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  1. Fuyoo

    has how to optimize the graphics?

    ahh if reto not optimize the graphic before the flamethrower come out, the number of active player sure will drop critically
  2. The top 5 of the list both faction below is farming capture point... and wasting resource... capture 50++ times in 35 minute ???
  3. Fuyoo

    Nowday War is Ruin (I had Suggestion)

    i think my suggestion will fix this problem, and force some player to play as SU
  4. Fuyoo

    TANKS movement is trash!!!!

    i 100% agree !! hope fix it
  5. I not complete agree with this. Unlock Chauffeur is not easy cause you need transport friendly, not be driver, if your vehicle no passenger you will not earn any Chauffeur experience. ( but also had one way, is ask one friend be your passenger and become useless farmer that just running whole map to unlock it) If count the credit is cheaper but time cost is not cheap, cause not all player wan to ride with friendly, they ratter ride their own vehicle or walking...so if you wan unlock it need play many round or day to unlock it (i think the driver ribbon will unlock 1st....) If the AT Weapon is should be not use by certain character just remove it from the character just like STG M2 AVS can't unlock by Tank or Recon Haha it really funny XD,
  6. Fuyoo

    Nowday War is Ruin (I had Suggestion)

    i agree with you suggestion. But have other suggestion that prevent the unfair of players count at one faction?
  7. Fuyoo

    Bug: Prone when use Mg can't switch item.

    yah so mean it still a bug. i hope it can fix it cause annoying
  8. Nowday War is really complete ruin, cause most of the player play as GE or US only.... just little bit of player still playing SU, just One or Two day can end the war... This make the war is imbalance of the player, and hard for to get a game for some faction. So i had one suggestion; #really sorry if broken English. Adding limit 30% - 40% for one faction; This mean each faction had limit 30% - 35% (33.33%**) of the player. if the one faction already had 35% of total player join war, so the faction will unable to join until it drop to 30% ** The percentage can be adjusted by players feed back. for example: US had already 350 players , 35% of 1000 players GE had 320 player, 32% of 1000 players SU had 330 player, 33% of 1000 players So the US faction is locked and the next player unable to join US but they can join GE or SU. Until the percentage is drop till 30% then the US faction unlocked. Any players can give the better suggestion by following this topic.
  9. Fuyoo

    has how to optimize the graphics?

    I hope the Reto really need take care about the game optimize, nowday FPS is really low, until i need to drop my resolution to get 40 - 50 fps
  10. I really confuse about Why Iron First must unlock by CHAUFFEUR ribbon BUT NOT TANK DESTRUCTION ribbon Destroy a tank you will get experience that do more damage to tank, - This more logic right? - So the Tank Destruction is more suitable for unlock Iron First Try think If you want a Anti Tank soldier, then you need keep transporting friendly for long time go get pro in AT? Weird right?
  11. This problem is very annoying, why prone when using mg can't switch item, it should be enable like the other weapon.
  12. Fuyoo

    Sub Faction

    Is the sub faction will added to HNG? it good if having more weapon and different army.
  13. Fuyoo

    how to close this

    i cant, cause higher resolution make me low fps T^T yah i trying T^T.. haha nope, cause i already play HNG for 3 - 4 year, and this game free xXD
  14. Fuyoo

    how to close this

    The Text is covered my cross-hair..... can anyone teach me how to make it fade faster or hide it?
  15. Who know how to close or faster it fade for the action line( the line that showing wooden or kill), cause the action line is covered the cross hair. and why today keep maintenance, today i had more time to play HNG but it keep shot down server .... T^T