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  1. FJR2_Lt._Wotan


    This event is a joke for the german faction. I haven't laughed like that in years and i don´t expect that they win only one game. Perhaps the Germans have won too often in recent times. So that shirt was nesessary. How good it is that I have built up a second army. At least I'm not killing warfunds here. See you on the battlefield. But certainly not on the german side during this event. Reto really succeeds in driving all players out of the German side. But maybe that's their system. I don't give a damn about this bonuses. By the way, has anyone ever thought about the fact that the newbies will then be beaten by the veterans with their bonuses? Apparently not. Not to mention whether many veterans will come back at all. Apparently someone is up to his neck in it, that he suddenly rediscovers the veterans. Probably nothing to get from newbies anymore? I'm sorry but this sarcasm comes from a veteran who really gets the laughter stuck in his throat.
  2. FJR2_Lt._Wotan

    Is Matchmaker working correct?

    The Matchmaker doesn't work at all anymore. In RTS the Germans almost always have two soldiers more than the Russians. That is a huge advantage depending on the map. The Russians only win games if they hold out long enough and the Germans run out of resources. I don't call that balanced. It would be nice if this BS could be repaired. I don't like to burn more money, gold or warfounds! SO RETO PLZ FIX THIS BS!
  3. FJR2_Lt._Wotan

    Is Matchmaker working correct?

    I have counted the battles in November and Dezember and in more than 80 % of all battles the german faction had 2 soldiers more than the russian faction. Wtf is this bs? Is Reto manipulating this game so that Germany wins? A lot of players in the russian faction already want to stop playing cause of this bs. They lose the most battles cause of this reason. Not while they play bad.
  4. FJR2_Lt._Wotan

    Merge the SU and the US

    Please. Not the Spaghettis. :XD They had a good fleet but their army was realy bad equiped. Allies will make pasta sauce "bolognese" out of the Axis faction.
  5. OK, this post above was the nice version! If you don´t understand this here comes my statment. This game has realy become a shirty walking sim. If you deploy units and have to reinforce them you have to wait days or the war is over. Reto do you realy expect that people by any more units with warfounds or gold? Playing the RTS part as General has become absolutlly BS! Lots of Generals of all faction have already left this game. Are you aware that you kill it with your stupid desicions? Set the Army at the beginning back to 1. Mio soldiers and the production back on 1500. Give us enough cars, bikes and apcs so that this game is fun again. Also Tankers and Pilots are needed we have tanks and planes but can´t use them cause we have no men for that. Really guys. WTF are you doing the whole day? You want our money. Good. Then finally stop trying to wind us up! So now you can ban me. I have the muzzle full anyway. But this had to be said in all clarity. You don't get it otherwise!
  6. FJR2_Lt._Wotan


    This is the end! Watch the Charts: Users droped on Friday 13.09.2019. 6.40 pm on 1.261 players. 24-hours peak 2073. https://steamcharts.com/app/227940
  7. FJR2_Lt._Wotan

    AVS nerf nao

    Solution for all Problems. Back to the roots.
  8. FJR2_Lt._Wotan

    Nerf the US Laserguns M1/M2, and M1919

    You shouldn't deduce from yourself what others are. I've already played Schooter and you were still lying on your mother's breast. How about some reasonable arguments instead of that stupid howling. Only populists pull everything through the mud. Where are your facts? Regretfully what level this forum has reached.
  9. In the forum it is always claimed that the German faction does not complain about the weapons of the others, so the German weapons should be op. What a strange derivation. Very well. Then let us complain about the bs of op american weapons now! Reto should nerf the M2 Carabine. This weapon in the game is a laser gun. Even with a cadence of 1004 rounds still absolutely accurate. This weapon ruins the game for both other factions. As with the original, the cadence should not be over 800 rounds / minute. Everything else is a joke. This Carabine is not a MG! The Americans run into a building and knock down everything with this weapon. You need a MG to fight it. Nerf this weapon on a reasonable measure. If I want to play against laser guns then I play Starwars. And before the nagging starts: Yes I have this weapon and I have 5500 hours of playtime in all three factions. And i have used this weapon with this settings. It´s a no go and unfair against the other factions. About Mg 1919 is already enough said. I guess i don't have to repeat it all here. Geting sniped with this gun on a distance of more than 200 meters is a bad joke.
  10. FJR2_Lt._Wotan

    German faction is ruling the game.

    Stg is not op. What again is op is the damned Mg 1919 of the US-faction. With the Bipots the nerf was rolled back. They can snipe again with this thing. I have it on my own and its a hell of a mg. This thing realy needs a nerf. Not the STG! OH yes! Germany wins every war. Rofl, lmao, lol. Best joke ever. HaHaHaha. I love you man.
  11. Agree. Absolut right. I have also enough. I leave cause US faction is absolutly overpowered. If i want to play against laserguns i play starwars. Have enough of this BS
  12. FJR2_Lt._Wotan

    Hurra M1919 Lasergun is wieder da

    M1919 ist wieder eine Laser gun. Das Ding ist unglaublich zielgenau und du kannst sogar auf große Distanzen damit snipen. Es ist wirklich eine Sauerrei das Reto den Amerikanern solch eine Waffe erlaubt und dann noch dieses Drecksstück von M1/M2, die im Nahkampf alles niedermäht. Ich verstehe wirklich nicht warum diese Schei..fraktion immer jammert sie hätten schlechte Waffe und das deutsche Zeug soll generft werde. Reto ist parteisch für die Amerikaner. Das Das mal klar ist. Da halt ich es mal mit Goethe. Die können mich mal langsam am Götz von Berlechingen! Bis dato wollte ich keine Wertung unter Steam vornehmen, aber langsam sehe ich mich dazu genötigt.
  13. These SU-AR-Trains were the reason why many German generals had enough and didn´t deployed troops anymore. Within 6 hours the Russians conquered everything from the east of Istanbul to Rome and destroyed thousends of units and warfounds. Countless times you get back from work and all your units were gone. All units were moraled out and eliminated. During this time AR was nearly destroying the whole game. Everybody who played in the german faction knows what i´m talking about. Exactly this was one reason why AR had to be changed. If you reset these settings now, the game will colapse completely. It is much more important to balance the RTS for the future so that all factions get the same chance to win a game. If that doesn't work, the whole game will go down the drain. Sorry to say that, but the game must survive even if a few generals, who don't want to accept an adequate AR time go over the blade. And unfortunately a lot of people who don't understand the game mechanic. But of course, I'm not one of those generals who send 3000 men, tanks and the entire air force into a battle. I send the units into the game the way they're needed. If there are already 500 soldiers in a fight I will certainly not send in additional troops. If the game is lost, the enemy should not get additional reinforcements. At least not from me. Have a nice day. The conversation ends here.
  14. This discussion is completely unnecessary. Apparently some people have forgotten what a pain it was when AR was shorter months ago. The way the program runs now is fine. You shouldn't start screwing around with settings that are okay now. Nobody likes SU-AR-Trains. If someone doesn't like the current situation with AR, that's ok. If he doesn't want to deploy his troops, that's his business. That just shortens the queue for everyone else. One can only say thank you. Finally give Reto the time to take care of the real problems of the RTS. (Balance of the factions, bugs and so on) As I said, completely needless discussion.
  15. FJR2_Lt._Wotan

    H&G Quit

    Hallo Klaus. Es ist richtig, dass einem diese AT-Rambos gehörig auf die Nüsse gehen können. Schlimmer als die Russen sind aber die Amerikaner mit ihren "Ofenrohren". Die fahren direkt mit drei Mann in deinen Spawn und derlegen dich direkt da. Keine Chance. Was die Panzer angeht finde ich solltest du es differenzierter betrachten. Absolut nerftötend sind m.E. die Hellcats. Das waren "Papierpanzer" in der Realität gingen deutsche Granaten glatt durch die Dinger durch und die waren hin. Hier kannt du sie mit dem Tiger II treffen und die fahren mit gleicher Vollspeed weiter. einfach lächerlich. Gegen russische Panzer hab ich kein Problem. Die zerleg ich auch bei gleicher Panzerklasse. Habe da so meine Strategie entwickelt. Was aber auch nicht ok ist, ist dass der Panther so schwach in der Frontpanzerung ist. Da performt der Panzer 4 zur Zeit wesentlich besser. (Bis die wieder an den Einstellungen schrauben. Was tierisch nerft!) Im Großen und Ganzen ist das Spiel (für Panzer) aber ok. M.E. ist der Tiger II aber nach wie vor der King auf dem Feld. Zwei von dehnen im gemeinsamen Angriff und die gegnerischen Panzer können einpacken.