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  1. That's spawncamping. That's an abuse, you know. Because they're fighting on d2? Maybe, because the guy took off route and sneaked behind the spawn? Can't think of more scenarios than only 1?
  2. Simple, just make them crouch or prone to shoot from bazooka. Less mobility-easier target ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. By flak i mean the standard postions, not mobile vehicle. it's still bad just to skip line in order to get the point. Either it's bad map or players just want to win at all cost.
  4. Players in this game care about only kills, won't think about capture points. Sometimes they skip the whole map and camp at the enemy spawn. That's not cool. We need something like a frontline, where players can't pass this part of the map or so. It's really annynoing to see 4 people coming from d2 to 01 just to kill you in the flak at your base or even kill you in the tank with bazooka right after you spawned. That's the game? Tryhard Simulator? This is the thing that can be abused easily. Running away from battlefield is warcrime irl and should be punished in this game too...
  5. For me any SMG or LMG is bad since the gun's gas burst makes the visibility a joke. Hip-firing does not work, because this game has large maps and it's not satisfying to play C&Q all the time. The only solution I see is using Semi or Bolt action rifles. They deal more damage with 1 hit and have bigger range. I think the smoke is quite too dense. Maybe make it more clear. Also some tanks have the same problem. Ton of smoke when reversing. Vehicles, well, they're still on even if there's no one inside and the engine's off.
  6. Can we get like some data on what armor, penetration, heath vehicles have? All we get is "if it's expensive, it's better", but it's not always truthful, and some might fit in different situations (Stug<Hetzer if we talking about infantry support, but Stug>Hetzer if we talking about tank vs tank combat). About the components. Can't we decide how many ammo we carry on (like 3 belts of he and 5 ap belts) and it would change the ammo placement, so tanks wouldn't die in 3 hits, especially light tanks with 300 shells and little much HP.
  7. Pelyn

    Floppy cannon

    So, If the tank drives onto fence or something and it's not t touching the ground, shells don't penetrate any armour or vehicle. Is this some kind of "Balance" lmao?
  8. It's nonsense to kill a light tank with 2-2,5 rockets, but 88mm AT gun struggles to kill it. Like, do tanks have sense anymore? I thought tank destroyers were a thing... Maybe AT weapons should deal less damage and tanks deal more to the armor? I know, "infantry is the main troop". Bruh, these rockets or bullets don't even ricochet or just fail to penetrate the armour at some angles. Same goes for skirts, no protection, if you place AT mine on them, it reacts as the tank and damages your components. Won't even mention tank shells... Another thing is planes. Why do they immediately stop when they cut the enigne's power? Where are the physics? Outmaneouvering is almost impossible due to this. Shouldn't they still keep the speed slowly going down?. But if you would fix that it would be a problem to land, so there's a fix: Airports. Dunno what else, maybe similiar mechanics to war thunder for them?
  9. Pelyn

    A little details

    As far as I saw there are no main styles. Everything looks the same, no tracks of destroyed walls, everything is just perfect. It's weird how church on field airfield has a huge hole in it's side, but the rest of the town is just fine. I know destroyable buildings would kill the game, but how about you just make them already destroyed? Also all we have is literally 6 models: Emil plane, M3A2 wreck, house with 2 floors and attic, church, bridge and open wooden storage hut (Don't count small props as radios or boxes). Can we get various things like shops, flats or manors? It's really boring to play on map with the same models all over again. Another suggestion: Capture points should have sensible hints on why are they so important. Example? Church. There's nothing in it, what's the point of capturing half destroy building with some benches in it? Waste of time... These details would make it feel like it's taking place in a real town and not in "Nuke Town".
  10. Boi i don't want rain till we get the lightning fix. Even the moon works like white sun. It doesn't have that effect. It's just "sun" with diffrent model.
  11. Pelyn

    Ambush tactics

    Umm not quite sure tho if it's game or ww2 allies camouflage. I mean this flat, 2d orange bush in centre. I wanna remind that It's the highest graphics.
  12. That roof is just vibing. Also, that house has grass and bushes in it. Fix it Map: Mountain Town.
  13. Pelyn

    Survey problem

    I tried to complete the survey, but after pressing ''next'' on step 1 it says i have already completed it. Trying again equals in big sentence saying " You have already completed the survey"
  14. Pelyn

    Not compatible files Maybe that's the problem?
  15. Pelyn

    Not compatible files

    Still BSoD