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  1. J.Killmister

    Unpopular Opinion - One of the BEST updates?

    Either captured weapons introduction was a mistake or not (that's a completely different discussion), the ability to mod them,was the most rightful desicion.Now people can't complain about weapon balance and inequity.
  2. J.Killmister

    Skill Based Matchmaker for Staged Battles

    You mean you're tired of fully moded STG/MG42/34 tryhards, while you try to grind a bit with a stock T1 SMG or SA rifle? Better do it in war. It's literally easier, with less experienced GE players and without psychic bots dodging bullets and seeing you behind bushes and obstacles.
  3. J.Killmister

    How to deal with recoil

    It seems you're pretty new here and the fact that you ask for advice and not performing like a "I know everything" guy motivates me to answer. Actually is something I missed quite a lot the past years since most vets nowadays either troll or throw "git gud" to newbies,probably because of the disappointment the game is causing to all of us or they just like mining salt out of everything. So, first of all, special bullets are a big no-no for most weapons. They only work fine on rifles and some SMGs but Stock bullet is the best way to go. You can earn more credits due to lower repair cost and also get familiar with your weapon. Also, high ROF is kinda the best way to run around for lower TTK. Don't count on the bullet's damage, since the game works in mysterious ways in terms of hit reg. Practice on stock weapons, maybe later try increasing the ROF with a light spring and so on. Usually the recoil is vertical so try dragging your hand down a bit, try not to sprint too much with your character for limited sway and use focused bursts, not panic spray around. You'll get used to each weapon after a while, it's a matter of practice mostly,nothing complicated. And if you used to play CoD or something else with laser weapons, just erase them from your muscle memory.
  4. J.Killmister

    Cant destroy mines underwater

    It's called light refraction...Damn!Haven't you guys studied in elementary school?
  5. J.Killmister

    What's the point of 6min matches?

    Low K/D is acceptable.Support roles also have a mediocre score,no matter the K/D.But 0/35 is a fuckin disgrace!And when it happens constantly by the same accounts,it's on purpose.Having at least 30 screenshots of specific names with scores like this,against specific players,always the same,isn't a coincidence, my friend.Also,defending it,like a devil's advocate,won't lead somewhere,only mislead from the facts.The facts are known to a vast majority of people playing War and especially vets.Staged warriors don't matter.Even some of them admitted that they doing it in some private conversations.These facts,say a lot!You can deny alt abuse action all you want,it's your right to do so.But you can only persuade/mislead probably some weekend warriors or newbies.
  6. J.Killmister

    What's the point of 6min matches?

    Yes, I strongly suggest perma-banning alt accounts that abuse the tactic of popping battles and then leave or destroying friendly APCs. There are some players that send constant tickets with videos and screenshots for that, so one way is to at last read them and resolve them. Playing in a different account is ok, as long as you play fairly and not spoiling the game for others. It's easy to spot the alts after a few battles. Either from 0/35 K/D or by popping battles always against specific players and clans. IP comparison is useless, VPN can do the job for it. I can't think a better way than checking the info and proof tickets provide. Also, it's not my job. I point out the issue, Reto has to fix it. I'm the costumer here, not a developer.
  7. J.Killmister

    MG13 vs MP40

    Get the MP40 now that you have the credits for it and use it stock to have the minimum repair expenses and don't use nades. It's versatile enough to help you on cqc and medium distance. Then, buy a new infantry character and slowly grind with G43 to less competitive battles and in a matter of a few days you'll be able to save some more for the MG13. Best advice I can give to you and any other player out there, is to make a plan of your playstyle and what you want to grind for. Don't make purchases you don't really need and stop thinking of the time you'll need before you unlock something. Choose the right grinding path before you buy a new character. Also, I recommend having at least 3 infantry with different loadouts. CQC with smg for attack, MG for defense and suppress and SA rifle for medium - long distances. Depending on how much time you play the game, in 6-8 weeks you'll be able to save 600K for 30d vet membership. After that, everything will be easier. Your income will vastly increase and you'll be able to save again 600K faster for the next 30d vet, before the previous one expire, and what's left of them, can be used for new weapons, vehicles and new characters, like AT rambo etc. etc. I do this for the past 4 years and atm I have around 500K,6 months vet running, all toys you can think of on my main faction, half the toys on the other factions,without the need of buying any gold. This was the best advise I was given by an old closed-beta vet.
  8. J.Killmister

    What's the point of 6min matches?

    Oh, I didn't know I must show off on the forums just to get your acceptance. Although, joining the forum date, has nothing to do with the date I joined the game. Also, zip up your pants bro. Try to compare your stats, ego and whatsoever with other "kids" like you in the forum. And thank you for the baiting and trolling confirmation.
  9. J.Killmister

    What's the point of 6min matches?

    So,let's be honest here...Do you even play the game bro?You take part in War at all?Or just fool around in staged matches?Or maybe you are completely biased and just try to troll around.The game has so many issues that sometimes make it less enjoyable,like constant crashes,persistent bugs that Reto can't fix,an outdated game engine that was fine back in 2012 but not anymore(damn,it's been 9 years since),slow progress due to lack of resources,endless weapon buff/nerf circle, but the alt abuse just makes it unplayable.Too many stopped giving a crap about war and deploy because of that.Why someone would bother to deploy when everything will be pocketed in a few hours and lose a fair amount of WFs? Nobody said clan names and you shouldn't either.Plus,not only SU clans do it.There are some specific GE mains also doing that.And I won't deny that maybe also some US do it too. So it's up to Reto to solve this matter once and for all and pay closer attention to fishy battles.Banning a bunch of alt abusers is better than losing your playerbase that wants to have fun.
  10. J.Killmister

    What's the point of 6min matches?

    How about fixing the damn MM and clan vs clan system?Or even better,put a limit on special classes?2 recons,2 planes,2 tanks.This way randoms/trolls/alts will not be able to spawn back-to-back just to waste resources and leave a few infantry do all the job for them.
  11. J.Killmister

    AVS in new patch

    There,fixed it for you!
  12. J.Killmister

    Which one is better, M2 Carbine or AVS-36???

    AVS really good when unmodded.M2 really good when modded full ROF.Best option get AVS for your US soldier and enjoy credit farming!
  13. Sounds good,doesn't work (unfortunately) *insert Trump meme here*
  14. No need to be faction biased,players from all 3 factions do this.No need for naming individuals.And ofc blaming goes to Reto coz all this time they haven't managed to solve the retreat exploit ppl use but mainly the RTS that has gone wrong and painful through the years. Making 1 skirmish/encounter is fine.No need for 2nd.This way I thing parablocks will get less often coz of faster progress.Annoying tactic the parablocks,yes,but sometimes is the only way to make a quick push and avoid being re-blocked all the time by a tiny footie. Regarding the after battle animation is indeed the most annoying thing ever added to the game.Wasted seconds for no reason... AR time isn't a real problem imo. 40 morale loss will make everyone withdraw 2 capitals away instead of spread out and make defence points.
  15. As stated in title,there are times that a single,slow walking footguard can stop hundrends of ATs and it doesn't make sense,but I get it,np there,that's how RTS is.The problem is there are long lines in various regions and back to back re-blocking to make a skirmish or encounter is constant,leading to a very slow progression of a push.Plus,usually these are the hardest to pop coz of 0 special classes.So we have 216 footguards holding back thousands for 5 hours,TWICE!This doesn't make sense at all,so it's time for you to think changing it to single blocks.RTS is getting slower and very boring this way,especially when there are few generals left around to constantly babysit their ATs and make real map progress.