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  1. Walmart_security96311

    Big Issues for New Players

    its been like that for a while and whats wrong with that? players rank up to gold mm pretty quick so its just VERY VERY VERY new players
  2. Walmart_security96311

    German Stg44 too OP

    theory? its a fact and yes fully modded Gewehrs can be as deadly but thats the players bringing that into staged not saying STG needs nerf because many "vets" are slaying noobs in staged with it
  3. Walmart_security96311

    Nvidia Inspector

    just enable V sync in the in game options it will make your fps more consistent
  4. Walmart_security96311

    The P-38 Problem

    simple dont play staged and get tank assault teams and tank in war staged is pure cancer anyways
  5. Walmart_security96311

    What are your favorite AVS mods, and why?

    prob due to them having their language set to russian
  6. Walmart_security96311

    Nvidia Inspector

    dont do anything!
  7. Walmart_security96311

    What are your favorite AVS mods, and why?

    you still can do 3 round bursts or switch to semi auto at long ranges the gun is surprisingly good even at medium distance well the iron sights are tiny so you cant really see what you're shooting at most of the time (atleast I cant) same problem I have with M2 without scope i'd rather take stock grease gun atleast with that I can see my targets
  8. Walmart_security96311

    Just Like Old Mountain Town

    can we all take a second and look at GE player ranks and then US/SU......
  9. Walmart_security96311

    Reto moderators way too OP

    RIP *crying*
  10. Walmart_security96311

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    community made up the name armor 2.0 LOL get your facts straight you cant even read so who are you to say what will alienate the player base again? on their trello page the update is broken up into 4 parts: Damage, deploy, handling and terrain particle effects next time plz learn basics about the update you are rambling nonsense about
  11. what a rookie mistake atleast you learned it the hard way
  12. Walmart_security96311

    What are your favorite AVS mods, and why?

    experienced players that can control the recoil wont take the URAH since it lowers TTK which you are trying to increase by taking the bullet My build is simple Sniper bullet and scope 3hk monster good for all ranges can even compete with SA's
  13. Walmart_security96311

    What we have to counter M1/M2 and Johanson?

    M2 is smg on cocaine it shoots fast but also becomes uncontrollable and due to its high fire rate is expensive to maintain you have STG MP40 is another good choice its the best smg in the game MG42 with tight grip is also deadly i've heard or you can go the easy route and pick up G43 with scope and pick them off before they get close to you
  14. Walmart_security96311

    Happy B-Day As1n

    the guy with black skies? cant wait for another Yak pilot seeing everything through every forest
  15. Walmart_security96311

    LF Clan

    No, not really we have only 1 another guy that is from US but we have quite few brits. At the moment its really bad time to join a clan alot of them kinda died out because the game hasn't had any big updates in a while and the game isn't in its best state either you don't really have that big of a choice in terms of clans especially if you want US only you're like 2 years late to the clan party hopefully in future they will come back but for now any good clan is struggling with players on every side