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  1. Blavor_666

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    DT likely underperforms because it's the most visualy obstructive gun in H&G's history which doesn't seem to have been taken into account when balancing. On paper it doesn't seem that bad.
  2. Blavor_666

    Recons feel extremely "meh"

    When there are recons available, all trash players will overspawn them, forcing better players to go infantry to try to keep objectives. Major reason recons do bad. Same like why majority of APC's does extremely bad despite APC's themselves being OP game winning items. So it doesn't necessarily mean recons aren't viable.
  3. Blavor_666


    So easy 2 tap all ranges was a bit of an overstatement, no? It's up to like first few tenths of meters, after that gets tricky, and at 75m thats it for 2 taps. Going a bit further it quickly gets into taking potshots category, unable to even pick off stationary heads due to conefire. Look, I can use SVT as well as any other gun but what I'm saying is it has no particular purpose or advantage while other SA's retain a bit of long range capabilities making them still somewhat useful in the arsenal.
  4. Blavor_666

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    I assumed spastic recoil was a feature to keep SA's turned into OP automatics with macros, that way cheating would be less obvious so they wouldn't need to do anything about it. It affects SVT the most because... well it's soviet so who cares...
  5. Blavor_666

    Recons feel extremely "meh"

    Wait what? Sounds like you're saying your recon k/d ratio is like 200+ Which would make you by far the best camper I've ever seen. Or have not seen. I gave up on my recon since recons don't effectively grind their recon ribbon by sniping or reconnaissance but by doing god knows what. And I don't really want to leave OHK guns scattered all around in war + waste recon resources trying to do the god knows what for ages to get the camouflaged ribbon. So I just use an infantryman with the camouflaged ribbon instead when I need to do sneaky stuff, works well enough plus I can haul a backup PPSH.
  6. Blavor_666

    Specials and MM

    I guess they don't want to limit player options by hard capping specials. Which i get. And a proper matchmaker and clan system is too hard to build it seems. A cheap patch they could do is just make specials unable to random queue in war, just allow infantry random queue. I bet that one would help a lot. Just remove that "yeah, just give me whichever game to ruin grinding my specialist" matchmaking option. But I would think more matches are just ruined by skill and equipment gap between teams. That in essence also causes the multitude of problems with specials. Experienced players know the matches are won with infantry and special classes can only be used situationally.
  7. Blavor_666

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    Careful, I wouldn't leak development plans if I were you.
  8. Blavor_666


    I've tried every which way. I would prefer to use 7n1 for the range and accuracy buff but I can't handle the recoil well enough. Now I mostly use it just for the 5 eq points with bazookas and whatnot without bullet. I never preferred the SVT to the other two but it used to be my go to for the SU for more slow controlled playing when things got hard and too campy. Now it's just trash.
  9. Blavor_666


    I can get that, but that is not the range where anyone would need it for. I don't need a decent SA to specifically rush a g43 user in a vaccum. Or to engage people for sport in range of essentialy all the other meta guns and coin toss all day long. Otherwise I don't find it reliable enough to serve any purpose. Because it lacks accuracy at range and if you manage to hit the first shot the recoil and again the accuracy screw up follow up shots.
  10. Blavor_666


    Ok, I'll bite. Maybe it's me doing something wrong. How do you mod that svt of yours? How many people you kill with it per average full lenght assault match with easy double tapping all ranges? Do you mod all SA's the same? I assume you're using macro as a tearm of endearment and don't mean actual cheating. When "macro 2 tapping" at any range do you wait for the recoil to finish to readjust or are you compensating on the fly and interrupting the recoil by shooting at it's max firerate?
  11. Blavor_666


    I don't for a second believe anyone honestly prefers SVT. SA's have one thing they are useful for and that is defensive play at mid and far range. SVT has the worst accuracy and the worst recoil. It's trash and fails at its only purpose. Even mentioning SVT close range prowess is such a backwards and dishonest argument only an other faction main would bring up. It's not a damn smg. Sure you could use it up close for sport but why would you. Garand is by far the best and most useful SA.
  12. Blavor_666

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    I use BA and SA in war just as well as anything else. Both are a bit situational, BA more so, but both still work. There are many scenarios where they can be the best option, or at least as good as anything else. They still have a place and a purpose and take only 5 slots allowing for a few unique and useful builds. BA I generally don't use the heavyset buster builds, I go for the accuracy. I don't agree with the SA nerf. But as far as buffs are concerned, you can very easily create a monster. With the camper's advantage in this game I certainty wouldn't support 1HK BA's to all. That would just be cancer and would completely bog down infantry play.
  13. Blavor_666

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    I really find it hard to see the logic behind some of this. BA's are infuriating since it's so hard to see stuff in this game and you want to make them ohk? They already have pinpoint accuracy but you want to make them more accurate? Price is no balancing mechanism since veterans don't care about the cost. Inf. scopes help to clean out the obstructive sights but don't do much besides that. They marginally increase effective range. I could do with a buff to SA since they've felt a bit lame for me lately, but then again I've seen people have flawless matches and wreck entire teams with them so I question that too.
  14. That's where the no naming and shaming policy comes in handy. Reto doesn't actually have to do anything and we'd be none the wiser. On a more serious note, those two could have moved their forbidden activities a bit closer to the rest of the army and they would go unnoticed in the midst of all the other soviet trash.
  15. Blavor_666

    Stamina System

    Why though? Just to annoy people?