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  1. This game is ruined. Loved it so much and you killed it.
  2. AndreasIV666

    No more EP for damaging Paraplanes?

    Ok, but at least I should get something after they went down burning... some official answer from Reto would be cool.
  3. AndreasIV666

    No more EP for damaging Paraplanes?

    Just played a war match and shot down three or four enemy paraplanes. Got only Exp on the plane in which I killed the pilot. Did you change something here?
  4. AndreasIV666

    Should HnG get a price (and how much) ) ?

    I'm still hording tons of gold... no need to buy anything from it at the moment because there is no progress in the game. Pay to just play? Death sentence for the game.
  5. AndreasIV666

    P51D is just a joke.

    Oh, that explains why they are bringing more and more tanks and planes into the game.
  6. AndreasIV666

    P51D is just a joke.

    Just shut down the servers and RIP the game. You are doing such a bad job the last months, this isn't funny anymore. Listen to the players, they are paying your bucks.
  7. AndreasIV666

    Annual veteran membership

    2,5 when it was on sale.
  8. AndreasIV666

    P51D is just a joke.

    Maybe some day I will have a chance to try the P51 in an even fight. Right now it's 2 vs 10 most times.
  9. AndreasIV666

    Annual veteran membership

    Can't really understand why they shouldn't be able to offer one year vet. WoT is also offering a one year premium account.
  10. AndreasIV666

    We need limits on specialists NOW!!

    New planes make this topic even more important. Just no fun trying the P51 as you always play 2 against 10.
  11. AndreasIV666

    Outlines outrage

    Was it really intended to work like that? Highlights on clear sight are ok, but not through a wall.
  12. AndreasIV666

    Planes moving downwards after bombs dropped

    If I bomb a target from maybe 10 metres high, it's clear the bomb kills me, too. When I hit another plane crossing by, ok. You can easily reproduce the bug when flying a straight line and dropping bombs or flying a straight line and waiting when your bombs are recharged.
  13. AndreasIV666

    Planes moving downwards after bombs dropped

    No, it happens in any height. It's not the shock wave from the ground hitting the plane.
  14. AndreasIV666

    Annual veteran membership

    Vet's expired now after around two years. Any news on longer Vet-Memerships?
  15. AndreasIV666

    No balance in damaging vehicles

    Yeah, 4 times pinpoint-accuracy through the mg. I know that, but it still s.cks.