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  1. Pimpology

    Get rid of underdog bonus

    And they are still over populated
  2. Pimpology

    New player experience in HnG

    Let me add that with the removal of warfunds earned from staged a new player has little to zero chance of developing assault teams. As it stands, when a new player advances thru the player levels, unlocks war, and decides to play the RTS, they find out they can not even start one battle. Removing war funds from stage battles was a huge part of the decline this game has saw. Along with fully losing your assault teams when un- deploying or full loss of moral.
  3. Dat necro doh! I love the first two posts of this thread though! Hahahahahha
  4. Pimpology

    Time for a new ban round?

    Well said Yea he has trouble with that...
  5. Pimpology

    Time for a new ban round?

    Nicely done.... "Beat around the bush" named RETO... What's funny is that you and a very few others claim RETO's success with an anti cheat. However, it's now known that there was next to nothing until battle eye and now battle eye which has more cracks in their patch then a 20 year old sidewalk! So many terrible decisions along the 5 year road that I've been on, called HnG, and we're all supposed to believe they got the anti cheat nailed down? That is ridiculous to ever believe that! But hey, keep that hand open.... I'm sure they enjoy the handies your giving out.
  6. Pimpology

    How do you like the 6 hr AR?

    What about removing the penalties for withdrawal? Withdrawing is a legitimate tactic and for with players with limited time our ATs won't be stuck in a battle for so long...
  7. Pimpology

    Time for a new ban round?

    lol... To be honest huh? Well, to be honest, you really don't know Jack S. about what RETO dealt with effectively. And, to be honest, they really didn't deal with any aspect of this game effectively. Furthermore, being honest here, how in the F do you know what they dealt with effectively? If they posted ban waves then I could possibly agree, but we don't really know what they have done.
  8. Pimpology

    auto resolve

    That is very misleading.... It's not just about the battle getting played. If my ATs get surrounded and captured in 5 minute battle by a group of players because they were sitting there for 6 hours then i dont give a crap if it got played. It would be the same result if they got ARd to death. All 6 hour AT will bring is AT "herding" and much larger losses for most
  9. Pimpology

    auto resolve

    But you would send them into battle with no timer? Like that makes sense... And the "at least they would get played" doesn't cut it for me... because after they get trapped and 5 minute rolled, they are gone and really didn't get sht played... the hypocrisy is hilarious, most ideas are trash on these forums about the RTS. I guess it's rough for older veteran players to remember what truly triggered the anti AR sentiments... because only one change needs to be reverted to make the deployment of ATs viable again.
  10. Pimpology


    How about move US to some added island far west or north and make them attack the coast and fight there way into the mainland. It could be a one way attack line, and could be 6-10 starting attack points and where GE couldn't attack that starting point. Kinda like the Normandy invasion. Every war US starts it with that coastal invasion.
  11. Pimpology

    Nerf Fw190

    If you look at the history of RETO, IO interactive, and Nordisk tagging along you will find they were all started up by the same people... And my guess, since its quite obvious RETO did jack sht with that 5 mill, that it was simply a money manipulation of some sort.
  12. Pimpology

    Nerf Fw190

    Thank you so much for this bit of info, it explains a great deal of why Jack Shh gets done around here and why this game has taken a huge downturn over the last 3 years... it is also confirmation for myself that I made the right decision to stop playing HnG indefinitely... with this type of action, I truly regret supporting the development of this game as much as I did. And I also learned my own lesson in of that I will never support the " robbery" of customers hiding behind the title of "early development" or "beta".... Thanks again!
  13. They launched the game because Steam held RETO hostage. The ultimatum was either launch or be removed from steam... So, sackless as they are, the game launched....
  14. Pimpology

    Gameplay changes Poll

    I think I read some where that RETO didn't save those maps... don't know what to make of it...
  15. Pimpology

    Anyone miss aux system? I do

    I miss being able to switch lines on my own and play the para line. Not having to ask some Randy to switch us lines... there is a lot that I miss about this game and that's why I don't play anymore.. it is trash now. Ruined!