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    Grieffing and teamkilling

    No name and shame in the forum,you can report griefing by the in-game report system or you can fill a ticket to support with the battle ID and any aditional screenshots that prove your point for them to determine if any disciplinary action is required. Closed.
  2. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    I got ban what should i do

    There is always a reason. Bans are not subject of discussion, if you want to appeal please contact support. Closed.
  3. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    Discord Ban

    Game/forum/discord bans are not discused in the forum, please contact support, link is on top of the page.
  4. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    Is this supposed to be a cheat or a bug?

    It's not a bug or a cheat, the most probable scenario is a almost depleted heavy plane at with only 1 plane remaining, even 1 pilot too it's possible, I had that case several times in my playtime so I send the lone plane and use it myself to maximize the earnings.
  5. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    Easter Egg

    It´s a temporal weapon because of the season, just like the snowballs were in winter. You can kill with them, but you will need to hit an already wounded target or use a lot of them! You cna also paint the walls.
  6. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    Assault Team upgrade path.

    Depends, most generals like to use a combination of At types to give multiple choice of vehicles for the fps players, cars are much easier to unlock for new players than motorbikes. Infantry (90 soldiers) is very slow on the map, also if no one lelse add vehicles the battle will be harder for your side, sometimes being so slow will mean the AT will not reach in time to be played, so you have to place htem very close to the action. Motorized infantry also uses 2 command points, do you have them? if not you will NOT be qable to equip the upgraded AT in your soldier (earning them by war victory ribbon or earn one extra by leveling to rank 15-16-17) Do you want your own cars in a war battle? Its sliglty slower to move than moto guard in the war map. Another option is to buy a 2nd guard AT and upgrade it to motorized guard so you can get xp from 2 diferent battles at the same time or from 2 diferent lines in the same battle for the same soldier., bigger army or most Xp.
  7. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    Bulletproof Fence

    Closed by OP request.
  8. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    RedScare Alt

    Q&A is not for this, not any other part of the forums. Contact support withany proof you may have. Closed.
  9. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    Stealing vehicles add resource?

    No, enemy vehicles stolen in battle are not added to the stockpile.
  10. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    Lack of weapons in the deposit

    As others said weapons that don't belong toyour faction (captured ) go to the correspondent one. If there is a particular bug on your account and you already wrote to support please wait for their response it may take several weeks. Please don't reply to your already sended ticket or it will reset back to the last place in the review queue.
  11. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    [Inf. Div. 501] searching Members! [Ger/Eng]

  12. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    Captured FG42 (GE) Infantry

    Fg42 is not a captured weapon, no other faction can have it. It's a GE paratroopers exclusive weapon made available for infantry with some modifications restrictions.
  13. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    Looking for-snip-

    Don't make threads like this in the forum, if you have proof (battle ID , chat screenshots) send them to support and let them deal with the issue if any. Closed for naming and shaming.
  14. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    Cheater in H&G

    In this particular case it's just an old player being better than most in that match. There are many people that play for years and play with others with voice communications, that combination will beat 90% of the regular player base. The procedure when you suspect of someone is to send a ticket to support, NOT make a post in the forum as its name and shame and that is forbidden.
  15. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    Unable to deploy Tiger 2 in Assault match

    A lot of possible answers here. -do you have autorepair on for those tanks? Once full red they are unable to spawn until a full repair. -resources of that class is depleted for your faction first, sometimes people even deplete the tank crew and leave some tanks unable to spawn because of it. If the issue happens again please take an screenshot while pressing tab to see the scoreboard and resourses available to discard that scenario.
  16. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    Impossible Points Tally by AFK Player

    That sounds very unlikely, but anyway the correct procedure in those cases is to take screenshots and most important the battle ID and sent this info to support in a ticket. They can check evey detail and determine exactly what was happening if anything. PM me if you need more details on how to do this. I will close this topic as name and shame other players is not allowed in the forum.
  17. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    H&G is even sh*ttier game than ever today, gj

    If not for the people giving further feedback after that initial post I would for sure closed this thread. Always remember to show a minimum of respect if you want to be taken seriously.
  18. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    I found this on internet no recoil

    It's clear it's cheating please don't share this kind of links in the forum. Submit them to support instead. Closed.
  19. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    Deployed Assault-Teams dont show up

    A couple of towns away is tooooo close to risk a deploy if you are not online babysitting them in most cases, it's possible the troops deployed and the area got surrounded and you lost all in a 5 minute battle and then was retaken by the time you logged again, things like this often happen around capitals taken and retaken multiple times in a few hours of high players activity.
  20. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    problem about hacker

    Please report any suspect to support in a ticket NOT in the forum. Closed because name and shame.
  21. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    how is this guy going 100/2 in inf legit?

    If you suspect something fishy is happening just do this: Closed.
  22. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    Winter camo still usable after winter update?

    No, you are indeed able to use them after, they are only available for purchase in the holiday season, just like the christmas skins for weapons.
  23. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    massive new tanker disadvantage

    Well played, well played.
  24. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    question about RTS

    Why would you said that about my response, did you even read it? the OP asked: I spawn in tank and use virtuose AT by doing so, I do 10 kill virtuose spawn and use my AT, he die instantly to mines in spawn at the end my AT will get nothing and he will get everything? And my response was: No, if both have the same kind of tank for example, lets say ligth tanks and one kills 10 enemy tanks and the other just dies 10 times without killing anyone...then rewards and casualities will be randomly awarded to both in any possible combination(troops deducted aka casualities are deducted in real time from any of the available ats) , so there is the case you dont lose any tank or tanker but get all the rewards, or lose almost all and get nothing or lose some and get some., as i say its random. There are many outcomes to that example situation not just 1 as you tried to put it; from my experience in the rts i have seen all scenarios, making huge, moderate and none profit so you saying no profit all losses is the only one possible outcome is simply not true.
  25. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    massive new tanker disadvantage

    Keep it civil please.