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  1. US never use parafunblocks ? Alt´s everywhere, or everyone see only alts. i know ALTs in this game, and some got catched. the funpart is here in the forum, that only alt´s from enemy side get reported, but if own faction do it you see noone of US,GE or SU reporting them or complaing in Forum. that i agree, but most not know why. you included. the sinkholes only there if players make stupid steps on the RTS map. for example: sending more AT´s in a overstacked town. sending 2 skirmish out but town behind have 10 k+ , create only a trap. just relize by yourself finally that everyone who loose wfs, messed/managed it by himself. you would know if you grinded your army by playing and not by buying it, how not get the selfcreated sinkholes what you complain over and over again. yes, i have more than a few AT´s and learned playing RTS without stupid steps.
  2. Trollfaktor

    STG Underpowered

    wow in krepost vs soviet randoms... try SU vs GE or US. you wanna see a screenshot with stock ppd and 70% headshot rate ? just saying , nothing to state...
  3. since years, and it is a good feature. overstacking is risky. you will sort out nooby RTS players. no it shouldnt. you and your sinkholes. plz learn finally playing the RTS wise. nope, like i said it is a nice feature, also the retreat funktion. there are anyway not many ways to play the rts smart. let it like it is. the towns would be more overstacked as they are in moment. players what mean sending out from a 10k inf town, only creat a trap. you guys just ask for nobrain rts gaming.
  4. Trollfaktor

    Like when the faction started Match Maker

    the game just make no sence playing MM if you want play your AT´s. Many older Vets do it , because they do not want sit in queue so long.
  5. Trollfaktor

    Neuer Mist

    die max feuerrate ist nicht das problem. es wäre aber schön das man das mg42 auch wieder im stehen schießen könnte, wie alle anderen MG´s und sich nicht extra hinhocken muss, wie es der fall ist. es ist einfach ein extremer nachteil nicht über einen steinwall, panzersperren, stacheldraht, übers auto, aus dem fenster raus oder einfach um die ecken zu kommen und dann schießen zu können. nein, man muss sich erst hinhocken und das erhöht zusätzlich die "time to kill". ein witz einfach. mit default ammo= 4 hitkill HSG könnte reto uns wenigstens erlauben, die vorher genannten nachteile. dazu kommt noch das "tight grip" ein --must have--- ist, nur beim MG 42? auch ein riesen nachteil. wer 3 hit kill HSG und die max TTK will , da soll reto es einfach lassen = hinhocken + tight grip. das sehen auch die meisten GE spieler so, die ne faire waffenbalance wollen.
  6. Trollfaktor

    No XP For Paraplanes.

  7. Trollfaktor

    No XP For Paraplanes.

    i guess since the last Hotfix you not earn xp anymore for hit or destroy the paraplanes. Did anyone noticed or reported it ?
  8. Trollfaktor

    Where'd you get these from again?

    or you find a random picture with many differant codes and try them out, like i get my hemet.
  9. Trollfaktor

    Reto, Where is the Fun?

    let me answer. you don´t play inf anymore because the tanks shell u alltime. there is a tank only gamemode with bots. plz go there
  10. no, they sit in stage in queue too. no playerbase on US and SU.
  11. problem is the MM what fill up with random queue players infront of specific queued players, so vets not get in. next point is the small playerbase what allow lower populated factions to decide the time they want start it, so our vets not rly interested to wait with the experience they anyway not get in. to be honest wardeamon.. everyone can paraspam. the differant is the players what get in and against who they play. we both know the population problem what make the differant.
  12. Trollfaktor

    Fun para battles

    funny that so many complain about doramass paras. what some on US side do with parafunblock what not pop, isn´t problem ?
  13. your countering make no sence if you not know how to counter with every class the other classes. i not get your point in moment. i tell you why they send planes. it is still cheaper and faster with 2 good groundfarm pilots(overts3/discor) go together on 1 tank to finish him fast and after on the next tank. spezially in the tanktennisgame what we have in moment. and also maybee to grind up a pilot on rank 17 or a generals what own the plane AT. spezially using plane AT´s is a part of understanding the wfs/rank xp. maybee the players have no tanker? maybee your side had better tier tanks in battle? maybee tankgame make no sense with 2 tankers vs 10 , because numbers make the game in moment . not smart tanking . give us a screenshot or tell more specific what kind of battle it was.
  14. Trollfaktor

    Banned in Ai tonk v tonk?

    only your first ban? wonder why noone send before tikets about you of harrasment other players. daily reading GE army chat how you insult others and the same in game chat. ah i know why, nooone is interested sending tikets what not get answered. you lucky guy
  15. with needed was mean. they send them if there team got shelled by enemy tanks. they send them if it would help win a city by support inf over watercrossings. they send them if they saw good inf players what was also decent tankers to help them win a town in the current battle..(old wise rts players know who can help with a tank and who not, couz u cant change your name, same goes to pilots) and the 2 pilots you said, would be countered by enemy pilots. if someone send them. main problem is just 1 player is enough to waste a total AT of planes tanks by crashing. and you need good pilots tankers to compensate the noobs in a battle. or you compensate it with inf At´s .