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  1. iizetea

    New merchandising

    I missed something😅😅😂
  2. iizetea

    Armour plates confirmed, what do you think

    the infantry's armour plates don't make any sense. The tanks should get something like that. to make them more individual
  3. iizetea


    What does it depend on besides Ivl that infantry can change ?
  4. iizetea

    Second bipod test!

    no matter if you use the bipod or not the recoil does not change
  5. Das neue Update ist gut aber wann kommt das bipod
  6. That will be funny now the type 166 Schwimmwagen brings something
  7. the tank IV without additional armor ohne panzerung zusätzliche panzerung kaufen oder erweitern wie erweiterung von panzer 4 aussehen  
  8. each new mine is used for the new updated but the problem is that the mines are supposed to damage the chains or the motor, but if you do the updatet you destroy the whole tank or you make a difference and it just sucks
  9. iizetea

    Armored and dangerous

    I think you do not need instructions how to destroy the tank. with the time comes the experience and you can see for yourself how to do that. What bothers me is the Hafthohlladung H3 that one has too many
  10. iizetea

    bug (jumpskill)

    hello I found a bug in the map colmar If you jumble at the wall of your lantern, you get into a house where you should not go in. the unfäre is at a window are palatten in front of it and from the inside you can shoot through it
  11. iizetea

    Test feedback

    thank you for your help :))
  12. Ok, I do not know if I'm in the right part, but you're my feedbak 1 the only spawn in SDK is without countdown I do not know if that's intended. 2 If you poke, if you go into the hatch, you see something you should not see, but that's not bad. 3 the kettekrad is really fast I have to say but also the sdk can now gas and so it is one of the best updates so far ps; Small wish on the edge of who destroys a tank or a vehicle, the burning wreck can not stay and serve as cover as long as no tank dagen or even shot once to completely destroy it I am really happy
  13. ok, ich weiß nicht, ob ich im richtigen Teil bin, aber du bist mein Feedbak 1 der einzige Spawn in SDK ist ohne Countdown Ich weiß nicht, ob das beabsichtigt ist. 2 Wenn du stocherst, wenn du in die Luke gehst, siehst du etwas, was du nicht sehen solltest, aber das ist nicht schlecht. 3 das kettekrad ist wirklich schnell muss ich sagen aber auch der sdk kann jetzt gasen :) und so ist es eines der bisher besten updates Ich bin wirklich glücklich