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  1. Trollfaktor

    Badge changes

    as I realize now the perks are touched, here i am again afraid that something will be changed and will never be put in order again. (yeah yeah, I have your my experiences with you) question 1. will it come, as already indicated that the General Perks e.g. logistic etc. will have a secondary effect on the select teams of the playable soldiers without having equipped them. question 2. will it finally be possible to level the "3 Generals" perks Charismatic leader, Battlefield Commander and Logistics Expert by using Assault teams? (is only possible at the moment with charismatic leader) (has been asked for years, again in this treat). there are far too many perks, maybe some of them are packing up. e.g. Vehicle Thief for , Car Thief, Plane Thief and Tank Thief. ps: small hint for you, but i should actually beat myself to guess how you can earn more real money. give the players with a veteran membership a third perk to equip. this will make many people think about vetmembership with to get real money, because it is not possible for normal cashuals to get the vetmembership through ingame credits. @Reto.Hades
  2. Trollfaktor

    macro mouse users is destroying the game

    the poor truth is, noone cares.
  3. will be interesting again what comes out in the end. (actually not because i have my reto experience for years). all the rng headshots are a problem for a long time, plus the hipfire SA-rifle HS which doesn't stop with the 2x. the new meta gameplay will surely be to sit behind a cover and look out from time to time and shoot back into the cover and feel safe again. the difference between 2x and 3,6x is like choosing between pest and cholera. the problem with the hitboxes is still not solved.
  4. Trollfaktor

    Nerf loving GE already.

    go back in your own comments, the first you lauchned this Forum, do you not feel shamed a bit ? wtf is wrong with you cryboy. you know Nothing John snow. Reto by themself not know why noone wanna Play US. the most US Players not know why noone wanna Play US . and it have Nothing to do with the guns. so stop asking for nerfs.
  5. Trollfaktor

    Chinese players on US

    @Tricksho[T] they're still doing it. they've evolved, making it a little less obvious. i could now describe exactly how it's going on, the problem is that i'm being put on vacation again because i'm passing on exploids. November of 2019, some SU asian guy got caught , finally after a long time of collecting data something happened. so he came back after 4 weeks of vacation and did the same again on his on new levle. from the Groups you named before , i can tell you three who are doing it. the funny thing is that Reto caused it to get worse with the altacounts. you already know because of pingsniping etc. the problem we have here wouldnt be on that levle with the old option to set a ping in war. listen to your RTS player, decide for yourself if it's worth to continue deploying money (gold) if you get screwed on the RTS map.
  6. Trollfaktor

    American Rework Suggestion + More

    no rework needed, RTS is still ezmode.
  7. Trollfaktor

    Chinese players on US

    here we get an official answer! it's just no fun anymore what's going on actively on the RTS map. and please don't set the standard that we have to write a ticket to the support. the active RTS players would be happy to support Reto, but that's only possible if they work closer with them, and the problem is here from the dev side who are too far away. @Reto.Hades, @Reto.bobot
  8. Trollfaktor

    UPDATE 1.17 - Cold Front

    he have 5.0 K/D and called him self a old early access VET @Mobster01 . what i not get is, that in the 5 years i played H&G, i never noticed him in any battle. same to his pseudo vet wishlist, how he called hit, total outdated stuff inside.
  9. When reto is quicker at banning people for posting RTS alt´s/Console exploider... as the players who actively used it.
  10. Trollfaktor

    Remove rocks in spawn points

    cow topic got a statement, thats it.
  11. Trollfaktor

    Remove rocks in spawn points

    what is this useless topic, i wonder why so many people said at the last patch, wow cool snow... you guys are so great reto... wow new maps(white)..., everything is so great. you can see again that the consumption kids, first of all find everything great and give positive feedback before they have tested the maps and the changes. now after a couple of weeks everyone opens a new topic and complains about the problems (rocks everywhere, too bright snow I get blind etc.). writes in the update topic, spam reto full of problems. simply pointless for every crap to start several topics.
  12. Trollfaktor

    UPDATE 1.17 - Cold Front

    you really think someone is watching this 3 hours+ laggshow video. combining your limited fps experience to reto better maps is the next point. there is only one way to get decently good versus maps in H&G. by implementing a mapmaker, and testing the produced maps by the better "team players" to finally vote for the most optimal ones.
  13. no, they not change things and they not answer here in the forum. and if you send a tiket, you must have luck get an answer.
  14. Trollfaktor

    Fix the sound!!!

    are the sounds "on hold" ?
  15. one faction not play the other one sit in queue. nothing to say anymore. ez warwin