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  1. Hello there ! I already wrote this in the Steam Forum of H&G, and I wanted to share my idea with you, players who don't play on Steam. Here it is : In this game, something is terribly useless : the map (the thing you hold in your hand, not the place). Besides looking for ammo / health crates and finding friendly vehicles, there is no point of using it. The map can be really useful, though. Have you noticed the numbers and the letters on its sides ? They are map coordinates, which can be useful to locate something precisely to the team. Here is an image if you don't understand what i'm talking about. Problem is, the map isn't really popular. In fact, I don't think anyone here beside some curious people know about map coordinates, and the reason is because it's not well implanted in the game.So the question is : how to improve the map ? As for me, we should be able to "click" on the squares, which make the game automatically say something to the team for us. For example, I click on D7, and in the chat appears "[TEAM]FR-Ayazel: Pay attention to D7 !", and the square D7 lights up. Here is a visual example, taken from the game World of Warships. And you, players, what do you think about this ?
  2. We're not talking about any GPS at all. We are talking about map coordinates, which is the grid with the letters and the numbers on the sides. Here is a WW2 map with these map coordinates, for example : The RETO guy you quoted earlier was talking about our position with this kind of coordinates (A3, F9, G6 for example), not the GPS coordinates.
  3. Actually I think a feature like in World of Warships (you click on a "square", and the said square lights up for everyone) would be more relevant. If you just say "Pay attention to C6" (for example), not everyone will know that you're talking about the map coordinates, and the ones who will get it will probably be too lazy to open the map during the battle. Imo, it would be the best if the "square" we pinpointed automatically lights up for everyone, so that the whole team will know to pay attention to the place you want. Actually a mini-map would be the best way to implement this. How about a small mini-map that appears at the corner of your screen, showing where you need to pay attention ? (sorry if I made grammar errors, english is not my native language btw)
  4. Hello, players of Heroes & Generals I've been playing Sniper Elite 4 for a week now (great game, btw), and there is something that I really enjoy : the Dynamite. First, you may be asking, why should this be in the game ? Well, as written in the title, it is a multi-purpose device. It could be something that you can use for a lot of situations, with the good amount of imagination. Okay, but how do you use it ? I imagine that you could place it on the floor, stick it on the walls or you could even glue them to vehicles ! It would take the same time to stick as a landmine, and maybe thrice the time to put them on a vehicle. What will I be able to do with this, then ? I think it should act like a landmine, except that it does not explodes when you pass on it : shoot on it, and the dynamite explodes ! How powerful will it be ? Since it's a dynamite, the explosion should be 1/2 the radius of a grenade's explosion, but twice the damage ! About vehicles, since it's not specially made to destroy them, it could make 2/3 of H3s damage. Are there possibilities of mods with this Dynamite ? To my mind, yes ! At first, when you buy it, it will be nothing but an explosive stick that you need to shoot to enable. But after some medal-grinding, you could add a pocket watch with it, so it becomes a time bomb ! Get some more medals and you could use some cheap magnets, in order to glue your dynamite to any vehicle ! Use both, and you have a hand-crafted H3 How munch will it cost ? I'll let RETO decide on this one, but in my personal view, it should cost a little lower than H3s but a little higher than grenades, so about 200 credits per use. What about the skin ? Since H&G is mostly german-based (Crates with reichsadler on every map, panzerfausts...), I propose a german model. Here's a picture : Here is another model with 7 dynamite sticks and two pieces of rubber to tighten them : If you have some feedback, or if you want to give your opinion about this, don't wait, and speak !
  5. Hello everyone ! :) As you may know, the Panzerbusche is a failure as a anti-tank weapon. Almost no pen, low damage, more expensive (to buy) than a Panzerschreck, it's the most useless AT weapon. But, there is something this bad boy is able to do incredibly well : being used as a rifle. Damn, it can one-shot even on the leg, and even very far away. It's really a formidable OHK rifle. The fact is, it's really heavy and it's kinda difficult to aim. So, I was thinking about, perhaps, giving it a scope so it can be the Barret M82 of world war two ? :) That would really add a buff to this, and justify its incredibly high price.
  6. Bonjour à vous, forum d'H&G Je suis habitué à jouer mais je ne fréquente pas trop le forum, donc je vous dis enchanté Alors voilà, j'étais en train de prendre ma douche quand j'ai eu cette formidable idée : Pourquoi ne pas ajouter l'Officier ? Je vous explique en détail. C'est quoi son rôle, concrètement ? Il est entre le soldat et le général : son rôle est de planifier, sur le terrain. Comment le débloquer ? Lorsque notre soldat atteint le rang de Capitaine (14), nous devrions avoir le choix de le garder comme ça (un simple soldat), ou le transformer en Officier. Tout ceci ressemblerait un peu à ce qui se passe avec le Général. Par contre, on pourrait aussi l'acheter : je pense que le moment propice serait entre le niveau (compte, pas du soldat) où vous débloquez le dernier soldat "normal" (l'Éclaireur, au niveau 9) et le niveau où vous débloquez le Général (12). Peut-être au niveau 11 ? A mon avis, il doit coûter un peu plus cher qu'un Sous-lieutenant MAIS un peu moins cher qu'un Commandant : pourquoi pas 280'000 crédits ? Pourquoi lui plutôt qu'un soldat classique ? Avec lui, vous pourriez avoir un atout stratégique important. Il pourrait aider à capturer les points beaucoup plus rapidement, pourrait être chef d'escouade depuis le niveau 1 et bien plus souvent que le soldat ordinaire, pourrait avoir bien plus d'option de planification (un exemple concret serait qu'il puisse tracer des routes à suivre au lieu de simplement montrer quel point capturer), et, le plus important, ce serait que les hommes sous son commandement et lui-même reçoivent un bonus d'XP et (peut-être) de crédits. De plus, il pourrait débloquer les véhicules légers non-armés comme la Jeep ou la Moto dès le départ. Mais c'est trop cheaté ! Reto pls fix Bien sûr, il pourrait aussi avoir des inconvénients : comme c'est un officier, il ne pourrait pas porter ni utiliser d'armes "normales" : seulement son pistolet ! Néanmoins, j'imagine qu'il pourrait débloquer les "gadgets" plus facilement, comme les jumelles, la trousse de soin, la clé à molette... Pour finir, il ne pourrait utiliser QUE les véhicules légers non-armés, et ne pourrait pas conduire de véhicules blindés et/ou armés ni utiliser les mitrailleuses des véhicules blindés, seulement s'assoir dedans. Voilà, en bref, les avantages et les inconvénients que pourrait avoir ce nouveau personnage : Bon bah c'est bien, mais il ressemble à quoi ton Officier ? Pour l'officier Allemand, j'avais pensé à la même tenue, sauf que le col serait ouvert et qu'on pourrait voir une croix de fer (Eisernes Kreuz). Pourquoi ne pas lui mettre un képi, aussi ? Pour l'officier Américain, j'avais pensé à la tenue des officiers en général : la veste marron avec les quatre boutons ainsi que la cravate, et pourquoi pas un béret ? Pour l'officier Soviétique, j'avais pensé à quelque chose ressemblant à la tenue de l'officier Américain, mais avec un képi, et des couleurs rouges. OU ALORS, un uniforme pour l'hiver. Voici une image, pour vous faire une idée : Alors, qu'en pensez-vous ? Si vous avez des questions, posez-les !
  7. Translated thread of this : Hello there, H&G forum I don't often visit this place, so what can I say except greetings (Sorry for my bad english by the way, I'm french ) So, I was taking a shower when I had this brilliant idea : what if we add the Officer ? Let me explain. What's the point of this, basically ? He is between the regular soldier and the General : he is the one who plans inside the battlefield, the one everyone needs to defeat the enemy. How to unlock him ? When our soldier reaches the rank of Captain (14), we should have the choice to keep him like that (a private soldier), or turn him into an Officer. All this would look a little like what is happening with the General. On the other hand, we could also buy it: I think the right moment to unlock it would be between the level (count, not the soldier) where you unlock the last "normal" soldier (the Scout, at level 9) and the level where you unlock the General (12). Maybe at level 11? In my opinion, it must cost a little more than a Second Lieutenant BUT a little cheaper than a General : how about 280'000 credits ? Why him, instead of a regular soldier ? With him, you could have an important strategic asset. It could help capture points much faster, could be a squad leader from the start, and much more often than the ordinary soldier. He could also have much more planning option (a concrete example would be that he could draw routes to follow instead of just showing which point to capture), and, most importantly, it would be that players under his command and himself receive XP bonuses and (possibly) credits. Moreover, light vehicles like Jeeps or Motorcycles would be unlocked from the start for him.  Wait, he's overpowered af ! Reto pls fix Of course, there are cons : as he is an officer, he can't hold nor use "normal" weapons: only his pistol, and perhaps a knife ! Yet, I imagine that we could unlock his "gadgets" more easily, like the binoculars, the medkit, the adjustable wrench ... Finally, he can ONLY drive light vehicles : he won't be able to drive armored vehicles, nor use the vehicles's guns. All he can do is sitting down. Here are, basically, the pros and cons this new character will have : Well, sounds good, but what does this bad boy looks like ? For the German officer, I thought of the same outfit than the regular one, except that the collar would be open and you could see an iron cross (Eisernes Kreuz). Why not put a cap on him, too? For the American officer, I thought of the officer's uniform in general: the brown jacket with four buttons and the tie, and how about a beret? For the Soviet officer, I thought of something resembling the uniform of the American officer, but with a kepi, and red colors. OR PERHAPS, a uniform for the winter. Here's an image, so you can picture these uniforms in your mind : So, what's your opinion on this ? Feel free to suggest anything else !
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    A new character : The Officer

    Oh really ? Sorry bro, I didn't see it... But it's a shame RETO didn't think about it.
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    Idée de nouveau perso : l'Officier

    C'est exactement ce qui me venait à l'esprit ! Merci d'avoir apporté des images de véhicules, j'avais un peu la flemme de les chercher.... Sinon, j'avais pensé aussi à un autre skin pour l'officier allemand, mais je pense que si RETO l'appliquait au jeu, ils se prendraient un procès, si tu vois ce que je veux dire....
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    Second bipod test!

    Wow, n i c e. Say hello to my little o v e r p o w e r e d MG42 EDIT : Hold up. How do I get into the Prototype server ? Your link is just the download link for the regular game.
  11. Hello everyone :) I saw a bug today. I was with my tank-hunter soldier, and on the map "Kuthor". Considering I didn't unlock the Kubel with this soldier yet, I used the civil vehicle on the spawn, the Universal Tractor. I must have drove a lot of miles, in order to hunt the tanks, you see. However, at the end of the game, I didn't get any XP for the "driver" ribbon. Not only a little one. Is it because the Universal Tractor is different than the normal truck ? :/
  12. Hello everyone Prototype is supposed to help players find glitches and bugs. However, some glitches can happen in a way only the enemy team can see them ! So, I suggest that you, RETO, include a third, "universal" chat, in which both teams can talk, only in prototype server. Also, the only way both teams can communicate, now, is by whistling Of course it mustn't be possible in Live server, because there may be some spies that tells our location to enemy, so it would be only possible in Prototype mode. I hope it will be added !
  13. Hello guys ! :) It's my first topic in this forum. I hope It will be okay ! So, the Mechanic and Gunner badges don't work anymore for tankers. I have Gunner silver & Mechanic silver too, but they don't do anything. The Mechanic bug was here for about 1 month, but the Gunner bug just came today... :( When I repair a tank, it takes 4 seconds to repair one armor point, and 4 other seconds to "move" on the next armor point, and it continues. But when I equip the mechanic badge, it's the same thing. (I can say it's very slow and annoying, because we can easily get spotted if we need emergency repairs...) When I shoot with my Panther's gun, I have to wait for the end of the "reload sound" to shoot one more time. But technically, if I equip the gunner badge, i could shoot a bunch of milliseconds before the end of the reloading sound ! But no, it's the same thing. I hope this will be fixed soon. Also sorry for my broken english, I'm french and I don't speak it very well.
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    Mechanic and Gunner badges don't work for tankers

    Okay, thank you Dhal_is_irie. I'm also a German tanker, so maybe it's a global problem.