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    ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ – Biggest update ever!

    i just wanna know where RETO's got their herbs from, cos if this armor thing is realism then I'm Tom Hanks and this is saving private Ryan from depths of Mordor with Lightsaber while riding mecharaptor. Who in hell did your research? You should probs fire that guy, Hellcat became best in game tank with all its historical flaws, now you shoot at him and he can even dogfight trade shot for shot with Tigers where is realism in that? What shells go trough paper to the other side and don't affect him? Collison update? Then how can a tall and bulky M3lee flip hetzer with 2 times lower height and basically front end like a climbing platform, where ya all got physics classes? At Hogwarts? Michael Bay movies? Bollywood? Where is this armor logic? I get it you want to "balance" things, but if you are simulation and you use WW2 as reference for your game, stay real to those stats, look at other games how they implemented their armor systems and no one has complaints about them, at least not this many, look at the state of war, is something not suspicious when a faction can win 2 wars in same day? Do you even see what's happening in your own game? And a question in the end, have you ever seen bazooka/piat/Panzerfaust irl? Have you seen what it does to a vehicle? And you wanna tell me it takes 4 of those for a single truck? According to this state of logic mine cabbage trading neighbour got himself a tank transporting cabbages not a simple 3 ton truck. You just made a real mess out of things, pay more attention at how your players react to the game changes, in the end they are the ones who keep you floating, try adding test server or something so you don't do biggest dissapointment ever patches again... PS. I ain't a hater, just stating things from mine perspective, hate me all you want but we all know that at some point you/me/everyone exploited one or two illogical things...