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  1. It's basically a T-26 with a twin-turret configuration. The right side turret is for the commander and it is armed with a low-velocity 37mm gun and the left side turret is for a teammate and it's armed with a machine gun. It's basically just like the American M2A2, but for the Soviets and the commander now controls a 37mm gun instead of a 12.7mm machine gun. Why am i asking for this tank to be added? Well let me give you few reasons why: When playing with friends it's often fun to use Tanks with multiple turrets like the US M2A2, M3 Lee and the Soviet T-28 Medium tank! Would not require much work from the developers to add to H&G as the tanks hull is the same on the T-26 Model 1933. The only difference is that the Model 1931 has two small turrets instead of one big turret. New content for a game that really needs it! Here is a picture of the T-26 Model 1931! https://i.imgur.com/kgyLNmLl.jpg
  2. Me talking about balancing tanks like the Pz.38(t) had nothing to do with the topic i made according to you? Haha ok dude whatever you say. All i was asking in this post was if you think that the Pz.38(t) should stay weak or be buffed. Also i did say i'd rather have balanced tanks than unbalanced tanks. Developers should do some balancing on those tanks that the community deem unbalanced. This includes things like changing the credit spawn costs on some tanks like the Pz.38(t) and the Chaffe. But it is clear that there is no point talking to you anymore.
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    Hell yeah they should add the Avtomat! Don't care if it's for the Infantry or the Paratrooper, as long as it's added to the game then all is well!
  4. You make no sense... Huh? What do you mean? What i meant when saying the M2A2 lacking "Explosive rounds" i meant the HE rounds that are used for blowing up infantry. Every other Tier 2 Light tank has HE rounds(Pz.2.C and T-26).
  5. The Marmon-Harrington tank CTLS tank would be a nice addition for the US tank tree if you ask me. You are saying it would replace the M2A2 starter tank? M2A2 would become Tier 2 and Stuart M5A1 would become Tier 3? I think that would work very nicely. M2A2 can pen both the T-26 and Panzer 2.C and M2A2 is super fast. But there is one big issue and that is the M2A2 lacking any explosive rounds. One way to balance the things out is to keep the spawn cost of the M2A2 at 14~20 credits.
  6. Hey just want to ask you this. Was it necessary to write "Still think this is balanced?" Three times? If i remember correctly, i think i said that there are other vehicles in this game that are unbalanced. I haven't used Panther or KT( King Tiger?). I haven't used planes or MG42. But people say that these vehicles and weapons are way too strong and so maybe the developers should check them out? I do agree that the Armor 2 is not working very well and that we do need the Armor 3 update to fix and balance things out. Some vehicles need to be nerfed and others buffed. Spawn cost on few vehicles need to be reduced, like on the Pz.38(t), BT-7 and Chaffe. Also the refill cost on 20mm AP and APCR ammo needs to be reduced because they cost way more credits to refill than on the other tanks using 37mm and 45mm cannons.
  7. I don't think that the Americans not having used M22 Locust would be an issue, they still made it. I also believe that at least one M22 Locust named "Bonnie" was used by the americans. https://i.imgur.com/kt8cGWl.png
  8. Wonderful comment! But i think that the Stuart M5A1 is currently part of the Tier 2 light tanks. If they would ever add the M22 Locust, that would be the US tier 3 Light Tank. M22 Locust is smaller and faster than the Stuart M5A1, but it is extremely thin (front armor only 12,5mm thin!) I liked your suggestion for the Pz.38(t) buff. Hopefully if ever the Devs would either implement my or your buff idea for the Pz.38(t)!
  9. You see i'm a fan of balanced systems, so i'd rather have all tanks to be balanced. Basically have good things and bad things to them, so to say.... Balanced. I'm not interested in steamrolling the enemy team and i'm also not interested in getting steamrolled by them either. If the German Heavy Tanks are OP, the developer team should nerf them and if the German Light Tanks are weak, yet super expensive.... like they currently are, the developer team should buff them. And yeah as you all can see i'm a fan of Light Tanks and even some Medium Tanks, but mostly i play with Light Tanks. I like Light Tanks because they usually cheap, quick, small and good for Infantry Support. That is not so for all of the GE Light Tanks, because for some reason the only Light Tank for the GE that is balanced is the Pz.1. The Other GE light tanks like the Pz.2.C, the Pz.38(t) and the Pz.2 Luch and not very well balanced. Panzer 2 C and Luch both use extremely expensive 20mm auto-cannons, when compared to the other factions same tier Light Tanks. Panzer 38(t) is extremely expensive to spawn(270 credits), while other factions light tanks that are similar to the Pz.38(t) are dirt cheap. (T-26 is 72 credits and the Stuart M5A1 is 86 credits.) Panzer 38(t) also has thinner armor than on the Stuart M5A1 and can also only carry 42 AP or APCR rounds, while Stuart M5A1 has 147 AP/APCR rounds and the T-26 has 100 AP/APCR rounds. But i'm very happy to hear that you agree with me that the Pz.38(t) needs an buff. I also hear a lot that the Top tier GE heavy tanks are OP and if that is true the Developers should nerf them accordingly. And also i started playing this game in 2015. Thank you for responding. I agree with you in that the Pershing could use a buff, while the IS-2 and the Tiger 2 could use a nerf.
  10. Yo. What do you think about my post? Would buffing the Pz.38(t) be an issue for you? Also do you think that there are other tanks in H&G that could also use a bit of balancing/buffing/nerfing? Also you seem to be an Veteran member. How would i be able to get a response from the Developer team? I hear that people say that the Developer are always listening, but i'm not so sure about that.
  11. So what do you think about my suggestion of buffing the Pz.38(t)? Or do you think that the Pz.38(t) being extremely expensive and less effective than when compared to the US Stuart M5A1 is a very good thing? Why do you think that? Also i hate Pz.2 Luchs because how freaking expensive it is to use. The 20mm auto-cannon rounds are extremely expensive when compared to the other 37mm and 45mm cannon rounds. Also the 20mm auto-cannons can only pen the front armor of tanks like the tier 1 MG tanks and Soviet BT-7 and T-26 tanks at safe distances. A 15 min match with T-26 using APCR and HE rounds will cost me something like less than 1k credits after a match, while a match with the GE Pz.2 C using APCR and HE rounds will cost me something like 2200 credits after a match. And that is also a big reason why i don't use GE 20mm auto-cannon tanks. Oh right i guess i have to add it here that no i don't blindly auto fire my 20mm cannons at the enemy tanks front armor or the infantry. I use tap fire and i mostly try to flank enemy tanks so i can hit their side armor or rear armor.
  12. So you disagree me with that the Pz.38(t) should be buffed, because you said that some other German tanks that i don't own and have never played with are better than those of the other factions? You also know this if did read my post that i said that there are many other tanks in this game that also need Balancing yes? Or are you saying that you would rather have unbalanced tanks in this game, because unbalanced tank fights make the ones losing them shed tears and seeing those tears makes you feel good? You know i would rather have balanced tanks than unbalanced ones, just saying.
  13. What do you think about my post? Do you agree with me that the Pz.38(t) deserves a buff?
  14. What the heck is this Bull Crap?! The Tanks spawn cost is 270 credits, while the Stuart M5A1 that i believe is a superior light tanks only costs 86 credits. Every one tells me this "But the Pz.38(t) is a tier 3 light tanks and better than the Stuart M5A1 that is a tier 2 light tank!" In what way is the Pz.38(t) a better light tank? Stuart M5A1 is faster, cheaper, carries more than 100 rounds for it's 37mm AP/APCR cannon and also has amazing front hull and turret armor. What does the Pz.38(t) do better than? Well i have been testing these two tanks in few matches and i have found out that Stuart M5A1 just flat out performs better than the Pz.38(t) in everything. And the Pz.38(t) only carries a pathetic amount of 42 rounds for it's 37mm main gun, like what the hell developers? You guys gotta do some serious Balancing/Tuning on some of the Tanks in this game and the Pz.38(t) is one of them. Funny thing i just played a match with the Pz.38(t) before writing this post and we were up against the US on Capture & Hold Battle. I had one other tanker with me in the match and he/she was using the Pz.1. The enemy team on the other Hand had 3 tankers, 1 x M2A2 and 2 x Stuart M5A1. And basically i was forced to defend 03 on Village Skirmish, because if i tried to assist my teams infantry the two Stuart M5's would just completely destroy me + the enemy infantry with rocket launchers. I got lucky few times and was able to duel one Stuart M5 few times, but then i ran out of ammo and tried to find a spot to wait in till my ammo replenishes. And basically what happens when i ran out of AP rounds is that the M5's start hunting me down while i can't do jack shirt and me and my tank dies causing me 270 credits every time my Pz.38(t) goes bye-bye. It's just incredible annoying that when ever i boom a Stuart M5A1 they just get another for a cheap cost of 86 credits and race to fight me again. Also quite often the Stuart M5's just quickly hit and destroy my cannon, making me unable to fight properly and next they just hammer my tank to death. Love it. End of rant. I also have to add that the Pz.1 player was very brave going toe-to-toe with the Stuart M5's while getting totally bum-blasted. While that was happening i was just watching in a bush doing nothing while waiting for my AP rounds to come back so i could try assisting the real champ. So i just hope that the devs at least give the Pz.38(t) 40 more AP rounds so you can fight a bit longer and maybe even reduce the spawn cost of the tank by at least 120 credits, making the tank cost 150 credits to spawn. That is all.
  15. Myllari1

    Flamethrower Fuel Backpacks

    Yes! We gotta get those ICONIC fuel tank backpacks! Without them the flamethrowers lack *soul, if you get what i mean. In any game that has flamethrower soldiers, they almost always have fuel tank backpacks!