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    sdl tql wsl
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    拉7是当前版本最鶸战斗机 我都不怎么飞拉7的…
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    M 36 - Jackson

    This is only when M36 is compared to other 2 HTDs: Pros: -Most flexible out of all 3 (Turret + soft stats are quite good, such as gun depression) -Good speed and acceleration, flanking is possible -Having a turret makes it an easier job when you're on offense role -More capable than other 2 when it comes to Anti Infantry (with HE of course) Cons: -Worst gun performance out of all 3 HTDs, aka lowest penetration + slowest shell velocity (However it still packs a much greater punch compared to most MT/MTDs and some HTs) -Worst repair cost out of all 3 HTDs -Having a turret means a larger profile than other 2 -Non-existent armor except on the gun mantlet Please do take note that this is only based on my opinion, but I believe most of what's listed here is true, statistic-wise.
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    Credit reward cut with last hotfixes?

    I doubt so, however I do notice what seems to be a small decrease in the income. Probably just my imagination, I don't see the reason why would reto cut the credit reward.
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    Is the sound glitched even more than a few days back?

    This current glitched iteration of sound system is implemented along with Armor 2.0. Too bad it still hasn't been functioning properly. I'm sure the devs are well aware of it and hopefully proper fixes for it will be deployed asap. I'm personally trying to push this issue as well.
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    How to level up bloody Bolt Actions?

    My tips for the boring and tough stock BA grind-be a sneaky boi and go for headshots. Try and see if you can find stationary targets. I know it does sound easier said than done, but that's how I grind my recon, or infantry alike.
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    副炮塔的机枪是.30 cal,你说的不对 历史上也没有双.50的M2A2 此外这种讨论没有太大意义,我将关闭这个帖子 /thread
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    soviet mig vs infantry

    Sadly the MG won't be as effective as say a Pe3's Shvak obviously. Moreover, I'd say it's very probable that it performs even worse than recon plane's HE for a few reasons: 1: MiG flies much faster, so you don't have much time to spray rounds per strafing run 2: MiG is much less maneuverable 3: Recon planes actually have a faster rate of fire than MiG's single Berezin while having almost identical damage potential. But of course any competent pilot will ignore this whole analysis and do just fine.
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    The Tommy gun

    There will be one when xmas is on That's the only (also limited) skin available for the thompson. It will be on for only a limited time, so better stack up now if you are planning to get it.
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    mig可以说是这次更新以后比较吃亏的飞机了,原来依靠的高速生存能力在2.0变相得到了削弱,个人感觉使用难度本身就比以前大。再加上现在击毁飞机所需要的弹药比以前更多,更是导致mig这种只有机枪的飞机非常难受。舔地的话,拉升性能很差,容易撞地,而且炸弹只有2枚小的,我觉得是完全不够用。 简单来说,这架飞机2.0还是避免去用的好:(