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  1. Skeggo


    That's Interesting
  2. Skeggo

    Heroes & Generals: The Sad End

    they are doing money grabs all the wrong places. let us use our own squad resources in war rts with the cost of resupply and only so many per battle, i would give more money to game but the way it is now, N.O.P.E.
  3. Skeggo

    My Suggestion For Future Patches: Optimize the game

    yeah optimization is bad in game, especially if it goes sudden death. can hear my system ramping up fans and i do not have a bad system. have to window out and click sync file and player screen then back in game to hopefully make the distance. alot of times can get by not doing it but alot of times almost guarantee crash of game with sudden death
  4. Skeggo

    AA Vehicles

    aa yum
  5. Skeggo

    What happen to 3 way battles

    bummer. they were great
  6. Skeggo

    Heroes & Generals: The Sad End

    yeah they do not understand their non pot smoking non socialist real physics crowd
  7. Be nice to be on eastern standard time to claim some resources for my squads.But you do not seem to understand thats where you could make money if i could actually field my squads. think about it reto
  8. Skeggo

    New stupid players

    that is a interesting perspective
  9. Skeggo

    What happen to 3 way battles

    Those were some great battles they screw up war lines?
  10. Skeggo

    Prototype server is open now

  11. Skeggo

    Does anyone have a ptrs-41?

  12. Skeggo

    Antichit will go out for a walk

    That's interesting
  13. Skeggo

    New stupid players

    That's interesting
  14. Skeggo


    That's Interesting