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  1. BastianSchulz

    Scope clip sleeve

    Sad to see this exists since 2016, it's still not fixed lmao (I'm using high fov)
  2. BastianSchulz

    Recon ATs leveling is bugged.

    I have a recon troop(AT)(not plane) (it's one from three) and it stopped leveling. The EP-amount froze when it reached "3210". Not sure if this is also the same on the other two recon ATs I got. And yes, definitely the AT got used a lot since it stopped getting EP. I would say the last 10 battles I sent it into it came back with not-full capacities and also, when I only used this one AT I noticed I got WF (sometimes 2k - 3k) so I don't think it were players wasting them again.. : Ok this thread can be closed, just realized that from 24 used recons form my AT I got 5 EP back(for AT), so well, definitely just again griefers from su/na faction
  3. BastianSchulz

    Sell back weapons, player shop

    I had a similar idea 1 - 2 years back however, Reto isn't going to change anything I guess since they don't want you to be able to get more silver credits easily. They want you to either farm them or buy gold, and logically if you can put some silver credits aside you can buy more things and possibility that u buy smth with gold goes down i guess or smth like that.
  4. I've never heard so much simp-talk the last few years about H&G, and that means a lot. I've been a regular player since 2016, and know the game since 2014 when I tested it out in browser. You are clearly a 12 years old kid trying to 'prove' everything wrong what doesn't fit your view. How childish. There's like no "argument" on your side that has even 1% of right to exist. Go back to the basement and talk to yourself I think that's what you're doing at night. "Light tanks in war mode make more sense than a tank destroyer or heavy tank in a battle against only infantry, as that was exactly what light tanks were designed to do." I just said, as long as AT weapons are so strong light tank are sometimes very useless/rather wasted like Attacktroops only get wasted through this. Learn to read, try to get better at primary school. "The entire point of war in this game is to do things exactly like the scenario you portrayed- Using things like tank ATs against an enemy that has no tanks is exactly how the RTS was designed, and the entire reason the RTS is enjoyable at all." I have no idea what you're talking about. You clearly missed the point that I was simply giving Reto a suggestion about a new RTS feature. puh. I actually even made the suggestion to even increase this way of concept cocerning RTS design, like I said every faction would need to farm access to tanks / etc in the beginning so it would be an asynch. feature. "These are the worst suggestions I've ever seen. I'm sorry that you got killed by a tank, perhaps you should develop your AT rambo a bit more." Why should I? Before I wrote this I rather just destroyed easily over 20+ taks over the last 2 days. I have got 4 gold stars in AT at two soldiers and 3 heavy AT weapons so don't need to worry about me little kevin. ---------------------------------------------- Please read the title first, "RTS idea", not improvement idea. The RTS balancing is.. ok I guess. And balancing was only meant to talk about the ingame one.
  5. When it's about tanks and stuff, simply nerf Tank vs. Inf. possibilites (no more possiblity to kill soldiers directly through main shells, lowered HE shell damage). But therefore nerfed AT stuff. So tanks can't make a too much influence, especially on matches where for example one side doesn't have ATs at all, it would be good if tank HE shells don't make a lot of damage since it should actually be that tanks should only be used against other tanks mainly, at least. also, i don't see a point having actually light tanks in war mode as long as AT weapons are so strong. What I'd like as a new feature in RTS would be tech-developing as we see it in Foxhole. Like no faction has already in the beginning access to heavy, medium, hunter tanks etc, but they have to unlock these through some specific way. Or maybe recons, for example to unlock these kinds of ATs the faction first would need to get like 1000 headshots or something shot by faction player in that actual war. I think the idea isn't that bad, especially since Reto has very limited employe-capacities, it would be good for them to work on smaller things that are fast and easy to do, while working on maps etc.
  6. BastianSchulz

    New calculated price for Panther tank

    Well this shows you have no clue about tanking at all, also about the game itself. Even when on stats board there's no visible AT still someone can have Antitank Infs, and still I play as german tanker only(mainly inf, but if i play tanker only for GE), I can tell you, in 90% of all war matches there's at least 1 - 2 people having an AT soldier. 90% of shots of ATs penetrate on panther, no matter front or not. Slope armor doesn't work correctly.
  7. BastianSchulz

    New calculated price for Panther tank

    Well it's about the situation. In about 75% of matches on GE side I play war and soviets/americans have tanks while we don't have any. And the thing is, there are so many new GE players, there are seldom AT guys destroying the tanks and I got to bored to do it by myself. So actually most of the time in most matches playing on GE side just means getting HE farmed by newbies that often spam HE into points, not seldom even 3+ tanks. Also, I never intended to imply that tanks should be able to take a lot of damage, but it's ridiculous that almost any AT weapon deals easily with one hit 50% damage on panther armor. Like I said, the armor is a joke but I especially meant if u compare it to some light tanks in the game that have better armor, better turrent turning speed, overall better speed etc - sloped armor on german tanks became insanely low values. It's also about the question how many ATs are on one side. I mean as german tanker you normally have to hide but in the forest there wouldnt even any possible inf support. However, as soon as you shoot from distance you can expect to have an AT on your neck within the next ~3-5 minutes, when using kingtiger and enemy notices they even make it often like speedy boy being at you within one minute no joke. So my actual question would be, why has become german tank armor so low since germans can't beat this way enemy tanks and always have to take disadvantage that the enemy also has way more ATs - so from this point of view it doesn't make sense to give a Panther for example such low armor, especially because there are often multiple ATs after you, I mean a panther can be destroyed easily within 3 seconds so I really guess you should try it out by yourself, have fun.
  8. BastianSchulz

    How powerful should a headshot be?

    What's that about? I understand you can't provide the map maker to the community because these third party plugins etc. but if you guys need help with code why you don't include the community, there are some c++ ppl around I guess so maybe a place where the community can try to help the devs?
  9. BastianSchulz

    New calculated price for Panther tank

    I stopped playing as tanker like two years ago as like noone kinda wanted to go inf.. but from time to time I try but sadly I often don't even come far out of spawn area alive lol this game is depressing..
  10. So here is my recommendation: since the jeep has a better armor than the Panther, lets make the Panther cheaper than the Jeep because anything different wouldn't make sense, right? And now let's rate this idea through 5-star-rating to findout if the universe is one big, black hole since we can understand this through this, because we're Reto Moto, we're smart as . . . Seriously, can I please have my credits back??? give me my 225k silver credits back, the panther isn't even worth 20k silverc. anymore big OOF.
  11. I don't know if this has to do with this new random spray. But the following what I've noticed so far doesn't really have to do with the heavy-set-gold nerf too much. However, I can tell you, it never, never never never had been worse with random headshoting in this game, and this means a lot (uuh yeah, Jonhson and co.) No matter against low or high player level, I only get headshots kills, only get killed by headshot, easily like 70% chance is there now. And then Reto starts talking about nerfing the MG42 again, which is completely ridiculous, since the devs simply don't know what they do. What, the MG42 is kinda "overwhelming" in close combat? Guess why that is. Because MGs can easily used in this game as MP no matter if the barrel is a bit long. It's just the truth, players with MGs should be waaaay slower walking around and especially MGs should take longer to pull. Weapons have so fast pull, often now when I see an enemy I'm already dead through headshot, not even SEEING one single frame where the player actually pulls the weapon. Instead of nerfing the MG42 to a recoil level so its never comfortable playable you could start adding modding options that make the MG42 acting like the easy recoil, less RPM / damage ok, but even without any mods the MG42 always, always always ALWAYS had more recoil than any other MG in this game. So fine, the weapon became unuseable because the recoil gets changed and changed, never get used to it. So I looked for an alternative. MG34? No. Yes, it has ok-recoil but it's completely unuseable in war regarding damage and RPM. It simply is a joke how Reto tried the last three years to make german equipment harder to use. I'm so tired of this, always having to get used to changed recoil. And now guess what Reto did? They gave every MG and many weapons in the game a buff, I heard a staff member of them wrote "for balancing". Wow, this is dumb man. Making every weapon better is not resulting in better balancing. In fact, a damn grease gun is almost as useable as an MP40 now, and a Mp40 with full modded 711 shots and full damage is on distance useless since it shakes your weapon so much, the weapon becomes unuseable after 30m now since it would take you like 7 seconds to kill to just then get another one-shot-headshot by a newbie by tokarev since recoil is so nice now. I feel so tired of always having to play as soviet or american to finally get easy weapon handling, where I actually see where & who I'm shooting at, since the weapons of those two factions don't shake so much and have waaay easier and more comfortable recoil. I do understand that there are many GE players and Reto probably just will continue the big nerf wave of 2017, but I just wanna remind you that you, dear Reto Moto, did take the same decision years back and lost tousand of players - and the last people playing this game - us - still have been loyal to you even when we get almost no new content. And what do you? There's no sorry when you're making big design faults, there's no thanks for helping us through this times, nothing. Reto doesn't care about community, and weirdly designed helmets won't change that. I know, the nerf of heavy set gold and buff of beginner weapons was of course obviously made to make it easier to beginners. But this won't keep players in this game since many low level player will go to fight in war soon after unlock. Especially on GE faction, there is a TON of new players but not keep playing the game since war isn't anything for someone who hasn't got at least like ~50 - 100 hours of playtime. And no, this is not ridiculous. It's important to send TRAINED soldiers to the battlefield! Not just to save AT resources, also to ensure that the new players don't get overwhelmed by war and don't stop playing the game. I'm so annoyed of the fact having in at least 65%+ of war battles many low levels in team, since I get angry at them although I know I have no right to do so. There's simply too much asked from new players that just unlocked war. They often can't handle it. What happened to the former shooting range? This game had once such a mode and now on a waay newer version there is nothing except bot training for new players. But not even a guide to tactics, explanation of line behaviour, of resource behaviour in war, that's important to know which line should be defended the most etc. - NOTHING is there for new players. I'm sick of looking on my steam friendlist to only see almost noone keeps playing the game as soon as they tested it since they are interested when seeing my 1,44k hours of playtime and maybe then tryout the game..
  12. In my opinion the 5-stars-rating after a match is almost kind of a meme already. I mean 5-star ratings are obsolete.. I'm a webdeveloper and well, these kind of rating-systems u saw on websites a loong time ago lol. I would love to see better feedback possibilites after a match. Especially now, because there are not many people playing this game - and think about this - it's not that bad. Especially because not many are playing right now the game, it would be a good idea to implement this idea as with a larger playerbase there would be kind of too much work to review the ratings of matches. I thought of a richtextbox-like solution so the players can enter text and good written feedback could be automatically sent to a global-thread in the offical forum(board) or whatever so people could directly comment the given feedback by a user (and this way, Reto just wouldn't need to review the reviews too much in depth) more people can tell their thoughts as not a lot are active on the board I guess? Also, there should be a reward for good written reviews and a loss of a bit of silver credits for the "ugly" statements like being aggressive etc. should cause a penality in form of a bit of credit loss, while a good written review after match should be rewarded with a bit of silver credits depending on player level, would be a pleasurable little nice feature to see, this would also help to understand what's the most important thing to currently work on.
  13. BastianSchulz

    Possibility to have a replay of battles.

    Dude the game itself is just too badly written regarding code optimization and co. Also, like "weristder" said, their servers also are not strong enough for such a feature
  14. BastianSchulz

    How powerful should a headshot be?

    Reto Moto ... the problem is the random-headshooting... now I even get headshoted by most of beginners ingame, of course not all low levels are new players but since this weird random spray random headshots become worse... the johnson was for years just an auto-headshot machine & now it is again. Some recoil of weapons make random headshots easier so it doesn't make sense to keep the 4.x damage multiplier... In my opinion, this game is special, and it is simply not a COD or what ever. In my opinion, as soon as heavy set gold is away ONLY snipers should be able to one shot through headshot. And right in the moment, almost all weapons seem to be buffed as hell, of course except the MG42, bec. its recoil is messed up again no matter with high rof mods or not. In my opinion it's simply not fair how german weapon recoil works since it's the most difficulty to control. I tested all weapons a lot on experiment server whenever possible, and this is my honest opinion, but have played already for all factions and I don't want like op german weapons or anything. But the truth is, it often feels like especially german stuff gets changed a lot and when the recoil of weapons changes a lot you never get actually used to this one specific weapon. I don't understand why everyone wants every shooter-game to be kinda exactly the same as the others, this is a game about war (no matter how realistic it is) - but in my opinion it shouldnt be about headshots it shouldnt be about kills nor deaths, the scoreboard for example also just should show how many captures have been done by a player, tanks / planes / etc destroyed and that would be already enough. Often enough you get insulted for being a "noob" because of high death rate in some matches. Lol, I have been playing for years, so why should it be my fault when there are always soviet/american tanks spaming HE into points and I'll die often? do you think I always wanna play as AT 'cause like almost noone else plays as AT for GE faction?? no.
  15. BastianSchulz

    DT29 / M1919 / ptrs BS

    What to do if your game just won't sell ( or at least actually the microtransactions? ) Give a faction a weapon with 0% recoil to make them buy it with gold. Holy crap - my third match today against entire DT 29 squads - noob players playing with godlike weapons. Random headshot chance like 75% like the old Johnson. It's so funny how Reto makes it even worse only to get the last money out of this crap. The M1919 recoil is also kinda funny, bad comparison but the Mp34 has more recoil than the M1919 recoil, that's just damn ridiculous. And if then Reto just doesn't understand what's going wrong, they can lick my butt.