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  1. sayukta

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    i think this update is gonna bring new idea to the game.....noice....
  2. reto simply f*cking dont care about carbine family
  3. sayukta

    Weapon list

    carbine are shirt need to mention it buddy..
  4. sayukta

    Moscow Server

    same problem .therefore wasting some time over here😭😭 soon as i find another h&G related game..i will never look back..
  5. sayukta

    Moscow Server

    brother its better to already done ..i dont thinks commenting or quoting will do anythings ..reto just dont care about vets and their suggestion ...
  6. sayukta

    Response To Studio Restructuring Feedback

    if you asking in polite way then(i dont know) else(Fu*ck offfff) i used to spend but not any more ,1-2 time opening for 5 min per day..😊😊
  7. sayukta

    Visiting the Normandy D-Day area

    and i don't think they are lying ...they were in real combat so i believe more in experience than theory books.
  8. sayukta


    1.weapon rework (carbine, stg(more modding option),soviet smg) 2.more weapon verities(m1 and m2 for US(reworked),stg and vstg for german ,sks and automat for soviet as assault rifle) 3.rework gun-play system(sway,cone fire,cone spread and............) 4.make lmg uncontrollable,only bipod should make them controllable...
  9. its not me.. i would prefer para with 8 equiv point...😊😊
  10. sayukta

    Forums dead too?

  11. sayukta

    Visiting the Normandy D-Day area

    i dont care about the story but i only care learning about veteran and what they did......thats all am saying here...