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  1. _DX_

    DP28 is the best LMG in the game

    For me yes its best MG in game and one of best guns in game.
  2. LoL Someone wants a Cookie.
  3. _DX_

    where is this weeks hotfix?

    Last four years I ask my self same question where is hot fix.
  4. _DX_

    Americans are coming

    Why you still play this game, Your words are I quit bcs this game is not playable and also that you have smarter things to do. Now when AR is back you are back also, reasons why you are back if its not AR ???
  5. _DX_

    Hetzer speed still a joke

    Buy Tiger 2 its fastest tank in game.
  6. Kar98 or G43 Gold hoarder Badge and MP40 and you are killing mashine.
  7. _DX_

    Hetzer speed still a joke

    Tank turtle cant accept to go flaster 😂
  8. _DX_

    Nerf USA

    Old fart you still play, didnt you quit this game ?
  9. _DX_

    Question about Uniform Camouflage

    You dont see any shadow there right ?!
  10. We have unreal tournament of tanks and vehicles in this game, we have most dumbest plain system in this game, we have every soldier with scopes in WW2 game, and now you want artillery. Its like we dont have problem with servers, or that FPS is great in game optimisation also. Game is just great, we need artillery NOU.
  11. _DX_

    USA Faction Clown?

    You like bocaz ?
  12. H&G is so good that no one even care about crash one TS
  13. _DX_

    Heavy Tank

    You will not wait bcs you cant die in Tiger 2
  14. _DX_

    Americans are coming

    Then you should switch US and help them to play there battles or blame Reto bcs player base is lower and lower every new update
  15. _DX_

    Heavy Tank

    Buy Tiger 2 and be King in this game.