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  1. take it to PM. stop spam me with privat Messages. i know it is in your nature Feeling yourself a H&G pro. but with your comments and your bad Ideas you rly wondering why everyone is is fire back and telling you how clueless you are !!! pick up your 20 tankernoobs what cry AT Rambos are everywhere. and say what faction you want on my d-line inf battle what you have to Play with all your armor noobs what have to Play "INF" vs me and my 20 mates and we have "TANKS". after that battle what we stream over twitch. you will help us all what your comments was worth the last years.
  2. at least it is not it was before this update it is just not enjoyable for anyone, and from the development point of view, 1 year just went out the window, wasted. i completelly understand that pre this update tanks were dmg sponges and AT weaponry was ineffective aside from landmines. you don't have to preach and assume sht but are allowed to preach and assumme sht in 6438 Posts ?
  3. just stop trying, you are failing horribly Sqeek is Right. and you far away from anyone who played the games over years, and not understand how it was the last month ez pez mode as tanker. but what is with this. you pick all your Players up what mean tanks are so ez to destroy, you joining a discord/ts3 and Group up vs me and a Team what Play vs you on the warmap. your Team only inf and my Team have tanks ? lets make it on a d- line town map. ok for you ? you Right idlecleese, Nothing wrong with you. the Gameplay skill of most Players dropped with spuad 2.0 and all what followed. would there a bit more Players what see the differant between tanks vs inf and how ez it is farming inf. but no, we have only nooby tankers left what cry after they got blown up.
  4. Trollfaktor

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    @Reto.Hades can u give us a link to download the prototype Version?
  5. there is a game for you. "World of Tanks"
  6. Trollfaktor

    Panther playstyle

    + same here
  7. Trollfaktor

    RETO - How is this fair?

    welcome to Squad 2.0 mechanics. @Reto.Hadesis it possible that reto allow like in old days the Players what Queue specific on the rts map to join the fights and not let first matchmakersquads in ? rly how enjoyable is it for this random Players what got steamrolled by 20 vets!! it is rly 1 step in the directiuon to fix your rts game. second step: can you set the 5 Players what needed to start a battle back to 2, like in old days ? (more battles Pop and not so many AR) third step and a important one. can you allow like in old days to set the ping by Players what Queue? rly noone is interested playing nonstop this crap moskow Server. EU Players will come back and invest maybee real Money like in old days. and i know you Need it after the last years of red numbers and what reduced your staffcrew , be fair you didn´t make plus Money the last year with all this russian players you picked up. ty for answer
  8. Trollfaktor

    Why AT infantry needs further nerfing

    playing since 2014 and 99% inf but still complaining About AT Rambos !?! rly dude if you so bad in WOT and mean "i go back to H&G and cry in Forum to have after ezpez tankernoobupdate a more ezpez tankernoobupdate", i just say luuuuuuuuul. if you got farmed by inf you do rly something wrong, but it is ok, some People never get wiser. they Need buffs ..
  9. Trollfaktor

    Belgrade as Axis respawn

    WE saw how reto changed the respawn for axis to Belgrade from Berlin with any agrement or discussian with experienced Axis RTS Players.
  10. Trollfaktor

    I cant deploy my ATs

    so you managed by yourself having not enough wfs in the Moment it was your turn!? upload Gold is the answer. the game mechanics made to spend realmoney. praise
  11. Trollfaktor

    Restrict H3s to Germany only.

    rly Rambos the Problem !!!, noobtankers like you are . H&G Change to "World of Noobtankers".
  12. Trollfaktor

    War in the motherland! Krepost encounter (1.13)

    @Reto.Hades i posted it now for you, can you response ?
  13. Trollfaktor

    Tanks in battle

    we all did understand you, you a noobtanker what still got farmed by infantry after this ez mode update for tankers.
  14. Trollfaktor

    War in the motherland! Krepost encounter (1.13)

    @Reto.Robotron3000 by the way i like your idea of cloose quarter Combat. speazially after noone like to Play on your other Maps with this brocken armor update. but on this map you dying constantly by teammates what block you. the doorways are too small and it is more a tunnel from 1 room to the next, mainreason you blocked. and end of the tunnel by reaching the room you run in a anti persnal mine. the side from the North have big Advantage , you can jum from the toptower on that side to the Roof and controll the map better. the sandbags on the woden bridges would rly nice to remove, it is like Always in the beginn of the round the same, mass teamkills by roadkkills and mass stuck vehicles on the Bridge. And in the "END" why Play a cloose quarter Combat map if you cant hear anything with your brocken in game Sound. it is just unplayable playing the fps part in your game if you cant hear enemy footsteps and cant hear the grenades bouncing on the Ground next to you.
  15. Trollfaktor

    Reto does not deserve anything.

    So your maps are fundamentally broken, and you have spammed them with bushes ontop of this, to cater to casuals again that do not want to think but want the game to assimilate to their no brain gameplay. But even tho all of your assault maps are non-functional and restricting gameplay, you could still improve them by adding in the destroyed vehicle, tank, plane models as static hardcover. These assets are not locked to any map type, and don't consume much fps. And oh look the people that care about your game support the addition of hardcover! But even tho the solutions are at your feet, you dont do anything, but close your ears to the community and let the anger boil and boil in your consumers. That you have scammed with false advertisement too many times during the past. But lets go further. You have introduced a ninja change into Staged resources about a half a year ago, that completelly broke attacker, defender balance. You made that one attacker line out of the 2 does not have APC, recon and heavy tanks resources available. Because you apparently think that it is balance, if the defender team floods the one attacker line with no apc and heavy tank resources with, these same exact things! How should this line defend against enemy APC spam and Heavy tanks? Lets just create a theoretical scenario, where the attackers are Soviets and the defenders are German. Do i have to say more? Because i think every person that plays this game knows what will happen when the STG spamming GE staged team floods this no APC, no heavy tank attacker line with their armored and well protected APC's and their Tigers. The fact that this is tolerated by the devs is outrageous! And you are adding more AT riles, while there are no functioning bipods in game, and you, despite years of work in the game industry, are unable to make one god damn gun into a functional long-mid distance anti-tank rifle. I have played this game for 3 years and without any previous experience in game development, i know how to solve these issue. So i doubt that you dont know how to solve these issue. at least i hope that, this is not the case here) While we are at the topic of new AT weapons. Can we have a moment and ask the question, that why are you adding an already not functional buccaneer cannon to SU as an AT weapon, when none of the ranged AT weapons in the planned SU AT tech tree go near the max penetration capabilities of the planned German ranged AT weapons? Why are you adding non-functional obsolete weapons to SU, when SU is missing its tier 2 LMG and paratrooper automatic lmg? Besides the lack of any well armored SU tanks that makes the SU tank tech tree the worst by miles? Your priorities do not in align with what the games current status demands. And u are adding useless sht. 160mm GE vs 101mm US vs 93mm SU max pen ? really? Balance 404 So the fact is Reto, that you as a company do not deserve the trust, money and the time of your consumers. You have failed at game development, even tho every tool to make the game work was at your hands, and you did manage to fix the armor and anti-armor gameplay. For 3 days. Than you chickened out and effectively reverted the unfinished update. Everything was in your favor. During Christmas, the player count was up in the thousands. And when your dead game is flooded with new players what do you do? You go on a holiday and dont give a fug about the MM being broken and never-ending queues. You should have ordered everyone back into the office, to solve the server and MM issues, you should have been active on the forum communicating to your frustrated players and capitalizing on this God-given influx of new players...... But i forget, this is Reto and Reto does not save their company! I have given up on this company! You are lazy, irresponsible. You dont care about your consumers and you belittle them. You dont communicate and you make very logically questionable decisions again and again despite seeing that your logically questionable decisions are driving the game towards the Grand Canyon. HnG could have been the ultimate ww2 game despite the shirty engine and terrible maps. But because of you Reto, it won't be. We thought that Reto has learned from his past mistakes, from the 2017 casual arcade player targetting policy and pocket pistols, but they have not. You are doing the same with this Amor 2.0 as what you did with the old spawn system. Scrapping an easily fixable system and redesigning it again and again, but it keeps getting worse and worse. You know what you should do to fix this broken post hotfix armor 2.0 that everybody hates? Revert the changes you made in the first hotfix and go through with the original plan for Armor 2.0..etc. I will add below the list of changes you should do to fix this shitstorm you created with chickening out on this update. And if we are at it: Do what you set out to do with Armor 2.0 ! Stick to the plan cause it works! And it works the best. Stop lying to and avoiding your consumer! Do you want to save your company? Make people trust you! What you have been doing is pathetic! - This is all i could come up with now, forgive me for this not being a well-written essay. And forgive me for wasting your time. Here are a few other very insightful constructive feedbacks: Edited 6 minutes ago spelling you blame rly Reto lul. i blame you, read just your 6000+ Posts.