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  1. Wirdex


    Ive been playing with that for years, there`s no way i could improve this, sorry but the biggest issue are the ping lag spikes
  2. Wirdex


    Almost a year since the tier 3 planes were introduced still aren´t well balanced, hopes you enjoy this piece of art
  3. Since the 1.12 the game has been sinking, the annoying plane compartiments that took a few hits to make the planes in playable since then the last update 1.16 which 10 months later! at least increased hit points of vehicle components. But if you got hit on the ammunition compartiment two times the plane is down which is annoying bad compared in the past. Moreover the best thing that was on the past was BALANCE P38 could compete against Meshersmiths and the Bf109 against Yaks making only the good pilots own the sky but after the failure of 1.12 they decided to introduce tier 3 planes were totally unbalanced in favour of GE making the so called Noob plane(190D) this made later the good pilots drop off Germany start playing other factions since the biggest for was the team mates didn't had any idea how to fly crashed in to you, also with the broken matchmaker wich made battles annoying with huge specialist spamming. Also a big thing over a year I've been ignored is squads of four pilot my 3 friends that no longer we can play together also the heavy set badge isn't working as used to be while now there are some pilots with a damage above average
  4. At least you have something to spend credits on When are you planing on balancing the planes? Still the FW is broken !!!!
  5. They probably used long sticks with sharp nails on the top but as you say no one used baseball bats that's theirs temptation make players play baseball with grandes This new way it's kinda useless having all information at the center then they moved it up to the side for no reason At least you have something to spend credits on
  6. Wirdex

    Are planes broken?

    You have to play more the planes, the hensel. The German recon plane is the worst head ons as you say the other planes don't have that issue because they don't hit your engine and ammo compartiment but still FW is broken
  7. Wirdex

    desfase entre acción y visualización

    Queras decir 11000 ping
  8. What's use of the baseball bat the AVS bayonet is faster and only takes one equipment point
  9. Wirdex


    The fifth German pistol I wonder why we can't use them to make f11 more faster like before
  10. Sure no one uses iron first but that was the other badge thath increases the damage/cost efficiency of anti tank guns since for me the most valuable thing because mostly I play ptrs and in staged is overflowed by light tank and recon plane spammers
  11. Wirdex

    dynamite lover question

    Dinamite lover is only used by veterans is better to use infantry first for hunting tanks with handled weapon because is cheaper to repair while you do the same damage as if you were to use those extra mines, also. Dinamite lover is used for spamming more nades
  12. Wirdex

    desfase entre acción y visualización

    Jej esto si es tener lag
  13. Wirdex

    Merge the SU and the US

    Playing without the 1.12 is my dream since that update
  14. Back then it dealed more damage to tanks but now it just increases the armour damage while infantry first gold increases the base structure damage dealed by handled weapons
  15. Always! Use infantry first gold on your AT Rambo it reduces the amount of AT weapots needed to kill a tank in other words with that you kill tanks twice as fast and you pay half of your repair costs then there's iron first that weald faster the enemy armour but just less 25% at max