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    Updated Development Overview - October

    You make the Tank now Unstoppable, M2A2 is useless now !! at least make M2A2 worth in Light Tanks and the Other tanks can't be destroyed unless the Opposite Side is a tank also, Tanks VS inf = tanks win, Tank vs Tank = The Good one Win
  2. Speedykabal

    Game stuck on synchronizing game maps

    I have that Issue right now, the Game Was working fine, After the Update 1.12 it Stuck on Sync Maps, The Same Issue happen to me in the Prototype, the H&G Sync keep downloading and retrying without stopping. edit : It fixed, It seem it took too long for me because ma bad internet Connection.
  3. Speedykabal

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy - Round 2

    Can't Connect to the prototype , the Game Stuck in Synchronizing Game maps, Test many times, But the Same Issue
  4. Speedykabal

    STEAM problem H&G

    Still have this problem, I will try the StandAlone Version