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  1. Good job reto I want to say thx for making US and SU not playable US faction last night 200 players only online, SU even lower. Good job best updates ever keep on good work and listening most GE forum warriors. And also I hope you Reto Employes will continue playing Axis on stage.
  2. _DX_

    Selection of choices to improve the game

    Only Normal solution was thing that I asked 3 years before, give us East Europe server place in Poland or Romania.
  3. _DX_

    Selection of choices to improve the game

    1. they cant fix Moscow server its more political problem. 2. IP range is not fixable 3. Do not understand 4. kek 5. Blayt language 6. 7. 8. They cant fix sound they can just revert to old one , they newer admit they fail. 9. Detection problem is fixable only if they change server not thing that Reto will do 10. Reto is only company that will get sued soon
  4. _DX_

    Why my wepons canot kill any player's?

    what faction you play from where you play do you use steam or stand alone client
  5. _DX_

    i have problem

    Find File Heroes & Generals then click on Live Then Go right Click on ; hngsync Run as Administrator then go HeroesandgeneralsDesktop the one that have more kb its around 120.000 Run it also as Administrator. Wait until game download lost files and play game. You dont need to thank me that.
  6. _DX_

    Your Easter present has been delivered!

    This is everything what Reto have to offer for Easter.
  7. _DX_

    Official "cheats"

    Axis alt naa I barely play easy mode.
  8. _DX_

    Official "cheats"

    You can play this game from 1995 and you will still suck in FPS, and even better in abusing RTS
  9. _DX_

    Tank Problem

    Tanks are overpowered and battles are overstuck with them specilly GE tanks bcs Tigers and Panther have nove nothing to counter.
  10. _DX_

    Remove the "disadvantage" XP for war.

    Search Axis vets Andrea clans on stage killing no heavy set US and SU noobs.
  11. _DX_

    Why are SU weapons allowed to remain so bad!

    I dont call it issues, PPS is second best SMG in game, DP 28 for me its best MG in game only bcs better Sight or Range finder. M1919 sight is horror same with nerfed Johnson didlo sight. Tokarev is best Semi Auto gun, good 3.5 Scope best RPM and low Recoil 10 bullets. Anti Tank guns yes SU have worst AT guns in game but 6 years of spaming PTRD with Gold Infantry Fist was enough. Tanks and planes I newer cared they are just special classes al do respect at least Yak can fight back to GE medium.
  12. _DX_

    Why are SU weapons allowed to remain so bad!

    PPS is way better from Thompson
  13. BT-7 is not tank anymore its Formula 1
  14. _DX_

    Dead game or dead two factions

    LoL big mistake.
  15. At least they can play there bunker defense now.
  16. _DX_

    Why are SU weapons allowed to remain so bad!

    LoL are you planing to go SU so you are making your self ground there. I will take it like Troll Post
  17. _DX_

    Vehicle colours are awful

    Every new update you are bringing more and more bugs keep good work.
  18. _DX_


    This feature have no logic How that US and SU is preparing on assault on Berlin when Reto changed capitals for GE, lel Wired Reto company. Second thing yeah let all grind now in warwaste someone Warfunds and resources, give more useless players to war. After this am again stop deploying my AT.
  19. You really need to stop playing stage as German are you not bored killing unarmed people. Everyone know Reto failed again, they dont admit and we dont care anymore.
  20. _DX_

    Underpowered Anti Tank Rifles

    Try shoting planes and infantry you will see it work.
  21. _DX_

    STG Underpowered

    When I se what noobs play US in war think GE KD could be same even with showels.
  22. Tankers Pilots Recons are most crying population in this game, Reto give them everything. And now they cry even more.
  23. _DX_


    loL Bullet on M1919 Fail boy you fail a lot
  24. Every second player use this software we know for this for years, this one and that no foliage where there is not grass and leafs. GTX 760 still most selling card in Russia no one need FPS when there is no nothing to render.