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  1. You are talking with someone who know much more about PC-s something only you can dream about.
  2. YOu have Potato PC better say NoteBook.
  3. _DX_

    How Can I change my Name?

    You cant this game have no option to change it. Even if you send support ticket they cant help you. Sadly.
  4. _DX_

    new gpu and fps problem

    Dont blame H&G that you have AMD GPU :), jump on TS or send me message maybe I can help you.
  5. _DX_

    Dirty Gameplay

    DeXTeR or not you will newer know maybe am Russians you will newer know, lost account bcs saying that every mouse have macro options is hard laugh.
  6. _DX_

    Dirty Gameplay

    At least you can fight and win or lose, earning WFs moving on RTs. Fighting Doramass is losing moral losing WFs losing nerves.
  7. _DX_

    Back to Soviet faction again.

    SU most OP faction, good old weapons with great sights.
  8. _DX_

    Dirty Gameplay

    One thing is to send paras and then play it. But other thing is when you push Riga from Scandi and you have ten towns to fight and then someone sending paras on all your towns every ten minutes.
  9. _DX_

    You did it, Reto! Thank you!

    I just join picking war side Axis most populated faction US UD bonus 80%
  10. _DX_

    Springfield A1 can i use it in European setting?

    Developers have much more smarter things to do with this game.
  11. _DX_

    Dirty Gameplay

    Am just telling you, you are only one who is broking the game.
  12. _DX_

    Dirty Gameplay

    Every battle was played, RedScare lost every game in that Area, you didnt defend nothing there you know it, you just abuse system. And that baseball trash talk about GE and US, pls no one take you serious.
  13. Is it bcs you and your friends lost every game in Riga.