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  1. Well in the description of the event it does read like this is soviet themed.. but wasn't the first event SU the Victor? Then US and now GE... Issues arising out of this.... RETO hosts events to farm CPs then want to change how you deploy those CPs.... I mean how many toes does RETO have left?after all these shots to the foot?
  2. Absurd to try and make an example of the state of the RTS during one of these band wagon events tailored for one faction to farm war ribbon
  3. There's no advantage. Don't make it out to be some huge strategic pitfall for the other factions.... there is absolutely ZERO advantage to being underpopulated. Zero! The bottom line is no one knows how the MM works for any advantage to be significant other than it takes 5 player to start a battle and that has probably changed for a 7th time too with squad size being 4 which leads into another topic of one squad and multiple line assaults....
  4. Why? What's the point of capping bonuses? There isn't one. And if one player decides to play on the least populated faction because of bonus then it works! You can't say it doesn't work just because most don't care about the bonus. Some players play SU strictly because of bonus, like myself... I dont play SU for the underpowered tanks, trash smgs, or Russian chat. Or just to say it's "hard mode"... the Under Dog Bonus brought me to SU. If rank bonus gets nerfed then there is zero reason for me to play SU!
  5. With 10x war ribbon bonus why not join up for ez mode.... I did on US side and received over 30 command points and ezpect even more on GE this event since GE does win more battles. And i dont want fabricated 216 sitting in towns. I like that you have to plan your ATs for securing a front. I would like to see NO STOCK PILE! EVERY one gets first deploy and at start of war a production rate starts for reinforcements! No more crying you can't get ATs out. No more queue for initial deploys only queues for reinforcements as it should be
  6. No, the main problem is that not enough players on the other factions to put up a fight! I've deployed and protected Riga the last few wars and GE hasn't come close to sniffing Riga... rarely anyone else is deploying and what for? Jump ship time and riding the GE war machine to victory
  7. I'll add in that the last 4 wars there have been maybe 10 players on the Soviet faction holding the front for the soviets.... And I say the last 4 wars but that is pretty much how it's always been for SU. 20 ats a day? Really think about that.....
  8. You can't do sht with 8 assault teams! Who do you think you are kidding around here? You need 6 guards to even start a battle.... And you are sitting there claiming 8 ATs can do a lot on the war map? And only 20 ATs a day? Is this the direction RETO is thinking about? I seriously hope not, that is a complete joke! Again, we get into an area where RETO is still clueless about it's own game!!! HOW ABOUT ADDRESS THE AFK ASSAULT TEAMS EVERY WAR. That makes too much sense right... instead let's "handcuff" the active players who actually still give a sht about this game.
  9. Pimpology

    Weapons FG42 & Bar

    Probably more of an ISP issue than anything else. Don't think One developes games with lag in mind.
  10. It's not a ridiculous idea.... SU has no problems reinforcing ATs. it's the result of abuse. You have users logging into multiple accounts and deploying ATs. And the veteran community clicking up and riding the dysfunctional bandwagon doesn't help matters. Every event now is ridiculously over populated on one side. And for a long time now it's really been a phase of veterans looking to exploit the game!
  11. Pimpology

    RTS Tips for new & old players

    And what is your point? There is nothing wrong with that. That is how the system awards XP for assault teams. I have no problems with specialty ATs being flooded into a battle at the end for winning XP, or infantry for that matter... The bigger issue is how the soldiers and vehicles are randomly chosen effectively destroying assault teams without any help from the enemy. For example, my heavy TD's go into a battle and all tank crew men are used from my AT and only one tank pulled... my AT dies to no crewmen and I lose out on 8 heavy TD's... it's a crock of sht what this resource pooling has turned into! There's no excuse for it!
  12. Pimpology

    RTS Tips for new & old players

    His post was over two years ago... with the last few updates, sht has drastically changed with armor 2.0 leading the way! And squad 2.0... now I send everything to battle, more toys sends it to the top of the MM. My ATs are getting played. I haven't netted a loss of war funds yet. Expanded my light tank force from 4 ATs to 20..lmfao! And they bring in the XP and war funds. It's true comedy!
  13. Pimpology

    Making money in the game

    Not spam when your sure
  14. This had been done many times, and it was increased 3 times in a 6 month period just for GE, no other reason, solely for GE. It does not work! Nothing has changed, it's still the "snotty nosed kid" wanting to play on his snotty lil terms.... What is so hard about understanding a process? If you join an over pop faction, you get in line! Otherwise the whole system needs to be scraped and move on to something different.
  15. Pimpology

    C'mon reto FFS

    Nothing like some trash exaggerations... Nice to read you are firmly planted on dings sack... "Birds of the same feather flock together"