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  1. FPS issues specially on Town Map, gamepaly is bad everything is flickering in that mapwhen you add planes or tanks then real shot start, Ping issues, Moscow ping is worst crap ever in history of all online games. Also why is now not possible to kill someone with one bar ping, are they Wild Animal protected now. Also one more why players teleports right and left, this shirt I didnt saw not even on CSGO.
  2. https://steamcharts.com/app/227940
  3. _DX_

    H&G Problems

    It seams you newer played this game end of story.
  4. _DX_

    H&G Problems

    i7 7600K OC 16gb DDR4 Dominion Corsair 2600mhz 1060 6gb Dont tell me to buy better toaster. 2 it seams you newer played this game. 3 This game does favour teleporting third world countries players.
  5. _DX_

    been a while guys

    Quit game, Delete game, remember to empty Windows Trash Can.
  6. _DX_

    avs silient nerf last fix?

    No changes at all.
  7. _DX_

    Is it now enough?

    We already talk with some of your moderators no changes.
  8. Well you can read my comments before, am US and I dont like this shirt I dont even deploy. Game is in massive problems and everyone switch US bcs easy win its hard now to fix it.
  9. So RTS worked while you AR everything. now when US kick you in nuts now its not working hmm ?
  10. Dont know why you blame US players for this situation, First you should blame Axis stage hards then blame Russian clans for alting and cheating so most of them banned and not playing or creating new accounts for war then blame Reto, US faction just use what they have now, and this situation will destroy US faction like Axis was destroyed before four years ago.
  11. Remove cirilic Russian language from chat, also remove Moscow server and players will come to play SU.
  12. Why do driving Motorcycle is so broken now, 42 LA is now like snow boarding.
  13. Everyone know it even Reto know it, but as they say they are protecting Russian players.
  14. _DX_

    HnG Some unfair Stuff

    Tiger 2 Formula 1
  15. _DX_


    Almost every one from you noobs record on Axis stage.
  16. Am on US and I stop deploying, no worth playing VS no one, and OverStacked Battles.
  17. _DX_

    How about a new faction ?

  18. Scopes, Uniform Camo, Kubel, Kettenkrad,
  19. Why this game have so much broken servers that people with 300ms ping have advantage over low ping players. Pre-fire by someone who have 200-300ms ping, getting killed when am in cover there bullets sticky on you. People that you try to kill with high ping are jiggling everywhere. This game have that problems long time, see that no one cares.
  20. Am asking for this from 2014, Max per team two planes two tanks one recon everything else infantry.
  21. _DX_

    Lycan's videos

    DX DeXTeR always watch your videos