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  1. But we can still conclude that an STG should be better than the AVS, and that LMGs were the best weapons in ww2.
  2. Weapons according to realism The weapon system that we now have doesn't make sense. A few mistakes are that the AVS is wrongly seen as an assault rifle and way too good, the Johnson is avaible to infantry,the PPSH is not the king of submachine guns and that multiple weapons are called 'Assault rifles' while there is only one in the game; the STG. I think the weapons should be ranked according to realism and effectiveness in real life. This does not mean I want all weapons 1hk like in real life. Following is a table on how I think infantry weapons should be arranged (Tier 1 is worst Tier 9 should be best):
  3. We first need some kind of recourse system where oil metal and tungsten/rubber can be extracted from the war map. And then can be used to buy Assault teams.
  4. Good idea's but not really necessary. Rip FPS with flamethrowers, too unrealistic and bad for the business model of the game (calendar will make players even more reluctant of buying anything without a sale). Or if you mean calendar for active sales, then yeah it's still kind of unnecessary. Too complicated for RETO to add. I like the ideas of spotting EXP (maybe 1?) and the G-Factor stuff would i think become annoying. Para planes shouldn't be invincible. This is certainly not gonna make players come back to the game or prevend them from leaving. Kind of unnecessary !
  5. marinusf2

    [SUGGESTION] New assault teams

    Such as countering specialist spam (Tank planes)? I updated the topic.
  6. Dude it's getting really boring that we Germans always lose the war but it's already going like this for 1 year and still no change.
  7. marinusf2

    Asymmetric Perks for Infantry

    I think this is too complicated to implement but it would be nice. SA's and BA's shooting 20% faster would also be game breaking.
  8. marinusf2

    [SUGGESTION] New assault teams

    I mean the volkssturm with different types of panzerfausts could be used in an anti tank role by generals.
  9. marinusf2

    [SUGGESTION] New assault teams

    Adding additional soldier types could be very interesting. This way you don't even need to create whole factions but you just create new soldier that's from other country. I also think that something like Panzergrenadier (Tank hunter) assault team/ soldier type should be there that have access to more powerful anti tank stuff.
  10. marinusf2

    Your Easter present has been delivered!

    Thanks for 1% wrench sale.
  11. marinusf2


  12. Why does everyone suggest these useless UI changes? When people choose only specific maps the matchmaking will only take longer.
  13. marinusf2

    Unequip vehicles

    Stop suggesting useless UI changes. Is the UI gonna make players return? Is it gonna fix the RTS? Is it gonna even improve the FPS part of the game?
  14. marinusf2

    Maps became unbearable

    It's not like game breaking. There's much more important stuff than some stupid terrain. Such as RTS improvements and weapon balance.