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  1. Reto.Umbra

    Game has a problem

    I am currently investigating this issue. If you are affected by high and low latency flip flopping or issues a-like please write to me here or on Discord. My dms are open 📭
  2. Our support has been very busy lately, we apologize for the wait time on tickets. The issue with Captured Weapons going into their respective faction's depot is tricky due to the flagging system on weapons. I will try and push for this issue to be solved as soon as possible, I can't give an ETA though.
  3. Reto.Umbra


    Just want to let people know we updated the Captured Vehicles Trello Card the 6th December where we wrote: Captured Vehicles turned out to be, as expected, quite the discussion topic of the recent Dev. Overview! We plan on revealing more details on Captured Vehicles at a later date and let our community chime in with your inputs and feedback - Thank you!
  4. Reto.Umbra

    Here we go again

    No ninja nerfs has been made.
  5. Reto.Umbra

    Assault Changes and Bug Fixes! - HOTFIX Insight

    It might not be an absolute fix, but should make that specific situation a lot better 👍 It is, however, also based on your latency.
  6. Reto.Umbra

    Existing recons didn't receive rank 7 scopes

    Alright so I looked into the issue. The conversion was done right. The T-Post high magnification scope for all SA rifles were converted to Infantry scope while the Recon M84 (German#1) 2.8x has not been converted.
  7. Reto.Umbra

    Existing recons didn't receive rank 7 scopes

    Thanks for pointing it out, was thinking of Infantry SA rifles which we received many support tickets about. Correction: You are able to equip 2.8 scopes on SA rifles as Recons. In regards to the converting I will schedule a meeting with support and straighten out the issue here. I will return later today with a response.
  8. Reto.Umbra

    Wednesday Warrior - 30% OFF Vehicle Repair

    No need to do that, we will change which discounts we have for each week
  9. Reto.Umbra

    Existing recons didn't receive rank 7 scopes

    Yes you should contact support! You can find it here: Yes, SA rifles are limited to the infantry scopes.
  10. Reto.Umbra

    Existing recons didn't receive rank 7 scopes

    If you had a better scope than the rank 7 scope on the day we did the transfer, you will not receive a worse one. We did this to make sure the balance between recons when they are bought/gifted are more fair between factions. Thanks for bringing up the issue, I will clarify it in the changelog.
  11. Reto.Umbra

    Existing recons didn't receive rank 7 scopes

    What scope do you have on your recon without a rank 7 scope? A screenshot will be appreciated!
  12. Reto.Umbra


    Better performance and better collisions (no more shooting between the Czech hedgehogs only to hit an invisible "wall"). It also makes the game look more fresh with newer, better looking models and enhancing gameplay for the player!
  13. Reto.Umbra

    Make War A Better Place!

    Interesting concept, I'll make sure to follow the discussion