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  1. in so pisst of now be a tank is for fools any noob grabs exposive and antitankguns you go down stop that this is kindergarten im so pisst off
  2. remove that demage from antitank wepaons explosivs allow only 2xh3 and anything else explosiv mines reduce it to 2 not more STOP DESTOYNG TANKS so easy it have nothing to do with ww2 now it loOks like a joke a kidy game for 10years old they dont bring any money RETO ive spnded 400euro and more im taking it seriusly TANKS SHOOD BE AS IT WAS IN World WAr A DEADLY WEPON U MADE FUN OFF IT THATS SAD
  3. zolja9898

    Aimbot 11.2017

    they are haking again 2019 aimbot dude it makes me so mad im angry as f.... mostly from 7am and weekend wallhacks radar and oneshot killing god i hate this haking people
  4. stop fliping tanks u get flipend by distroyer and there is nothing u can do with a panther comon godamit this is serius bull shirt change that goddamit i m fuking pisst off
  5. Please remove tankdriver using H3 and mines
  6. what do you get well nothing usfull fighting wars its usless sorry change it make it more interessting give some credits and gold by wining
  7. remove tank raming wtf its not funny what is this kindergarden i feel like a fool paying 3000 gold for a big tank and get ganked by this shirt of tanks any noob can buy 3hits to light tanks to destroy tham from heavy or midle not 10 times
  8. 1.lower demage of sturmgewehr 44 also americans wepons find some balance please 2.slower american tanks and demage by tankdestroyers 3.remove tilit of tnaks like u can tilt a hetzrer with any shirt tank 4.remove teamkilling by exposives like if you put first the next guy run into it and you get punished for it thats not ok 5.remove bans by teamkilling or reduce it to 24h only and reset the panishment after it 6.reduce waiting time like 90 seconds before you can even start to 10 sec countdown 7.give some credit and gold to players who fight in wars 8.reduce price of fixing things 9.remove jumping on tanks 10.tank hiting cars and motorcycels shood destoy it it with one shot 11.removing to wihstle its idiotic 12.bicykle is to slow and usles now fix it 13.make sniping much harder to hit 14.american jeep is to small unrealystic tanks are allso to small 15.bring in somthing new like destroying buildings colapsing 16.remove kill cam or reduce it to 3sec max 17.if future remove changing sides if you decide to play rssians than you stay on it otrherwise you need to do noher acc for other 18.new points for killing by ranking the bigger rank player have he give more killpoints allso by vehicels/tanks/planes 19.paratrooper planes are to static and fly with weals outside like they will land not realystic 20.WAR dont meke realy fun 21.bring in some critthits by wepons and canons 22.misisng artillery attacks and also minefieldlauncher 23.machingun static and more bunkers allso realystic places like Dday 24.redice fighting time i wars to 1h max 25.bring in some dogs like german shepard that guard or attack soldiers 26.food and water that any player need to search after longer fighting 27.more planes like prototypes at end of the war make it special and rare hard to get 28.reduce pay to win lower gold prices remove buying exp with gold 29.tank driver often dont know if somebody is reparing hes tank make some parts blik green by repair show demaged whicels friendly only from a distance . 30.bring in special medals for finishing tasks like destroy 20tanks or kill 100 soldiers