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  1. Just spend the absolute worst 25 minutes of my HG time EVER Que up , find match - Battle gets stuck - cannot join battle - try to leave the battle & leave squad "squad locked in battle" Restarted the game , trying to log in " cant change war during campaign huerpa durpa durp " Restard game ... again - finaly logged into the game after 5 minutes , leave battle . Que up again - 9 tanks on my side - remaining infantry sniping and repairing tanks - we lose in 5:45 ( my absolute record yet ) 10 minutes of my gametime already a complete waste play another battle - get headshot 8 times in a row in the timespan of 2 (!!) minutes - no hyperbole here 2 meter away from a enemy facing away from me - kneel down , aim down sights on center mass - shoot - 8 bullet magazine , not one of the bullets even lands in the center of the crosshair or even inside the crosshair after the 6th bullet the guy snaps arround , fires 1 smg bullet from his 180 ° spin and headshots me instantly we lose in 9 minutes as usual after 20 minutes of absolute pure condensed dogshite I attempt to find one last battle Que up as infantry ; all filters selected - waited 5 minutes for a battle Got so angry and bored that I uninstalled the game in one swift motion in a fit of uncontrolled rage while yelling obscenetys at the monitor good god - how can one game combine SO DAMN MANY annoying things in such a short peroid of time Im not trying to be dramatic here ( well I guess I failed at not trying with the wall of text above ) but seriously .... why is this game SO unplayable right now ? in order to even ACCEPT the game in the slightest you would need to ignore UI crashes , Game crashes , Server problem , hit detection fails and a cartload of other stuff I dont even want to think about anymore Sorry if this all looks like one massive flame post but I honestly dont know why this game has to be so unaccessible right now - some of the stuff seems to be designed and implemented with the sole purpose to make the player miserable , for example the RNG rofl cone that makes you shoot worse no matter what you do without giving you the chance to learn anything form it and the ability to take cap points solo before anyone can even walk 5 m to prevent the cap I cant be the only one whos having such a hard time to not foam out of the mouth with the current state of the game
  2. been paying close attention to the gunplay of the game after weeks of abstinence from the game - and it seems like whenever I shoot while moving the bullets seem to roll out of the barrel sideway because I can actualy see the muzzle flash and the bullet tracer next to the gun It also feels like I have to lead the target like a good 2-3 m even at very close range ( so close I can see the white in their eyes ) I have checked the extended ping counter for packetloss and push latency but there seems to be no problem with anything in there so is it only me or did I just not notice this in all the years ?
  3. DeployableDoggo

    What makes you almost quit the game more than any other problem ?

    The thing with EA and dice and their battlefield games is that they push them out at top speeds so people buy them and the moment people bought the game and the numbers start to drop they start developing another game for next year while the B team is left with the shattered remains they have to attempt to fix Reto doesnt have : A. the luxory of getting money for a B2P game that they can ignore after people bought them B.Doesnt have a second independant development team they can push work over to C.they have a f2p model and that means small drop like income of micro transactions that will instantly subside the moment the game starts to suck TL;DR EA/dice doesnt have to fix the game because by the time they fix it their next game is already out which people will buy anyways regardless of quality just because of the IP battlefield is on it -If reto keeps bashing their servers with a brick on a rope and only start fixing problems after the fact they will go out of buisness because there is no 30-60 bucks pricetag buffer and angry people dont buy gold Edit : just realized that the same thing can be said about Call of Dookie - the only dev team in the world that has litteraly carbon copied their game with some glitter or stickers attached to it and gotten away with it
  4. DeployableDoggo

    What makes you almost quit the game more than any other problem ?

    I think taking dice and EA as example for bugfixing and problem solving probably isnt the best pick anyone who has played one of the recent battlefield or starwars games knows what im talking about Also the thing is - I remember low FPS being mentioned in the public test server during the armor 2.0 update quite a lot - im not sure if they have done anything or even attempted to stabilize the FPS problem prior to release same goes for the render update we had a while back where you could fill out a bunch of questions for feedback - 3 of my buddys and me wrote down that the framerate went to shirt as soon as you scoped in and the problem made it into game 1:1 without fix and took about 4 weeks to get fixed too I get more and more of a feeling that the PTS is basicly a demo for content updates and only partialy to iron out bugs - well at least only the ones that would otherwise make the servers implode and collapse into a super massive black hole
  5. DeployableDoggo

    What makes you almost quit the game more than any other problem ?

    I think that can be summarized under unfixed problems me and my buddys are having FPS problems ever since the update hit 3 weeks ago and there is still not fix for it - I let 2 weeks of my vet go to waste completely already just cause I thought It might be me being just fed up with the game ... but the moment I play 1 battle again and get spawnkilled by 50 tanks while being punished for it and watching a 23 fps slideshow I give up and dont touch the game for at least 2-3 more days the only game that managed to make me this angry and sad was warcraft 3 TFT and that was when I was a shirty angsty teen and it usualy took a whole day of abysmal battles to get me there With HG im usualy at the same level of anger after getting headshot the 5th time within 2 minutes
  6. DeployableDoggo

    What makes you almost quit the game more than any other problem ?

    Odd that you mention it - I have been struggeling with FPS as well and at times its so bad that im at 23 fps or lower the moment I look in the general direction of a tank I would be willing to ignore a lot more problems if at least the game runs smooth but with all the audio drop outs , server problems and FPS drops its kinda getting hard to defend
  7. Just left a match some dude behind me shot me - I had 45% health before , I heard the shot , I saw the blood splashing from my body , I took 0 damage - had enough time to turn arround with low mouse settings and headshot that poor dude with a unmodded pocket pistol in my first panic shot The FPS part of the game is as dead as the RTS and I have fooled myself for a long time making myself belief that there is at least some skill involved but it just isnt - hits connect seemingly random right now and the dumbest most unlogical dirty hipfire spray and pray scores headshot at 300 m distance do you guys have anything in this game ( apart from the recent update ) that borders on making you want to quit the game for good ? I think the server performance might be another topic for most people or weapon balance ? Share your number 1 thing that sucks all the fun out of the game if it happens ! are you at a point where things that used to made you smile now make you frown because you are less naive on why things happen the way they do ? Share your story here and share the pain !
  8. DeployableDoggo

    What will change, Reto?

    we went from say nothing - hear nothing - see nothing to operation glasnost - back to say nothing hear nothing see nothing in 0.0025 sec In essence we got a lot of promises to add more transparency and player involvement because it sounded good and calmed the pitchfork wielding mob and now we are back to "its ready when its ready " and feedback going back to the /NULL folder the moment its recieved I know reto is doing their best but its time to abandon this shtick and learn from mistakes made in the past
  9. DeployableDoggo

    Just Play

    The only way you can improve something is by getting feedback and criticism - if you build a product where the ones in charge handpick a echochamber to celebrate litteraly everything without a look you'll get crap like starwars episode 1 & 2 Do you want JarJar binks in heroes and generals ? I doubt ... without intend to insult you but "Dont like it ? feel free to leave " is essential the mating call of a generation who gives up the moment something starts to suck dont like pollution on planet earth ? well nothing you can do - but feel free to settle on mars in 2020 ! people have invaded your house and now occupy it ? if you dont like it - why not build a new house ? most of the bitching and moaning in this forum comes from a place of love for the game and the wish for it to improve - sure you get the odd asshat who just complains about everything no matter what but if you take a look on what most people complain about youll realize that most of the complaints are things that coul be fixed with relative ease but have been neglected for up to 2 years now Reto still thinks that only new toys and shiny new stuff will bring people to the game , what they fail to realize is that you can staple as much glitter and rubber stars to your art project as you want youll never turn a scribbly crayon painting into the mona lisa by adding glitter and additional stars to it or in other words - they have a RTS/FPS mix game where the RTS is more on strike and being played by the rubberband mechanic you insist on keeping in the game ( AR ) and the FPS parts is essentialy a glorified lottery of random headshots and hit reg fails - so in essence a RTS/FPS where the RTS/FPS dont work will never reel in phat cash even if you add additional rubbish to the broken core game I remember one of the retos once saying the improvements are not a development project - I get that they meant that only new features need to be developed but it somehow perfectly summarizes the prioritys of reto "push out updates and new stuff and figure out how to balance them and fix the problems later "
  10. DeployableDoggo

    Be honest: did you like the update?

    kinda like me - I really liked the slight boost in playerbase but I really disliked the tank spam I think there are a lot of factors playing into the mass exodus - for example I usualy dont care anymore if it goes for the games balance or fun and engaging battles but what made me stop playing for now is the abysmal FPS drop disaster where I went from 120 fps to 20-25 fps the moment 2 tanks or more are on the map - I can tollerate all the other BS because im used to it but the moment the game doesnt even work anymore that where I usualy let my 30 vet go to waste completely because no matter how many shiny toys you hock at the game its all in vain if you can only see them in a slideshow the usual way .... working as intended / see you next year for the 2 hotfixes before we start developing the next update for months
  11. DeployableDoggo

    Destructible buildings💪

    I think some people will argue that havin grenades is the solution here but its annoying having to waste grenades/credits that probably wont kill the enemy in the roof if hes not completely braindead and by the time you have restocked on grenades there are already 4 more people camping the roofs especialy in staged skirmish and ESPECIALY especialy in para battles ladders would be tits altho I would guarantee that mobile ladders would be abused by everyone ad infinitum - imagine factory without the funnel of death map layout
  12. DeployableDoggo

    Staged warrior

    depends on what faction you play - if US , youll probably find more interesting battles vs GE in staged than in war just because the density of clans and organized squads farming staged is WAY higher than the average war battle if you ply GE - why not ? gotta utilize that 95% win ratio in staged somehow
  13. DeployableDoggo

    Panzerabwehr lohnen sich die Credis?

    for the ones amongst us who are not fluently speaking german : Anti tank worth the credits ?
  14. DeployableDoggo

    Destructible buildings💪

    or at least alternative ladders to roofs its getting super old to get 4 dunces camp in the roof just waiting to headshot the poor SOB that tries to access the roofs in this game I remember screenshots of ladders for roofs when the map revamp was just released ... that was like what ? 2.5 years ago ? - destructible parts and what not all nice and good but some of the roofs are begging for a ladder more than they are for more destruction