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  1. Count_Jester

    Last bug fix

    Sort of seems like the last bug fix was to nerf all the US gear. Seems pretty garbage now.
  2. Isn't it so strange that one day you're killing everything on the battle field and then the very next day you gun no longer works. Boy, that's weird. Hmmmm gee I wonder why that is????
  3. Count_Jester

    Non WF abttles

    Well, technically you can post pictures but you have to go to yet another site, and that's dumb.
  4. Count_Jester

    M1 garand

    I'm using a mod'ed G43 and getting ONE point damage EVERY time. And the US faction is one shotting me also EVER time with the M1. I know for a fact that's impossible unless its a head shot. So seems like there are some hackers out and about today. Also, US faction grenade radius sure seems a bit much. I basically have to shove my grenade up some dudes butt to get a kill and yet the US grenades kill me around corners and through fences. It's not right.
  5. Count_Jester

    Non WF abttles

    Ok, now I know these ARE supposed to be even. Yet I as just in a non WF battle and it was 11 vs 8. That's not right. You go with the lesser number. The rest can wait in the queue, Also, the fact that we can't post files/pics here is just kind of dumb.
  6. Count_Jester

    WF's battles

    Yes, I understand that the numbers for WF's battles are askew. I get that. But to start a WF battle 8 vs 4. We cant even do anything. You take the first control point and go for the 2nd and guess who's there the entire opposing faction. So, of course we lose that point then we have to go back and that's over in 2 mins and then they take our last point. I'm sure the amount of players can be even at the start, no?
  7. Count_Jester


    Oh, I did not know that. Thanks.
  8. Count_Jester


    Why is it that if you steal an apc and lose it the opposing faction doesn't have to steal it back, they can just hop right in and take it? Stealing it means nothing. Your troops cant deploy to it once you steal it so you have to destroy it anyway. Makes no sense.
  9. Count_Jester

    Kinda weird

    See, you don't even know that the rules were updated and or changed...why don't you just go look? Nothing passive aggressive in anything I said.
  10. Count_Jester

    Kinda weird

    Kinda weird that we get messages for updates and bug fixes but for some reason they forgot to send a message for the rules update. Wonder why that is...hmmm
  11. Count_Jester

    Why was I sent to this battle?

    I'm not going through all that BS to post a screenshot. Its kinda dumb you just cant do it here, no? Yes.
  12. Count_Jester

    Self healing

    Why is it that you can run and heal, crouch walk and heal, but if you a lying down and move while you are healing yourself it stops the process? Also, why is it i need to f'ing shoot RU's 12 freaking times to get a kill?
  13. Count_Jester

    Why was I sent to this battle?

    Well I would post a pic of it but apparently you can't do that either. Wow, just wow.