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  1. DeployableDoggo

    Win all wars - Lose all FPS battles

    no but im starting to think you need a special badge for being unable to read that the screenshot you showed about the RTS part are absolutely moot in a RTS setting where the US wins 2 campaigns a day by ARing the few battles that still happen because everyone is on a strike again again - congrats again to you that you are winning battles while most of the RTS is still on strike while also being supported by your clannies and friends - you are a super special snowflake I get it because - even if I repeat myself for MAYBE the 3rd time ( im not gonna give you the satisfaction to look it up ) that you are drawing your stats from the , at this points mostly dead RTS wins that include AR battles in a time where the US wins 2 campaigns a day by just ARing battles because both other factions have given up as you would maybe have noticed before getting triggered beyond belief about in your opinion "fake news" that there are in fact other people who experience EXACTLY the same I could argue that we both probably have different win loss ratios which can be affected by , time of day , region , support from your friends and clannies , time you actualy play a battle etc but I could also show you pointless screenshots of at least 4 of my friends where we lost an entire evening worth of 15 battles or more in a row before we quit for the night - but I am not you basing my entire point of argument on screenshots that shine on my side of the argument because if it doesnt happen for you its fake news for you anyways let me remind you , you seem to be struggeling to read your own lines before you spew them out " Kid, stop spreading fake news and Shittalk ppl you can't handle" impying you hold any relevance - I dont care how you are going to twist it after getting called out for it but you tried to pull the big boss insider card and it didnt work - own up to it again ,Implying that you hold ANY power over what I do or dont do - and basicly because you've responded so "kindly" up to this point I will not follow any of your requests no see there is a difference :) I started this thread with MY OPINION ( which by the way got confirmed a few times during this thread) and because everyone who disagrees with you is automaticaly lying for you which just again shows your infantile way of leading an argument which why it is so joyful to deconstruct your moot arguments - Ill gladly start arguing like with an adult the moment you stop calling me a liar for disagreeing with your privileged point of view - until then Ill keep calling you out for it doesnt take many wins if you have maybe 2-3 clans running battles they have invested in and the rest being AR'd - and like I said - the screenshot of victorys you provided and draw conclusions from includes AR wins where both the GE and SU side hardly deploy anything because we are still in the aftermath of boycot #112521367 you can get absolute awesome results if you AR all battles you can and organize a group of people to win the 4-5 battles per campaign you HAVE to play , back when my clan hasnt quit the game yet it was quite easy to block an entire match or at least half of it with out players and just ROLL over people Im starting to think the only one feeling bad or ... may I say TRIGGERED here is you - im absolutely fine but its kinda getting boring to discuss with someone who draws stats from ARspam campaigns won in 5 hours to solidify his point even after getting told that those are not representative with absolute sound reasons for why they are not representative you made your point already - I disagree with you , other people probably do to , some agree with you because they are either part of your group or try to smear honey into your upperlip beard or maybe for legit reasons - who knows , but its your sworn mission to completely shirt on anything you disagree on till everyone agrees with your point of view I would have accepted if you said " I disagree with this / my experience differs" we both would have moved on but your agressive big pants attitude got you into an argument you cant win OH now I am right ? well thank you kind sir I only thrive on appreciation from my idols rumors and lies that have been confirmed in this thread probably 5-6 times from different people not related to me but are still rumors and lies because YOU personaly disagree ? or maybe the rumor that GE vets sit in staged and farm off new players and publicly known sealclubbers ( I guess they exist on each side but in varying amounts - I give you that ) but I guarantee you that I could levell up 5, 10 . or 100 accounts with different factions and based on factions the winrates would LARGELY differ every single time with the same pattern Again good for you that the whole clan play works out for you - theres about 400 factors that could cause that ( for example empty RTS battles and AR campaigns where neither GE or SU bother to deploy for exampe ) I like your dumb pointless accusations and sheltered egocentric view too boo just because you asked so kindly ... I wont - because after all the kind feedback you have spewed here its much more entertaining to annoy you
  2. DeployableDoggo

    Win all wars - Lose all FPS battles

    Implying you are anything special just because of your schill tag - but go ahead and pretent you know anything - like I said , the game is absolutely perfect for scheltered people like you running arround in organized clans - like I said you used the RTS stats which are completely irrelevant - I could paint a screenshot with crayons saying that according to this screenshot Lycrist_Katkiller gets payed by reto because of the insider tag and It would be just as true Stastistical cherry picking is however very common in this forum and I wouldnt expect anything else wow ! you says that your private army with probably clan support never loses a battle because your clannies jump on the empyt RTS battles ? AMAZING its almost like thats exactly what I said 3 times already but reading is obviously not nessecary if you can pull the "I am an insider - I know everything and everyone else who disagrees is fakenews " card I quit the game already because of its charming community of schills , clannies stomping noobs and all the other wonderful problems - keep up your wonderful attitude and enjoy your singleplayer experience like seriously you have read at least 2-3 times alone in this thread that its like that for anyone who happens to not be sheltered in clan support the game is becoming more and more unplayable but as long as reto gets the feedback from clans and organized groups that everything is A-OK because they reign supreme I have little to no hope left I already feel dirty enough for getting baited back just because of your empty, argumentless , ego show of "everyone who disagrees has no clue " but if thats the type of gameplay you enjoy - go ahead , pretend everything is balanced and OK , everyone with eyes can see that the RTS gets won by AR in record time - everyone who has played the FPS outside of a sheltered cozy clan raid can see that the FPS is lopsided I wish nothing but the best to you and your clannys , I hope youll enjoy the game for however long it has left - if everything is working for you so perfectly - good for you , you are just as special as anyone else in this game no matter how much you try to play your superiority have a good night and enjoy your wonderful , charming , friendly community Good bye
  3. DeployableDoggo

    Win all wars - Lose all FPS battles

    " its not my opinion so its fake news " but I guess if you are just queing up with organized groups and clans and hardly ever random que I guess it all summs up After all if you only que up to sealclub randos with discord organized groups everything is just peachy sadly , however, I would rather eat my own socks than become part of the problem - usualy I credit this character trait of vets vs noobs to GE but that doesnt mean they are the only ones doing it also just a little hint - using a RTS mode win loss ratio during times where the RTS ends 2-3 times a day because nobody deploys or gives a hoot anymore might not be the best defense Also , please spare your breath on writing a witty snarky counter argument because quite honestly I dont care and have quit playing The only reason I even responded was because that reply was to hillariously trumpesque that I couldnt resist poking fun at it
  4. DeployableDoggo

    Reto, do some advertising.

    If they advertise the game in its current state it will do more harm than help , the UI of the game is still bugging out , the RTS is more on strike than being played , the FPS side of the game is still struggeling with abysmal matchmaking , FPS drops and other netcode related shenanigans if the general opinion about heroes and generals becomes any worse by advertising a buggy game that will seal the coffin and people will only say : "wow I remember that game and how buggy and unoptimized it was ! I will not play this again no matter how much they advertise ! " If this happens its basicly over , people will always remember HG as broken and unoptimized no matter how much reto actualy changes The logic behind this is - if the game was broken and unoptimized at one point , who can guarantee me that it wont randomly happen again ? at this point people will tell their friends to pass this game , youtube will start to make mockery of HG ( more than they already do - see "Hunt down the Freeman " drama ) if they manage to get the game remotely up and running in a acceptable timeframe ( +/- half a year ) they might be able to turn the tides - otherwise its GG for reto with no RE
  5. DeployableDoggo

    to reto pls

    Half the playerbase thinks so too the only thing that has indeed increased is the tankspam - cap points more or less are as empty as before the update welcome to the majority of the playerbase They tried that in the last hotfix - didnt really work - Is probably gonna take another 2-3 weeks to get slightly better again Probably not - the last update took them half a year to make , its probably gonna take another half year to iron out the problems you mentioned ( tank spam , FPS drops etc) before they even start to develop the next major update which is probably gonna take another half year to make too Realisticaly speaking we will probably see the new faces for soldiers and the new AT weapons for germany/US/SU before we see any hard limits on tank spam or any major improvements in the FPS drops area Many people already quit , are waiting for it to get better or have changed their ways to trolling
  6. DeployableDoggo

    This is how US win 2 war per day

    4 accounts , 13,999,996 alt accounts
  7. DeployableDoggo

    Win all wars - Lose all FPS battles

    not saying its your meta - its what currently meta in the game On other news I have decided to give up on this game - just shot a tank with a panzerfaust from 2 m distance - the shot exploded and nearly killed me and the tank took no damage at all and no damage message was given seconds later 1 german soldier ran through 6 of my teammates with a mp40 headshotting all but one of them in one magazine This game is not playable and I give up cya arround
  8. DeployableDoggo

    Win all wars - Lose all FPS battles

    I think the main point why they didnt pull through with the AR disable stuff is probably because AR is still probably the most effective warfund/gold and timesink , I predict they wont turn it off till some other WF/time sink has been installed which will probably only take place with the RTS scheduled for the 33th decembuary 2145 Im a man of mysterious ways myself and I understand that you cant reveal all your tools of the trade since chaos has to work in unpredictable ways I think the current meta of plowing through the battle in 6 minutes 45 times a day is probably equaly hazardous to my health - Im afraid leveling another set of characters on a different faction would probably drive me into suicide by jumping headfirst into the next sawmill tho
  9. DeployableDoggo

    Win all wars - Lose all FPS battles

    Seems like the US army is the new soviet army since I dont understand why we keep winning the war even tho we lose 90% of the FPS battles we play I know there is some sort of boycott going on for the #245625th time this year but I really dont enjoy playing the US team anymore because no matter what battle I join germany wins in 6 minutes - I even tried finding a group wich I usualy absolutely loathe to do but it seems to be a absolute requirement to not get assraped by 2 half dead germans on a civ bike but apparently most of the organized groups vanished with the update how can reto be so cool and calm about that is beyond me but meh *shrug* do you still have a group you can play with or are you forced to play with the terrible terrible US randoms that start to bombard their own spawntruck because they have never seen a PC game before ? How high is your average win rate with the US team ? Are you ok with the winrate of the US team ? I know there is the gaius way of playing the game which im not ready to fully embrace yet but its really boring and unfun to lose all battles the whole day
  10. Just spend the absolute worst 25 minutes of my HG time EVER Que up , find match - Battle gets stuck - cannot join battle - try to leave the battle & leave squad "squad locked in battle" Restarted the game , trying to log in " cant change war during campaign huerpa durpa durp " Restard game ... again - finaly logged into the game after 5 minutes , leave battle . Que up again - 9 tanks on my side - remaining infantry sniping and repairing tanks - we lose in 5:45 ( my absolute record yet ) 10 minutes of my gametime already a complete waste play another battle - get headshot 8 times in a row in the timespan of 2 (!!) minutes - no hyperbole here 2 meter away from a enemy facing away from me - kneel down , aim down sights on center mass - shoot - 8 bullet magazine , not one of the bullets even lands in the center of the crosshair or even inside the crosshair after the 6th bullet the guy snaps arround , fires 1 smg bullet from his 180 ° spin and headshots me instantly we lose in 9 minutes as usual after 20 minutes of absolute pure condensed dogshite I attempt to find one last battle Que up as infantry ; all filters selected - waited 5 minutes for a battle Got so angry and bored that I uninstalled the game in one swift motion in a fit of uncontrolled rage while yelling obscenetys at the monitor good god - how can one game combine SO DAMN MANY annoying things in such a short peroid of time Im not trying to be dramatic here ( well I guess I failed at not trying with the wall of text above ) but seriously .... why is this game SO unplayable right now ? in order to even ACCEPT the game in the slightest you would need to ignore UI crashes , Game crashes , Server problem , hit detection fails and a cartload of other stuff I dont even want to think about anymore Sorry if this all looks like one massive flame post but I honestly dont know why this game has to be so unaccessible right now - some of the stuff seems to be designed and implemented with the sole purpose to make the player miserable , for example the RNG rofl cone that makes you shoot worse no matter what you do without giving you the chance to learn anything form it and the ability to take cap points solo before anyone can even walk 5 m to prevent the cap I cant be the only one whos having such a hard time to not foam out of the mouth with the current state of the game
  11. been paying close attention to the gunplay of the game after weeks of abstinence from the game - and it seems like whenever I shoot while moving the bullets seem to roll out of the barrel sideway because I can actualy see the muzzle flash and the bullet tracer next to the gun It also feels like I have to lead the target like a good 2-3 m even at very close range ( so close I can see the white in their eyes ) I have checked the extended ping counter for packetloss and push latency but there seems to be no problem with anything in there so is it only me or did I just not notice this in all the years ?
  12. DeployableDoggo

    What makes you almost quit the game more than any other problem ?

    The thing with EA and dice and their battlefield games is that they push them out at top speeds so people buy them and the moment people bought the game and the numbers start to drop they start developing another game for next year while the B team is left with the shattered remains they have to attempt to fix Reto doesnt have : A. the luxory of getting money for a B2P game that they can ignore after people bought them B.Doesnt have a second independant development team they can push work over to C.they have a f2p model and that means small drop like income of micro transactions that will instantly subside the moment the game starts to suck TL;DR EA/dice doesnt have to fix the game because by the time they fix it their next game is already out which people will buy anyways regardless of quality just because of the IP battlefield is on it -If reto keeps bashing their servers with a brick on a rope and only start fixing problems after the fact they will go out of buisness because there is no 30-60 bucks pricetag buffer and angry people dont buy gold Edit : just realized that the same thing can be said about Call of Dookie - the only dev team in the world that has litteraly carbon copied their game with some glitter or stickers attached to it and gotten away with it
  13. DeployableDoggo

    What makes you almost quit the game more than any other problem ?

    I think taking dice and EA as example for bugfixing and problem solving probably isnt the best pick anyone who has played one of the recent battlefield or starwars games knows what im talking about Also the thing is - I remember low FPS being mentioned in the public test server during the armor 2.0 update quite a lot - im not sure if they have done anything or even attempted to stabilize the FPS problem prior to release same goes for the render update we had a while back where you could fill out a bunch of questions for feedback - 3 of my buddys and me wrote down that the framerate went to shirt as soon as you scoped in and the problem made it into game 1:1 without fix and took about 4 weeks to get fixed too I get more and more of a feeling that the PTS is basicly a demo for content updates and only partialy to iron out bugs - well at least only the ones that would otherwise make the servers implode and collapse into a super massive black hole
  14. DeployableDoggo

    What makes you almost quit the game more than any other problem ?

    I think that can be summarized under unfixed problems me and my buddys are having FPS problems ever since the update hit 3 weeks ago and there is still not fix for it - I let 2 weeks of my vet go to waste completely already just cause I thought It might be me being just fed up with the game ... but the moment I play 1 battle again and get spawnkilled by 50 tanks while being punished for it and watching a 23 fps slideshow I give up and dont touch the game for at least 2-3 more days the only game that managed to make me this angry and sad was warcraft 3 TFT and that was when I was a shirty angsty teen and it usualy took a whole day of abysmal battles to get me there With HG im usualy at the same level of anger after getting headshot the 5th time within 2 minutes