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  1. Pimpology

    Scrap warfunds entirely

    Complete "hog wash"!!! Everytime I play German war I win hundreds of thousands of warfunds on infantry alone! The cost vs risk is far lower than any other faction and GE veterans are pretty good at earning warfunds...
  2. Pimpology

    the opening of a new war (887)

    4+ years later...
  3. Pimpology

    BOTS in WAR

    That bad huh.... bot talk? lol! Wow..what a glorious fall from such a promising start.... pathetic, flat out pathetic.
  4. Pimpology

    Staged Assault Ressources

    Great point, squad 2.0 ruined multiple line assaults. And it just never went back to how it really was.... which was freedom to switch lines individually, not having to wait for someone who is afk or doesn't know.
  5. Pimpology

    Hell of cheats

    Every day of your life someone is bothering to make a "work around"! for dead azz games just like HnG! Where there are consumers, you find producers... and let's stop pretending battle eye is even worth a fuk
  6. More clueless and biased nonsense...
  7. Pimpology

    RTS based on hexagon?

    There's no plans to make the RTS anything other than what it currently is.... because they have no clue! Does that really matter? Is the "hex" the new development "go to" that all "kiddies" are loving right now?
  8. 10k infantry queue how quickly? Number of days into war?
  9. the para attack to win a war is the only anticipated excitement that use to keep me playing the RTS. Without para attacks and other RTS functions that I will not mention here for obvious reasons... the RTS game would very quickly become generic. There has to be high value decisions to make.
  10. So 4 months later, and still nothing from RETO.... sure am happy I quit playing this POS... 4 fucing months and no changes to what could arguably be the most important aspect of this game...
  11. Pimpology

    Paras on back lines

    Would be a great addition to the FPS game!
  12. Pimpology

    tank vs tank game a farce.

    Every single developmental line of code these clowns input into the game has been complete trash! With one exception of the medkit and kill assist. Just don't expect much from a team that has zero interest in retaining a player base. Little, if anything, matters coming from RETO. Their actions have screamed at us over the years and their words have been silent. There is nothing left here...
  13. Pimpology

    Get rid of ghost trucks

    This strat is older than my grandma's blood stained G string.... If it still works than congrats for the player or team pulling it off... And it's an excellent strat for new players to learn and defend.
  14. Doesn't matter how quickly you get killed or how often in starter tank. It's always an easy credit farm!
  15. Pimpology


    Exactly, players want to play games to satisfy themselves.... so let them. You do you, and let everyone else do them
  16. Pimpology


    Never actually really defending 24 though...
  17. Pimpology


    Adding forums where kids can post acting like developers was the biggest mistake ever.... For very simple brains, like striking rocks together to spark your synapses, yes, it becomes very complicated. However, to those more intelligent minds, 2 factions are extremely limited and I believe was only intended to get the game " off its feet"
  18. Pimpology


    I certainly do. And yes, the scout cars have made the mech recon useful for fps. Quite fun
  19. Pimpology


    I'm sorry, I dont see how a letter from a CEO that dont know how to use an ammo crate is going to help resurrect this game.... it's pointless and far Past pathetic how this team/director has handled this game.
  20. I stopped reading here...
  21. Pimpology


    Are you kidding man? Nobody cares! It's been this way for years, wake up already!
  22. I've only been saying this for 3 years... I'm so excited someone else remembers the true moment the RTS took a fat shite Dont fake the funk! It was both riding trains
  23. Pimpology

    The Red Plane Skin

    The skins are trash anyways and only for the top tier mediums
  24. I suspect this is complete bullsht. And take anything RETO says with a grain of salt! If they can program different "fun" requirements for different battles, I find it hard to believe any other aspect can not be programmed.