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  1. spykitty358

    M4A3E8 Sherman

    Much like i said in other posts before, It's likely that Reto made US tanks with the intention of it being uses in numbers. But obviously that's never really the case, the E8 is my best tank in the game however it's armor can be a joke. But if you wanna damage panthers frontal armour just hit the under armour. For most part an experienced Easy 8 tanker can handle a Panther fairly well but tends to struggle with Tigers when facing them head on, but not impossible. Once you start spending time in your E8 with other tanks and get proper protection (which is a bit tricky for teammates to do sometimes) you would start to see where this tank shines. But i do feel like it's under performing because sometimes i take M4A1 over E8 because of maintenance. Only reason i use E8 is for the better gun and that's about it, that and E8 is my favourite tank in the war besides the Pershing.
  2. spykitty358

    How to rank up

    Much like the comment above says, going for objectives is useful and can really benefit you early. The more rank your soldier makes the more credits he will earn in combat, typically if i am grinding i usually like to run an smg although since i play US i usually just use M1/M2 Carbine but that's a weapon you get at the end of the tree sadly and something like this is what you'd wanna grind for. which is why the first smg is usually decent but the second smg is even better but still quite a ways away. But even now i stick to just the default rifle without mods because it's usually quite cheap and effective in pretty much any scenario we're the smg would lack range.. You can also get some good XP for killing tanks so if your ever able to pick up a panzerfaust it's an effective way to earning XP and credits. Now you could always have an anti tank role but sadly this chews through a lot of credit, so unless you wanna earn XP and not credits it's a bad idea to do this early career. Also if a plane flies low enough try to see if you can tap them with a bullet, the way it registers plane kills is when a pilot crashes it's who ever was the last person to damage him will claim the kill. Normally if the plane is seriously damaged they will wanna land and repair, sometimes this games level design likes to cheese pilots and cause them to crash anyway so sometimes taking quick shots at planes can be beneficial in the end. But yea all in all staying in points, sticking with armor and getting kills is the best way to level up (Do all these 3 in one and you can get a lot of XP)
  3. spykitty358

    Does Reto pay attention to we're they place rocks?

    Tell me about it, there's a lot of moments we're i get my tanks stuck on a rock. But recently i keep jumping into sandbags and barbed wire and get stuck, one time it cost me the game cause i got stuck on a sandbag and couldn't contest the point. Maybe the sandbags aren't really an issue so much as i just keep forgetting there a way of getting stuck. This is a similar issue on mountain town at 01, I've seen many tanks get stuck between the garage and rail way tracks by AA gun.
  4. spykitty358

    Does Reto pay attention to we're they place rocks?

    True but i have also noticed a few parts on the map we're you can go under the ground. Not really game breaking but it's certainly. I mean sure a rock in the train tracks isn't game breaking and it's not bad at all. just a thing i wanted to point out cause i was board.
  5. spykitty358

    Why do the players of the German faction fight like cowards?

    I mean this isn't just a GE problem, US and SU do it as well if given the chance. The other day i had to endure like 7 different SU planes and a few IS-2's, at that point we we're screwed but figured I'd go down swinging... didn't get a chance to swing lol
  6. spykitty358

    Does Reto pay attention to we're they place rocks?

    I was only saying it because of Oddballs comment about RNG on maps as a joke. It's a stone clipping through train tracks, i honestly find it hilarious but wonder if Reto even noticed this oddly placed stone. Unless i see an IRL photo of a giant stone on a railway i won't question Reto's map making methods. And also i am in no way a GE veteran, i don't like playing Germany.
  7. spykitty358

    Captured mods

    As much as i like using captured weapons on the occasion i don't think we should have customization with them. I mean if we are able to fully customize these weapons there wouldn't be a reason to play said faction. The only benefit you'd get is being able to unlock that weapon faster on that faction then the others. If the only way to customize the weapon is to play on that faction then that adds some reason to play said faction, although i play every gun stock and therefor it doesn't bother me much. And since i only play US anymore because it's the most fun faction for me, that and i like US in most Ww2 games. But when i feel like using an STG or an PTRS i can use it, maybe not as good as what the GE and SU players have em but i can still use it without needing to find one. Cause it was a pain to find a PTRS for awhile now.
  8. spykitty358

    Does Reto pay attention to we're they place rocks?

    XD ahh that makes sense So Reto tried to do a Minecraft but failed
  9. So i always make jokes about Reto adding rocks and always have rocks in dumb spots, but this... this makes me question weather or not Reto actually checks the map layout cause a rock in the middle of the train tracks is kinda dumb. Also has anyone noticed that piece of ground on the 2 airfield maps that if you go prone you can go underneath the ground?
  10. spykitty358

    IS RETO going to FIX the RTS?

    No i don't think Reto is gonna fix anything at the moment. Not until they add a few more rocks on Airfield and do events nobody really cares about. Honestly i think Reto would do a sale on Assault Teams before they even work on much needed fixes. Last war i deployed my AT's into a battle and i don't even know what happened to them. But that problem with Skirmish battles yea i have been there before and it's painful. This might be a bit off topic but the whole AT not retreating here made me think of this. you know how when you send AT's to a city they can't stop until they reach that destination? well in all Honesty i feel Reto should add a "change of course" feature we're you can move back at any moment if you realized something's wrong because i have had many moment's we're I'm trying to reinforce a city only to have the enemy take it and all that's coming is my AT of normal infantry and thus the battle starts. Yea there should be an option to change course mid movement saving you from a meat grind. The way you move back would be to set up a new move destination.
  11. spykitty358

    Stuart Killed in 2 shots

    I have noticed that pretty much every US tanks just easier to destroy then usual but i have also noticed that H3's are for some reason less effective then usual. I think Reto is trying to make most US tanks weak and encourage the US players to utilize numbers to win brawls and i don't think it's working well because why would people go in a tank only to die in such a short amount of time. I feel like they should increase some of the armor values for some of the US tanks cause it isn't just Pz Shrecks that kill Stuarts and Sherman's in 2 to 3 hits but pretty much everything that can Pen. And it doesn't seem to matter we're they shoot you anymore cause my tanks always loses a component. Heck in a Pershing i even died in 4 shots to the side armor from a Shreck. So this problem isn't really for the Stuart but i feel as if it's like this for most tanks cause M9 although superior to the Shreck in my opinion still lacks that massive HP killer on German tanks, i dunno it could just be me but i feel like US Tanks HP is just lower then usual.
  12. spykitty358

    SU need SU-152/ISU-152

    As much as i love the ISU-152 i agree with the other replies, don't know how well it will fit. Sure you can add the jagdtiger but what would the US be given to counter these 2 behemoths? The only tank i could think of is the T-95 but that isn't an Tank Destroyer, it's a super heavy tank and that would more then likely be it's own class and we sure as heck don't need the maus in this game. It's bad enough we gotta deal with the King Tigers armor this... oh man does it pain me just thinking about it. I am actually fine with the idea of the ISU-152 or even the jagdtiger coming to the game, but it wouldn't make sense to add 2 more threats for the US faction and not really have anything to counter with. And i do also want to point out that sure the speed of the M10's and M18's can be quite a head ache but they are in no way the superior tank to most of the other tanks it faces, sure it's fast but it's far from invincible (It's literal paper). So as cool as it may be adding these tanks i don't see any real reason on doing so right now, i mean i see why they would need the fire power for the Germans but for the Americans that would be over kill since any top tier tank can kill a Pershing in 3 to 4 hits, we don't need a gun that could do that in 2 hits.
  13. I actually agree with this, Tanks should be free game if you get killed from it.... i mean everyone hates it but that's mostly a "you just played yourself" kind of moment and sure i am probably gonna have someone message in chat "Who lost an Easy 8" and i be the guilty party. I feel like the unlocking speed should be faster or the same as light vehicles like car's and bikes. Heck even planes take as long if not perhaps even longer then tanks. I had only one moment we're i actually killed a landing pilot but when i got to unlocking the plane it was painfully slow. Like it could have been an easy 2:30 wait time. I unfortunately got bombed by an FW-190 but the fact that i had the opportunity to steal a plane had me laughing so hard i couldn't even be mad if i got bombed. But realistically you would probably just open up the plane and fly off with it easily.... actually if you get killed as a pilot repairing your plane you deserve to lose it. Almost happened to me once and i almost did it to another. Losing a tank is one thing and is common but to lose a Plane is absolute meme material.
  14. spykitty358

    Is Pershing worth the price?

    Yea the graphics in this game are fine, the Frame rates for me only got better because of PC upgrade but even then they still lack good optimization. Also yea those are also other types of people i don't like. I hate people who do hackusations rather then admitting the enemies are actually doing good. I hadn't encountered a hack on this game in over 3 maybe 4 years. the reason why the Germans and Soviets keep getting BS headshots is because of Retto's dumb hit box detection and rng. Don't get me wrong i love the TTK in this game but sometimes RNG can be a pain. Especially with the PzB 39 German AT rifle. The RNG in that is a pain in the rear