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  1. would sugget add m1 carbine to infanty as well anyway not gonna happen
  2. sayukta

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    if onyone say AVS is good gun, here is open challenge. lets see how good AVS is. you hold your AVS and mine with STG or M2... lets see how good you can do with that.... we will be in same battle. ping does matter. just welcome me to your best server.... and lets record as well so that people can see how good you can handle that gun........
  3. try using it under shadow or at night time. you would hardly see anything. and just use trigger as a mod. also try connecting the shot to a moving target above 30 m. hell even 20m. and if german guy is there under the shadow above 25m, add +1 to difficulty for landing the shot. yaaaaa scope is tooooooooo expensive ...
  4. i would call AVS is garbage right now..... too much sway. remove sway. recoil is fine.... stg is by far the best weapon for me ...... dont know what what should i say about carbine sight.....blocking everything..
  5. wasnt arcade always. seems like just recently you have started playing H&G. probable since 2016 or 2017... and dont fuc*ing say me what game should i play.... ooooooo so you know the problem of the game....
  6. ohhh god game is changing to arcade style ... reto plz dont change head shot multiplayer. instead rework shooting mechanics of game. get ride of adam cone fire crap. every weapon should be able to 1HK head shot weather its random or not cause ww2 weapons werent able to stop bullet.. ok for range small calibers wont be able to head shot would make sense. i mean beyond 150 or 200 m. but just under 50m, it smg or any other small calibers wont be able to head shot then i would hardly love to play this game.
  7. to be honest i feel like smoke grenades doesnt make any sense in the game cause usually there are a lot of ways to reach enemy line and on top of that, weapon in H&G are super inaccurate as well at doesnt do that much of damage ok even if its added, its fine but i really dont think it would impact gameplay that much.... where in hell lets loose, every gun are 1 to 2 hit kill as well as super accurate and without smoke grenades, it is simply impossible move forward ...(just hell lets loose example cause i play that)
  8. sayukta

    what weapon precision means?

    you again 😃 seems like you love quoting anyway, yaaaa seems like weapons arnt defined properly in H&G
  9. sayukta

    what weapon precision means?

    everyone says different. no body knows what it is actually....
  10. sayukta

    what weapon precision means?

    does anyone knows what precision means in the game? cause like when ever we add bullet mod to stg and m2, it says its precision is decreased. does it mean that its gonna lose its ADS accuracy or it only affect hipfire accuracy ??? will the bullet land closer to where we aim with bullet mod similar to that of no bullet mod???????(is accuracy same??)
  11. sayukta


    not op at all you gotta be in good position to even kill with that thing in first place..
  12. sayukta

    Semi autos

    ya cause thats what missing in the weapon arsenal of H&G
  13. sayukta

    Semi autos

    more better thing would be 2hit kill ability to HSG with low RPM(around 300-350) and 3hit kill ability to HSG with new RPM mod( around 420-500) kind of like trigger finger would add more verities to semi autos....
  14. sayukta

    MG42 Rebalance. What's your opinion?

    knew you would say this😂 go bother someone else
  15. sayukta

    MG42 Rebalance. What's your opinion?

    might not mean as well😏