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  1. J.Killmister

    Where did all the USA whales go?

    So, when did US or SU got an event with 11 starting cities? Ofc lots joined GE. To prove a point for the stupidity of the GE overbiased event and get more CPs in case they switch faction from time to time. This wasn't an event. It was a loving CP giveaway.
  2. J.Killmister

    Reto, nerf the vets, please!

    @N_E_TheSpanishInquisition I prefer burst someone's fluffy magical bubble and help him land on his feet on planet Earth than ignore him and let their feelings hurt due to "bad Reto not doing what I suggested". In case of trolling, it should stay as it is just for our amusement.
  3. J.Killmister

    Top 10 most Toxic players. (confessions only)

    I feel relieved after confessing. Does that mean I have to stop now or to dig deeper in the depths of H&G hell? "Either you die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain"
  4. J.Killmister

    Reto, nerf the vets, please!

    2 words for you:Git Gud We all have been new at some point to a game and sealclubbed by vets. Talking about my self also. This gave me the chance to become better, learn from them and understand how the game works.And I still try to perfect some things at my gameplay. It took me some time to reach an acceptable level for my self before I join competitive War, not like most noob do these days, joining war even without vehicle. Nerfing vets is the most stupid thing I ever heard or read. Get your shirt together, grind your equipment, ask vets for advice and get better. If you can't or don't like how H&G works, CoD and fortnite are there for you.
  5. J.Killmister

    Top 10 most Toxic players. (confessions only)

    -Main weapons named GiT GuD(dark souls ftw) -Placing AP mines/driving over friendly prone campers -Constant t-bagging and whistle after 180° turn kill -Same as above for Garand HS at very far away enemy recons -Same as above after using your entire mag without killing me -Blocking door for getting the whole cap xp -H3s at friendly tanks after 2nd time HE damage -Hiding near enemy spawn to destroy tankers (9 in a row before dying highest score) -Destroy vehicle tires of specific clan-mates -Hammerless renamed as harmless -H3s named "kaboom noob" -Trolling forum newcomers constantly at Q&A (have some warning points) -Wrench kills all time favorite (named Wrench kill?!?!?!?!?) -Using AA, when there are more than 4 friendly pilots, against them while we're attacking -Drive over mine when Jeep is overstucked with 5 or more teammates just to screenshot the right up corner
  6. J.Killmister

    Thanks Reto for new item BUT.......

    These hotfixes occur almost weekly the past few months and I still haven't seen any fixes. So many major bugs and still nothing. Let's see how long will it take to get things done.
  7. J.Killmister

    Help with sound needed

    No pets here 😛 .But as I said,the problem occurs only while in battle.In all other cases,everything works fine.
  8. J.Killmister

    Help with sound needed

    So I don't have any in-battle sound.Everything seems to be working right,I have sound in the main game tab but just as I join a battle,sound doesn't work.I've checked volume mixer and everything seems in order.I also re-installed the game but didn't help.Other games also work fine.Any tips?(Windows 10)
  9. J.Killmister

    So we are back to this huh?

    As long as I breathe and play H&G I will hunt down every last one of you HE spammers to every edge of the map.GIT GUD
  10. J.Killmister

    stop destryng tanks

    Joke of a post.Especially the fact that you paid 400 euro for Reto,makes your post either untrue or lame.Just man up and grind your tankers without money
  11. J.Killmister

    First episode of tutorial

    Nice work and effort @Hippieman83.Good to see some players (should be Reto but anyways) give a shirt to make newbies understand how H&G should played properly.
  12. J.Killmister

    Community Hotfix

    @Reto.Hades I always looked up to you and you deserve lots of credits for what has been done with this update.You are a straight talking guy and approachable and that means a lot for the community.I wish more Reto guys join and say something from time to time in Discord or even better at the forum when they have a little spare time(hard to find due to small number of employees-too many things to be done).If you exclude the toxic-born players,the frustrated-out of love for the game toxic players(as me),then you'll see that by doing steps (even baby steps) towards making the game better without issues that make it unplayable and unbearable,the community will give you credits for your work and come back eventually.How long has it been without devstreams and update posts?Too long I think!That's what mattered most and made community angry.Things gradually seem to be back on truck.I hope we'll see again more than 10K ppl joining H&G and make it fun again.Keep up,work hard and make H&G great again.
  13. J.Killmister

    Community Hotfix

    Exactly to the point.Well said!
  14. J.Killmister

    For the love of god, fix AT pathing.

    Why in bloody hell did you even deploy? You had to stand up to your previous decision not to deploy again. Just grind your war victory ribbon and wait for a miracle to happen (Reto fix their game)
  15. J.Killmister

    I just want to leave a match. but reto says no.

    Or scroll through your soldiers 5-6 times quickly. This game is full of hidden features