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  1. BiciglisHadtest

    The hardest person to be honest with is yourself

    I don't feel Reto has ever treated us as customers but like a bunch of children whose opinion doesn't matter as they, the "adults", know better what we want and like.
  2. I am 40 years old and playing MMOs since WOW, there is possibly no major MMOs I have not tried since then and played thousands of hours with my favourites like HnG (I have more than 2000 hours on my main account.) I have weak a spot for free MMOs as they have a sometimes challenging progressing system. In my experience, only those free MMOs lived for more than 10+ years (had enough income not only to survive but to grow) that could satisfy most of their playerbase with their updates. When I think the most important HnG updates the first thing that occurs to me is the scene when Green Arrow flies through the window into a room and shouts: XY you have failed the city. RETO has financial problems from the beginning that was temporary solved with the Nordisk Film 5 M USD investment in 2017. But that money was gone in no time and RETO fired most of their staff. Have you ever asked why there is no proper income if you do a good job? Because you don't. You have failed this game, and now you blame the veteran community that we are hostile towards you and we dont give constructive criticism. We did for years and you didn't listened and when you don't listen to your customers, you lose money. You don't like our negative opinion about your failed job so you close the forum. What result do you expect form this?? I don't know if there is any chance to save the game but if you want, it's time to admit that YOU scr@wed up this game seriously, current sate of game is only YOUR responsibilty.
  3. BiciglisHadtest

    Loading Screen is stuck

    When I start the game it is stuck at loading screen. I have already tried reinstall, verifying files on steam, restart router. Not working. Am I alone with this problem? Any solution? Edit for devs : standalone version works. Steam version not.
  4. BiciglisHadtest

    This game is dying, so...

    @GTOInfinity @gaaaaabriel Take my advice and dont stress yourself with posting here. RETO may read it but wont answer because these are longtime problem, they know it, vets dont care for beginners, most vets here are simply toxic, and protect their superior status with their maxed weapons and badges against new players. They just keep telling game is not dying while Reto fired half of its team, changed to the cheapest and worse kind of servers, not making any meaningful update for years. Yes playerbase is not dropping but I doubt any of them buy any gold.
  5. BiciglisHadtest

    Why is there no UK side

    If you expect people to read previous 10+ comments before you all the time and if not it hurts you, you must love pain. Anyway thx for the answer.
  6. BiciglisHadtest

    Why is there no UK side

    So Reto developer team is a dev team without developers? What? What os the dev team actually doing?
  7. BiciglisHadtest

    will RETO ever do something about traitors in war?

    If people find ways to exploit game again and again it is the developers fault. First to make them, secondly not to fix them properly/at all. Problems that are exploited exist for YEARS. Don't you think a commited team could fix problems during so much time? But you are true they seem to have given up on their game.
  8. BiciglisHadtest

    Can I have a refund?

    I have decided to buy a scope on my infantry BA that I haven't used for a long time. Unfortunately it is unusable on every second server as bullets disappear. It is not my fault that servers are bad so I would like a refund on my scope. Is it possible or am I too naive?
  9. BiciglisHadtest

    Game is getting better

    I just wanted to leave a positive feedback about modded weapons. Now I have a reason to play not only GE that I played only because of the awesome weapons. Modded weapon affected gameplay quality too, It is good to see that battles are not 5 minutes GE winning anymore. It was quite boring even as a GE player, I can imagine how frustrating it could be as a US or SU player. Hope you will fix other thing too, like squad, specialist cap etc too.
  10. BiciglisHadtest

    Game is disappointing

    Sounds better than current matchmaker.
  11. BiciglisHadtest

    Game is disappointing

    Now I joined GE. It is a lot easier to play there. Quite strane this game is.
  12. BiciglisHadtest

    Game is disappointing

    I am trying to play this game as a soviet in staged but we never win against GE players, Why is that? Are they better or do they have better weapons?
  13. BiciglisHadtest

    A Gaius Guide: Dealing with long action game spawns.

    Working as intended. Nice game play, comrade.
  14. I would like to let you know what is the state of game like from a low level player's the point of view. I play skirmishes to level ribbons and gain credit. It is really hard because half of the team are TANKS and I have no AT weapons. The only way to fight them for me is to use the free Panzerfausts that is a joke considering I have to shoot them 8-10? times to kill them. And if I manage to kill them somehow I achieved nothing because there are still 3-4 tanks surrounding the CP and blowing me up. Come and try to fight them as me and I guess you won't see tanks underpowered. But reading your posts I think you really don't care about the balance but only your joy to farm infantry in EZ mode. Edit: Anyway this is the reason all of my friend I showed this game left it.
  15. BiciglisHadtest

    Armor tweaks feedback

    In theory it sounds good but who is so stupid to make minus (10-20k ?) income in a match just to kill tanks?