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  1. Oblviator


    Did you get OBS to record H&G? I could not.
  2. Oblviator

    Belgium faction (Updated Frequently)

    The damn country did not fight in WWII.
  3. This is not Battlefield, they are trying to be a little more realistic and harsh at the fact that people die in wars. You are not coming back!
  4. Let's face it. Armor 2.0 really ruined a lot of things, for tankers and infantry alike. Whether it was the indestructibility of tanks that improved, or was the range of destructibility of those same vehicles. And with those changes, T-38 light tank's performance went down in all categories. It used to be a good and balanced tank that could beat other tanks by its speed, circling around them, however had inferior armor, which made it easy to destroy in an open field. Now it still has inferior armor that ricochets all but first few shots, is slow, and has low penetration values. I think it is time to improve at least on some of those points. In few of my earlier games, I was about to destroy a Panzer I that I have caught from the back. We were in a forest with hills, I was rolling down a 10 degree hill, he sat on a 20 degree hill. As I was coming around to circle around him, so that I can take his aim off of me, I had only a few hull injuries, and as I just on to his hill climb, I get stuck. My engine was unable to move forward on a 20 degree plane, which surprised me, and I was unable to turn due to a 10 degree pane being behind me. The tank's armor gets wrecked by any tank, M2A2 in two shots, Panzer I after a long serious of pounding at the front plate (the T-38 would not survive the time required to destroy the Panzer). The rotation plate gets destroyed in just a matter of seconds, making it useless to circle around other tanks, while engine could simply be wrecked soon after, making it pointless to run. So, these are some of the points that I think that could be changed to shift the tides, making it a balanced tank that can present opposition, while also being weak in the other components.
  5. Oblviator

    ADvice on talking to teammates

    Just for the record, I speak Russian and Ukrainian. And what you are saying is a very stereotypical knowledge of the Soviet gameplay style. No, literal strategy, like flanking and like Wellington during the Battle of Waterloo.
  6. Oblviator

    New Character Purchases (Read this!)

    If I purchase a new character of the same faction, cam he use the stuff I already have on my first?
  7. Oblviator

    Scope or Komsomolets?

    Well, yes. In the previous post, you said recourse instead of resource.
  8. Oblviator

    Scope or Komsomolets?

  9. Oblviator

    Scope or Komsomolets?

    It seems as though I could do the same in a Komsolets
  10. Oblviator

    Scope or Komsomolets?

  11. Oblviator

    Scope or Komsomolets?

    So, I get my79K together. Should I get Komsomolets or a scope for my SVT?
  12. Oblviator

    Strategy for Factory Map

    It has everything to do with RTS.
  13. Oblviator

    Strategy for Factory Map

    Excellent idea!
  14. Oblviator

    Civilian tanks and planes

    I mean, that is your opinion. I will leave it be.