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  1. Count_Jester

    Control points

    Lately there seems to be less of an incentive to chase control points then there is of farming. Mainly its been a tank/rambo issue as in players chasing tanks and not control points. Not sure what the problem is today. Two maps, no tanks. Just inf, recon, and para. Both a waste of my time. If you like I can post the pics. I'm recon in both. First battle NOT ONE player has a capture, second battle only one player has a capture. Seriously, WTFudge???? Good thing I didn't buy vet membership because then i'd be p***ed.
  2. Count_Jester

    Please fix this Assault map bug

    I'm confused. There seems to be something wrong with the Assault Attack/Defend maps. Its like I'm spending as much time in the queue to get in one of these battles as the battles themselves. If I catch one of these battle at the very beginning the timer is always at 30 min yet none of them last longer then 8 min. ( i have pictures) Weird though, its not ALL the Assault maps, only the one's that have tanks in them. I can't seem to put my finger on it. What would cause an absolute total disregard in capturing or defending control points when tanks are on the map? Anyone one have any ideas....I just can't seem to figure it out. Maybe there is something wrong with the queue? Just weird that you would rather have us sitting in the queue the actually playing especially since I cant even grind a queue badge.
  3. Count_Jester

    RU bots

    The Russian bots seem to withstand way more damage then US or GE bots. I ran 8 to 10 recon vs recon and i was using my grease gun. German bots are like US bots, you shoot them they die. Russian bots...you shoot them, you shoot them, you shoot them...and maybe they die. Do the Russian bots get Heavy Set gold? Eight to 10 recon vs recon...in a row??? Yeah, because Rambo fest is going on and even if you are not a tanker your teammates are all chasing tanks and can't be bothered with control points.
  4. As i leave yet another battle early. Why? Because there were tanks involved. No, I was not a tanker but that doesn't matter. Forward airfield map and we are the attackers. By the time i get in it we are losing A2 and have B3. A side seems gone, which it is. I spawn a truck and drive it over behind B3. Few people spawn on it but not many and I'm basically holding B3 by myself for about 3 min. They finally kill me, I spawn on the truck that is still there and get back in to B3. Again, I'm alone for roughly 5 min, WHY? Because all the morons are chasing tanks. C'mon reto. Its gotten way out of hand. We could have won because all of their morons are chasing tanks too but no. You really, REALLY need to address this. There is NOTHING that can be done to maybe get players to chase control points and not farm xp, which mind you, is against your rules of engagement. Nothing? Really?
  5. Seriously, why? Just left a match, drive my Chaffee from of course our main control point to (town map) A3. I stop for a moment to take a look and as soon as I stop a rambo is behind me. Apparently it only takes 3 hits from his zooka and I'm down. This is getting to be stupid. He has the vehicle, with ammo crate, mobility and resupply. What am i suppose to do. He makes NO SOUND. He can drive up behind me every time. If I'm driving with my head out of the turret all im doing is giving them a free tank. So really what are we supposed to do? It's out of hand. Oh great now a "contest." Why don't you just call it Rambo fest? I was a crew man in a tank on another map. Every time I try to get out to engage the rambo he kills me. I can't even get out of the turret and i'm dead. So, really what the flying F are we supposed to do?? How about at the very least kill our respawn time to give us a chance to spawn. They know EXACTLY where that is. Or geeeezuz do we still need the Panzerfaust crates...anywhere?? I think not. Honestly, I don't need an answer to any of those questions, just this one. As far as tanking, Is this really what you wanted the game to become or is this just to sell more gold?
  6. Its come to the point where any round with tanks is pointless to even queue for. I'm grinding a para and I'm defending MAIN control points (01, 02) alone...for minutes at a time because at least 50% if not more players are chasing tanks. Its basically ruined EVERY map that has tanks on it. You can upgrade the tanks all you want it doesn't stop the stupidity.
  7. Count_Jester

    Tanker Badge

    So if the Tanker Badge gold is 100% faster start up and the Chaffee is I think 3:26 respawn time. With said badge equipped start up time on the Chaffee should be 0:00 and yet it is not. I had to wait to respawn. What kind of math are we running here? One hundred percent of 3:26 is 3:26, its always that. Why am I waiting to respawn?
  8. Count_Jester


    I just used two of these grenades, threw both in an enclosed room with one russian inf inside and he received 0 damage. Absolutely nothing. I'm not sure i understand, is the grenade not working or is the ru cheating? I think blast radius and damage need to be looked at here.
  9. Any map that has tanks on it basically is not even worth playing. Half if not more are just chasing tanks. I don't know how often I'm standing in control points alone. Its getting rather sad actually. Maybe its just time to rename the game and call it what it really is: Tank Chaser. I've even done my time as armor support. You kill one and he come's back over, and over, and over and if not him another. I heard some people say that cost has slowed this all down, well I say poppycock, all it did was get people to buy gold. Probably time to find a solution that actually works for the game and not the pockets.
  10. Count_Jester

    Free tank

    I'm not sure this is a bug but I think it is. I killed a tank driver and as I was stealing his tank he spawned into it. I know if its free standing he can spawn into it but I'm pretty sure he shouldn't be able to if it is being stolen. Isn't it the same for transport vehicles as in you can't spawn on them once they have been compromised?
  11. Count_Jester

    Rules of Engagement

    Get rid of he AT's and i'll attack every control point. Chasing tanks ALL over the map is farming. Farming is against the rules of engagement ergo cheating.
  12. Just left a battle. We (US) have tanks. RU has zero tanks but they either have inf with AT's or they cant switch to an inf with AT's in a heartbeat. We should have the advantage but we dont and we lose. This is EXACTLY the reason its worthless deploying tank assault teams. Just a waste of tanks.
  13. Count_Jester

    Rules of Engagement

    chasing all over the battlefield and farming tanks, especially spawn camping is farming. and farming is against the rules of engagement. End of story.
  14. Count_Jester

    rambos have every advantage

    Rambos can switch back and forth between their AT inf and what ever inf with NO timer but as a tanker sometimes i need to wait 2 plus min. Rambos get to constantly spawn with vehicles, vehicles with supply crates to have ans endless supply of AT's or panzerfaust. Rambos can sneak up behind tankers effortlessly. Our inf NEVER gives support because they are chasing tanks. Now I'm constantly get spawn camped by rambos. It needs to stop!! Tankers constantly get stuck on EVERY little rock. You stick your head out to avoid rocks you get sniped. H.E. is absolute trash now. You try to drive far off the combat area to fix you are chased. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This needs to change.
  15. Count_Jester


    When in the tank you can't see them. When you stick your head out you get shot. Its not about "learning to drive." Why does EVERYONE who ever replies have to make a snide comment, no matter what. You agree with me and then you have to add something dumb, why?