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  1. RIP 2hrs games against RS :(
  2. Eagleknife4321

    Balance clans v.s. randoms in War

    Staged is for a reason 😛
  3. Eagleknife4321

    Please investigate

  4. Eagleknife4321


    This game has too many problems that still have yet to be fixed, I don't need to go into the details because we all know what those issues are. But adding these captured vehicles into the game into an already broken system. I mean sure....go ahead and break the game further...only a small portion of the player base will ever benefit from this addition in the long run. With that being said I am against the idea!
  5. Eagleknife4321

    Heroes & Physical Exercise

    ok boomer
  6. Eagleknife4321

    Prototype test: Fighter changes

    So what did they change on the fighter planes ? From my POV the only thing they changed is how long it takes to bring the plane down. The new module system works fine. However, this wont solve the problem with the t3 imbalance. The flight model changes you listed have little effect on the planes. They all felt the same and the changes where hardly noticeable. Along with fellow vet pilots Wehrmacht1941 , Champi0n, and Trickshot we conducted several tests and found that the fw 190 will still have enough energy to continue vertically for 15 seconds after the la 7 and p 51 have fully committed to a stall. We also tested high speed turning and debug maneuvers. The fw 190 still is able to keep inside the la 7 and p 51s turn circle all the time. This also includes t2s mediums and heavies. As for the p 51 vs. la 7 scenario they are fairly balanced against one another assuming you know how to use the plane correctly.
  7. Eagleknife4321

    Rework M1/M2 Thread 2019 Edition

    You have my vote
  8. Eagleknife4321

    Two shots and APCs are gone.

    He is beyond the realm of mental illness 0_o, All jokes aside.... sounds like this game isnt for you anymore, so I would advise world of tanks so you can face only tanks and stop having to worry about the OP infantry killing you.
  9. Eagleknife4321

    TANK SPAM :)

    Same can be said for planes.....
  10. Voted other, lets keep the ball rolling here
  11. This needs to be addressed because as of right now flying is more annoying then fun. Besides the spam of 9 to 10 planes every game because of no hard caps. The 109 is easily able to outperform the p 40 and yak in areas pre 1.12 it wasnt able to. Mainly like janston stated it is faster and can out stall the p 40 and yak unlike before. The only real defence and tactic used by p 40 and yak pilots (if they knew the planes strength and weaknesses) was the ability to stall fight. This is a issue that should be looked into and possibly made to the devs attention. Peace, Eagleknife4321
  12. Eagleknife4321

    Plane kill XP

    Plane so was nerfed again recently to bring in line with infantry and other classes. That's why only 15xp is rewarded now instead of the old 20. As for your comment on this bug. I will agree with you that both sides should be granted kill xp, but also should grant kill xp for planes that people crash on purpose like so many people these days do to deny kills. This is a topic that can be threaded into so many other problems. Interesting to see the result :)