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  1. rquimiori

    Scoped M1G or BA for Infantry Sniper

    Agree with @d|ng, in the past I bought all sorts of loadouts to my main soldier, only to realize it's better to have multiple soldiers with different load outs. M1G scoped is great overall, but there are certain defense situations where pixel hunting with OHK springfield is rewarding.
  2. rquimiori

    GE vs GE gamemode

    They are not overpowered, while there are decent amount of GE main vets. The problem is when the war has lots of toys (recon, planes, tanks), almost everyone wants to stop playing Infantry and spam those specialist and just camp. They are difficult to deal with when 70% of the team is focused on the objective.
  3. rquimiori

    After spawning I cannot move or aim

    Similar to what is happening to me. Only it randomly happens. My character will just start to jitter, or continuously walk uncontrollably, then follow by "Network Trying to Catch Up". My ping did not jump one bit on all these occassions. And I also know that I'm not getting ISP drop outs as I have a CMD in the background running ping heroesandgenerals.com -t with no "request time out" nor jump in ms. I normally have to quit, then rejoin but sucks as it adds to deaths, and to maintenance time. It also repeats at like in every match. Problem only started Nov 6.
  4. rquimiori

    The server is damaged!

    Agree. Never had decent ping since the last updated (SE Asia). This has not happened before.