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  1. _DX_

    Fix SU AT weapons

    Wow really hmmm cry more.
  2. _DX_

    Flying US Fighter Planes

    Flying US same as Tanking US or even playing Infantry randomly in War, its more like let try not to suffer, most US things are broken totally with Reto constant Nerfs bcs US was mainly wining faction 2018 2019 and also it bring most noobs in US faction.
  3. _DX_

    Fix SU AT weapons

    Just use PTRS now best OHK Riffle and Best Anti tank and Anti Air gun, enjoy while everyone else suffer.
  4. _DX_


    Next contest pls, how many bugs and game exploits we can find in one week. Reword could be one day you can slap in face any moderator you want
  5. _DX_


    Newer saw that player in my 6 years playing H&G.
  6. _DX_

    WHy do you play for the factions you do?

    Would like to see your skill
  7. _DX_

    We are getting back bois!!

    Steam h are not in game hours.
  8. _DX_

    WHy do you play for the factions you do?

    Wow you are so full of skill.
  9. _DX_

    RETO please

    Why I don't sit in queue ???
  10. _DX_

    RETO please

    In this game for everyone is normal when you queue as US and SU to go in massacre when fighting vs Axis. Axis vets enjoy killing noobs in stage.
  11. Maybe you suck that game and it was your reword for being bad. This is why i wanted vote kick.
  12. _DX_

    We are getting back bois!!

    After losing 13% and new update came now we get 4%, So wait 20 days and we lose another 10%. LOL
  13. _DX_

    What are the chances- increasing player in battle

    Servers barely hold 20vs20, FPS is jumping all over place now imagine 40-40 and half of the mare planes.
  14. _DX_

    Fix the loving FW

    OP story again on Forum, bring pop corns and beer.
  15. _DX_

    M1919A4 Vs M1919A6 Screenshots

    Newer trust Reto he always have his ways on nerfing US, while we are at OP thing do I need to start about GE OP-s things
  16. _DX_

    German War Resources

    Valter was Partisan fighter.
  17. _DX_

    "stg is as bad as a grease gun"

    So bad thats still most used weapon in game and still US and SU noobs get raped in stage buy that OP STG-44. Cry more
  18. _DX_

    Lack of communication did it for me

    i dont plan to jump on Discord that is full of kids with Christmas wishes.
  19. Removing Heavy set is dumb enough, and about that US and us was ment to be us, I typed in phone google shirt keyboard.
  20. Why petition on something that every player can have. I dont think its OP at all, bcs thats only thing that save US from recon cancer spam. Why not petition on reducing recon scopes to 4.0 and removing scopes from infantry same as reducing speciall classes on war games.
  21. _DX_

    Lack of communication did it for me

    I still wait for my Pink Underwear camo 😍
  22. Finally did it, you guys from Reto make your dream come true. Now almost no clans at all except SU players, US TS and Dsc are empty, no one to play anymore, GE also the same. With every new update you make that players more and more quit this game, no one is playing, US faction dumb enough that they cant do anything without clans. GE almost same, Axis can win now in this game if SU players allow them to do, or if they switch to play GE. Player base is shrinking more and more, except ofc Russians they overwhelm this game bcs free to play style without spending any cent in this game. So now you have broken game, no community at all, you have couple players still playing it without any investment in game. Keep good work Reto wish you many luck.
  23. _DX_

    GJ Reto

    It seams you didnt read that properly try again.
  24. _DX_

    Option to kick players from your tank

    Didnt play tanker long time maybe that thing Retro should Fix. But its so many things that should ne fixed before kick tank players.
  25. _DX_

    Option to kick players from your tank

    Lock the gun problem solved. If he is in your squad kick him or you leave the squad.