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  1. J.Killmister

    WHy do you play for the factions you do?

    Give this man a metal! 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Oh god...never imagined how hard it is to choose only 3 out of so many..... 1.Game engine 2."Special needs" classes 3.Lack of respect by Reto
  3. You might check out yours... I don't know how long you play h&g or if you even play war, but the fact that every noob joins GE isn't helpful for them. That's why they have won single digit wars in a year. They are dying since their vets and generals quit the game or just having fun (trying at least) by seal clubbing in staged or join other factions. GE faction can't rely on each pleb that join war battles just to play with panther or Tiger or make a "PeRsOnAl K/D rEcOrD" with their stg. Without warfund balance, they're doomed. No matter the buffs or nerfs at their equipment.
  4. They won't and they don't need to. In order to balance everything in the game, Soviets should get an equipment buff. Germany right now are nowhere around the game. Just some noobs with stgs and scoped g43s and few vets trying to save a dying faction. Imagine what will happen if they get nerfed. Try your best against their equipment and you'll get better. They are a good war practice. Good opponents, make you better player
  5. J.Killmister

    [GE] I'll soon leave this game forever.

    If your goal was to bait other players,then good luck...Nobody will take you seriously now(more than before). Plus,if you want to make suggestions,find the right forum option.Go there to dig your posts.In the "suggestion and feedback" (more like Reto's garbage bin)
  6. J.Killmister

    [GE] I'll soon leave this game forever.

    When you want to leave the game,just delete your account and uninstall.No need to advertise it at forum.Nobody will tell you "oh,pls stay m8" or "think twice man,it will get better".It's the only way to do it properly.No need for wet-eyes posts or what-so-ever.You'll only get salt and indifferent replies.Reto won't come out and say "Hey sightseeer,I hear you man,I'll do whatever you want to make you stay".Just send a PM to any of your friends so they know you didn't die or something and move on with your life and gaming career.
  7. J.Killmister

    player publicly reported for antisemitism and nazi apologia

    Ayperos,soon probably they will delete your post coz of naming and shaming.You should send an official ticket to Reto with these screenshots so he'll get what he deserves. Follow the link,log in and go to the right category. https://support.heroesandgenerals.com/Tickets/Submit
  8. J.Killmister

    Delete Heavy Set badge.

    Does the trailer show fps drops,rts lags,bugged cities and game crashes?Does it say that in order to win the war you must pay a big amount of gold to get youself a ton of paras and doradrop...ehm,sorry,paradrop everything just to block all the effort of raiding ATs for 6 hours?Does it show tanks be killed by 6 or more H3s?Does it show invisible obstacles and ditches on the road while driving a jeep or bike or APC and get stuck or crushing with your weels up?Does it show the large distance so you can go from new B4 to 02 church trying to avoid 5-8 tanks and 10 scopes?Does it show 6 planes sexually abusing(literally) 1 paraplane 2 seconds after grey zone?I can keep on going but I think you know what I'm trying to say.
  9. J.Killmister

    Is it the right time ?

    No Yes No Sucks Nothing No No And no You're welcome
  10. J.Killmister

    Delete Heavy Set badge.

    First of all, you don't have to be a vet to carry HS. Anyone can. When you reach over 2K hours, or sooner, and realize some things about this game and how it works, then you're gonna change your mind. Right now, the amount of scoped BA rifles is too damn high, just like HE spam by tankers. The only thing that allows normal players(those who don't care for K/D but for their team to win) to storm a point and cap it, without being killed in 10 seconds, is HS. When 10-15 teammates run around and don't get their a$$e$ in the point as they should be, either to def or attack, HS is the only thing that can help me and the rest who care to get in point and clear it out or avoid all these sniper wannabes with SA 4x or 3.5x scopes. So I can't rely on my team when it's full of randoms. I'll gladly play with no HS in staged. Nowadays, I play with only knife and wrench to have some fun instead of sealclubbing new guys. I can't risk it in war tho where the stakes are high. And guns do kill. By your logic tho, we should also remove medkits. 2-3 shots and back to spawn. That is outrageous.
  11. J.Killmister

    Delete Heavy Set badge.

    Pls don't make this lame idea a thread.Let's forget it and move on.It should be forgotten pretty fast.Nobody wants to give recon-noobs more credits than they deserve(none,coz they're useless).If you got bored running or cycling to grind your gold HS,it's your problem.I will always choose my HS at my first socket at war battles.I just don't like bad players 1-shot kill me from the hill while storming a point.I already have my recon-rambo ready and grinded,don't make me use him more.All you recons will be trully disappointed
  12. J.Killmister

    Soldier EXP from Assault Teams

    I would like to answer cmp but I'm afraid I will be given again a warning by someone nobody expects... I can't and won't name who this is. Maybe we catch up about this at discord or via pm. Can't risk to get banned!!!
  13. J.Killmister

    STG Underpowered

    It's not a contest but maybe if I search my screenshot file, I can find something like that from when I was grinding for my pps. No 70%hs,but for sure a pretty good number. And yeah it's krepost. Staged. Randoms. Sealclubbing and stuff, u know? The point is with stg I don't have to be a tryhard to get these or bigger numbers. It comes out naturally. Like as if I used my 1919. Or pps. And the actual state here is that the weapon balance is fine. No buff or nerf needed. These threads are salty and overreacting most of the times.
  14. J.Killmister

    STG Underpowered

    https://ibb.co/p2CH2Dd My first ever fresh-bought stock stg at krepost in soviet server with over 100 ping.30/74 hs. Just saying, nothing to state...
  15. J.Killmister

    Turning off bushes,obstacles etc.

    So team Reto,when are you planning to start banning people for turning off bushes,tree leaves, and stuff?Almost every game right now has been banning people for this reason but you guys still haven't take the matter to your hands.There are specific clans and players that using these nvidia inspector settings to their advantage for a long time now (I won't name and shame,you know tho who they are) and yet,these guys are still around.Is it something you can do about it or we just tolerate it till further notice?Is there a plan or something?Pls,don't say about tickets or in-game report,it's either useless or been done a lot of times without any effect.