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  1. VirtualHero

    Feedback after a long break

    And what has this to do with keeping or removing the headshot multiplier? I mean, what has this to do with my post at all? My argument still stands: The headshot multiplier levels the field between noobs and vets and that's good.
  2. VirtualHero

    Feedback after a long break

    In my opinion the headshot multiplier levels the field between noobs and vets and that's good. Lets say you have a new player with a starter SMG against a vet with HSG and an automatic weapon with high damage output, e.g. the M1919. Now the noob can kill the vet with a headshot, if he has the faster reaction (which is also skill). Without headshot multiplier the noob wouldn't have a chance at all, unless the 'vet' is AFK. Question is what is the more important source of frustration: Some not so random headshots or new players who feel that vets have godmode against them... Read some Steam reviews, esp. of those who quit after 10 hours and you'll find out.
  3. VirtualHero

    Update 1.17.1 - Minor Release

    The iron sights of the G43 and SVT40 were much better before the update. Now you hardly can lead targets because the new front sights obstruct the view on the enemy. Together with the random recoil which makes them unreliable at close range it's no fun anymore to play these weapons.
  4. VirtualHero


    Thank you Reto - this time for nothing. This sale is a joke. Do you really think many will buy gold now to get a single weapon 30% off, when they don't even know how it will perform after the next update? And also thanks to all the forum morons (I guess mostly wallet warriors and egoistic long time players who already have everything) who always started whining and nagging whenever Reto made a REAL - not gold only - sale.