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  1. Trollfaktor


    Ich frag mich da nur von welchen "Spielgefühl" du hier überhaupt sprichst? Das Spiel ist so in die Kacke gesetzt wurden die letzten Jahre.
  2. we really need a definition of what it means" if the game dies". my experience tells me the game is dead since 2016 with squad 2.0. but there are probably too many new players active who don't understand what i mean by that and even the older ones before the said update. the game is dead for me and old veterans since squad 2.0. because reto has taken away the versus games to play against each other. who hasn't understood that should stay away from procreation.
  3. just do it. i'm looking forward to how everyone keeps talking about gunbalances. and yes, they will do it. as if it will make a difference in 2021 after all the unfixed updates.
  4. Trollfaktor

    Suspicious kill

    yeah, try bait him. he will get again banned^^
  5. Trollfaktor

    Suspicious kill

    the quality of the players has gone down over the years. now i have to read a forum post where a well known toxic medicore low fps player is marked as a cheater. if you were just a little bit better, and that's not hard with him. you would get private messages after every game round where he calls you a cheater. made my day this topic.
  6. Trollfaktor

    The WAR Event

    did the war event had a winner ?
  7. nice idea to generate more altaccounts to bully all these wannabe vets . you have my vote
  8. Trollfaktor

    Next round of weapon balancing

    by the way, after all the gunbalances, is there a way to optimise the sqaudsystem ? @Reto.Hades
  9. Trollfaktor

    The game will die in this way

    the game is dead since 2016. what you mean with "the game will die"?
  10. Trollfaktor

    Next round of weapon balancing

    all these sham attempts to balance the weapons must be a secret trick by reto to revive the forum. all the US/GE/SU cryboys have gone really quiet too, by the last comments they seem to have resurfaced. all the self-professed know-it-alls etc... nice one, the trick worked.
  11. Trollfaktor

    The WAR Event

    Now to get this right, there is an event after which Assault Team has the most wins. Based on my experience, I predict that it will be someone who is in an underpopulated faction in the war. Cherry pick battles with some friends or a wannabee clan and easy win. I just hope it won't be an asian player. (get me right here it's about opening up the games, don't interpret that as me having any problem with asians), not that it seems that the altaccounts have boosted again to start games. but i am confident that this will be observed by reto! change my mind
  12. Trollfaktor

    Next round of weapon balancing

    do we still get the possibility to level the General badges when using AT? were addressed when the topic was open. was it not nerfed to-40%? would like to see it back on the old firerates. pistols was really no reason to touch them. would also be nice to give the nagant revolver a shorter reload time. at the same time take out the single shot reload animation when you fire 8 times in the heat of battle. the gun then reloads only once and shooting again.. is really frustrating and has already been addressed.
  13. Trollfaktor

    I cant change my password. Help

    you sure it is not reto try earn some extra money ?
  14. Trollfaktor

    rocks and snow

    what do you mean by now ? was approached by me already last year, but the excited little children found the snow so great, they were just so blinded again by a bad change that they did not realize the stones that were given to us.
  15. Trollfaktor

    1 point more for AT grenade

    for the idea i vote yes, tankers and pilots should get 1 point more to use a mp + wrench. at the same time to make the bazuka/ panzerschreck etc. to 3 slots. that the soldier can use a SA-rifle (5slots) + zuka/schreck (3slots) +extra ammo (1slot) +medic pounch (1slot) so total 10slots thanks for the attention