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  1. Taazar321

    Invalid Ribbon Reward

    Found another user on Reddit who claims to have had this happen to 3 of his 5 ribbons however he didn't take a screenshot before closing it:
  2. Taazar321

    Invalid Ribbon Reward

    I got my 7 day reward of 3 random ribbon boosters however one of them was an error. Thinking that maybe it was only the text bugging I checked every character for every faction to see which boosters I had and I can confirm that I only received 2 boosters, "M1919 MG Specialist" and "Panzer III Specialist". Edit: I found a post on reddit that shows others seem to be having this issue as well: Edit: Proof from another user they are also having the same issue: Edit: It's been another 7 days since and I got another ribbon reward and guess what, again another one of them was invalid:
  3. Taazar321

    New update resources box

    And greying out resources that aren't at zero?? Who came up with that idea? Honestly I don't see any logical reason to hide the number of resources from players. I still want to see how many tanks or apcs they might have even if I'm running around as an infantry but with the new system, they are all greyed out like zeroes and just so difficult to see you have to pause for a second. If they fixed that I might actually be able to get used to this new inferior display
  4. Taazar321

    Get resources back to their posotion

    If they think this is better to help new players see how many resources they have left then they can keep this as default but please please give us the option of switching back to the old display. The fact they grey out everything resource you aren't currently using is just plain stupid. If I'm running as I want to see how many APCs tanks or vehicles there are but instead, becuase I'm not currently using one, they are all grey just as if they were zeroes.
  5. Taazar321

    Cannot see any match resources in game now

    I have to agree with Limecat, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". The new method could work if it wasn't hidden away at the very top and it didn't grey out everything you weren't using. Firstly, with it up at the top it honestly is harder to glance up to. Before I could run and take a glance at both team resources from the middle of the screen, the place I was already looking at before I pressed tab. It being in the middle also allows me to also see through the leaderboard at where I'm going whereas now I ca;t keep as much of an eye for incoming vehicles because I'm looking at the very top and trying desperately to read greyed out values. Next we have the greying out of anything you aren't currently using. Why? Why was this needed? I can understand greying out the zeroes but for the love of god what was the idea behind greying out the other numbers? If I'm running around as infantry I now have to stop and properly look at the resources to see how many more tanks I have to look out for or how many APC's they have left. If i'm just running around it's now a struggle to even see if the have vehicles left. In the 10-20 matches I've already played with this update I can't tell you how many times already I've glanced at the count, seen a greyed out value, assumed it was 0 and closed the leaderboard. Honestly if they changed this so the only number greyed out was the zeroes I could deal with this new system. Finally, moving the resources to the top removed the name of wherever we're fighting which I have used quite a few times before in cases where I'm talking to people in war chat and asking for resources. It was handy to have an now you can only see it if you are dead and are not hovering over anything. I would like to be able to see it anytime I hit tab. So it is fixable but at the end of the day, there was no need to get into this mess in the first place. We had a system that worked, as system I still prefer and instead of seeing zeroes you could tell they had run out of something simply by seeing that its icon was no longer there, no need to look at any numbers.