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  1. There are bigger problems right now than Clan System.
  2. Huodang3

    1.15 - THE WAR UPDATE

    Things I like about this update: - map review before battles - sound of the starter weapons Things I hate about this update: - bipods = 80% aim nerf for all lmg. All lmgs were more accurate before without bipods. Why don't you just say lmg's were nerfed and live with it? No need for the deception of the "bipods". - vehicle physics: is this a postponed April 1 joke? I mean this "patch" (more like wound) couldn't even get into dev test at other companies. This abomination even passed devtest, public test. How? You don't really have test managers and testing pipeline, do you? - nerfing starter weapons stability At at last but not least: Saying nothing after all this fauly update. Not even a post on twitter. Sad and miserable.
  3. Hi! 1 rpm is the intended stat for this weapon? Since it has 5,4 sec reload time the correct rpm would be 11. Edit: same applies to M18 recoilless
  4. Huodang3

    Outlines outrage

    This update is just the first minor part of a new game rework, our "beloved" Bat-l Roi-al is coming 😂
  5. Huodang3

    Tank spam

    > 4 tank > bridge > wow ! bazinga
  6. Huodang3

    After 1 Year break

    The hottest topic now is to make the game playable again. The constant errors they make nowadays is just too damn high.
  7. Huodang3

    What's wrong with the servers these days ?

    Server ops team in Germany have gone out of control. Random laggs/DCs during the day for everyone in a match etc. New patch/hotfix doesn't get enough time to test, if it is tested at all. = random rollback, unpredictable maintenances This is a result of poor organization of processes. The lack of communication about the probelms from the developers/management is the cherry on top.
  8. Huodang3

    Can't Move or Look Around

    It wasn't my internet/ping. I already stated that, the game just went on normally, while I was just blocked. After restarting my computer the problem went away, but it was weird.
  9. Huodang3

    Can't Move or Look Around

    Happened to me multiple times. It started today, and restart won't fix the problem. Scenario: The game starts, I click on deploy (foot, vehicle, it doesn't matter) and I can't move anywhere. It seems like an "invisible force" keeps my character in one place. Heres a video: