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  1. The new lighting is total baseball, most of the matches is a night or sunset time. Oftenly I'm playing streaks of 3 dark matches in a row. My eyes literally hurt because of almost permanent tension. I think I should stop to play until devs come in their senses. upd: baseball lol, yeah, exactly.
  2. Mikuru

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Yeah, horrible changes, most of the matches are too dark now. You bring night even into staged battles. I'm playing them to just chill, like team deathmatch with equal conditions, but since last update I'm feeling like struggling the all time, instead of having fun lol. Just leave new beautiful skies and sun/moon, but bring back old light settings + think about smoke reducing. Situations when u starting to shoot and after few rounds just can't spot where is enemy - is too often, sometimes enemy even running away to another room, lol, but u have no idea about it. Even without it, this game is manual/semiauto gun centric and prizing passive playstyle.
  3. Agree. Especcialy about gunpowder gases. Can't see the point of largening scope-sight, with same multiplier - it will feel the same, but ok, totally don't care about scopes. p.s. Kirik - lah 😛
  4. Mikuru


    Any plans for sound fixes?
  5. Bump! Problem is still actual.
  6. did they fixed it in today update?
  7. Hate them comletely. Burn in hell for features like this, stupid game designers.