironsight zoom should be a badge...
  10. Deuce443

    laggy servers

    I only get ping like that if I'm matched to another continent so I dunno why your ping is bad but it isn't the servers.
  11. It would be nice if a keybind was added to drive a vehicle forward at approximately infantry walking speed. This would allow vehicles to provide better cover for infantry players as well as function to keep tank guns from bouncing around quite so much while traveling forward. Right now it is a bit difficult to creep vehicles forward little by little to provide hard cover for advancing infantry (especially tanks), and some tanks bounce around excessively when feathering the throttle (I'm looking at you Luchs).
  12. Deuce443

    When will the STG equipment points be reverted back

    The M2 is in fact lighter than every single SMG in the game.
  13. Deuce443

    War Map Bug

  14. Deuce443

    Are Bolt Action Rifles useless in current H&G?

    Then you are one of the good ones. Unfortunately, you're the exception to the rule as most recons would like to roleplay Chewie in the woods.
  15. Deuce443

    Are Bolt Action Rifles useless in current H&G?

    They're not useless, but the people who use them often are because they don't play the objectives.