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  1. AIDikPlays

    BatlleEye Removes me from battle...

    Seems the update fixed it. Don't know what was happening it's fixes. Case Closed
  2. AIDikPlays

    BatlleEye Removes me from battle...

    Update, this happens only when playing pilot. Not very helpful I have been a long-time supporter of the game(like I said playing back in beta), and just wish to play the game without bugs, errors and false removals by BattleEye
  3. So I bought myself a German pilot as of today and I wanted to try it out(as the last time I played pilot was back in beta) I search for a game, it loads, and then on the HnG battle window it First: drops to a <single frame per second, and when it fixes itself (no idea how, bug?) I get a message at the top of the screen saying that I have been removed by BattleEye, I don't know why this is as I am no hacker and haven't shown any suspicious behavior since I didn't even get to play in the battle. This is extremely irritating, to say the least as I had to redownload the game 3-4x to fix the antivirus detecting it as a virus(complete cleanup). And now I can't play because of BattleEye. If there is a post about it here or another forum, I'd be glad to see it. I hope someone on here knows a fix. btw: I haven't done anything since, no reinstall, file manipulating or troubleshoots.
  4. Once upon a time, a little boy in his teenage years was browsing the Free To Play category on steam. After long minutes of searching for the perfect game, he stumbled upon an open Beta release of a new WW2 game. The boy was excited as he was planning on studying history and WW2 in particular and was generally interested in it. Once he downloaded the game he was greeted by a friendly community of similar-minded individuals. He made friends and showed the game to his 'Real Life' friends. He became obsessed with the game, maining the US Army. But when the time came, and his friends lost interest, so did he. He left for a long time. However... he returned after years of not playing to see an almost unrecognizable game, even more excited than ever before he downloaded, and started playing as The Reich. And he found a community that was as always friendly and... wait... this ain't like I remember. What is this! I haven't played H&G for a couple years and the community turned to a Salt Mountain higher than Mt. Mc-loving-Kinley! What is this? I don't get 40 kills with a para and people start insulting me because I'm bad? I'm done. I came back to see my all-time favorite game with a new friend and all I can see is a chat that insults people for not carrying the team, 2nd to last players who give orders and paratroopers with a higher ego than the mountain I mentioned previously. I was extremely saddened when I saw this. And while I still love the game even with its issues I have a hard time dealing with the community, trying to be formal/non-aggressive as much as I can, yet I still finish games with a feeling of disgust, anger, and most of all sadness. I wish we could go back to the community of the olden Beta and have nice conversations in-game. Anyway, this has been a little post by someone who has recently returned to H&G to try the new version out, I will keep playing and don't plan on stopping, but please be civil and always strap on a muzzle.