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  1. somuee

    Damaged Files Detected

    What is this? Maybe why there are only 10 people ingame
  2. somuee

    srsly reto... nerfing AP mines?

    I'm sure AP mines are the least used, but most important (for those who have them) load out. And you nerf them? Just had a guy walk through 2 AP mines to take me out of my sniping position. srsly?
  3. somuee

    srsly reto... nerfing AP mines?

    yes SU mines. I get they are less visible, but come on... not killed after walking through 2 of them? really appreciate your input. but this is just stupid. i guess i'll just use the other factions' mines? dumb
  4. somuee

    srsly reto... nerfing AP mines?

    yes SU mines. I get they are less visible, but come on... not killed after walking through 2 of them?
  5. By 'new', I mean, the physics that forgives driving into rocks and such. There was a time when bumping your vehicle into a tree could destroy it. This was too harsh, but then you went too far and made it basically impossible to wreck the thing you are driving. What this has lead to is every AT with a vehicle just smashing 'w' and jumping rocks to get to an enemy tank to destroy it. Any chance you could find a happy medium that requires some skill to drive behind the lines?
  6. .. any way we can not have that "feature". Like, I'm prone, sometimes bipod deployed, and a guy is running at me just outside of my movement cone, but there is no way I can point toward him. Can we not have 360 degree movement while prone? Even if it's slow?
  7. somuee

    Why I think H&G is good

    completely disagree with you. more grind; more better.
  8. somuee


    i too would like to know this. i usually play under the influence and have no idea how many winning war battles i've been in.
  9. I realize it's a fine balance between clambering over a wall and hopping over a log, but a dude shooting from the hip whilst jumping 3 feet in the air repeatedly is just stupid.
  10. Touche. a dude jumping 3 feet in the air repeatedly, avoiding getting hit is just stupid
  11. oh god, please stop nerfing this game. it's already been nerfed enough so sooth the whiners. making it red vs. blue will kill it completely
  12. somuee

    What is with the tracers?

    Honestly, every time I think Reto might have done a cool update, they go and do something stupid like arcadify the game with bright green tracers. **sigh**
  13. ... can you please get rid of them? And fire whomever it was that thought they would be a good idea. Clearly this person belongs coding for the 'arcade' genera.
  14. somuee


    I have really nice performance until certain people join. Not sure if it's people with high ping or maybe it's the planes? I can go from sniping 1337 to "can't even drive a jeep without hitting a tree" in a second.
  15. I mean this seriously as someone playing since alpha. The only thing this aspect of the game does is makes me wait for a battle at the onset of war (which seems to be every day?). Would anyone care if this part of the game was canned?I just want to jump into a battle and fight.
  16. but the lag, boys... you need to do something about this lag. i've been with you since alpha and have never had such lag. what's going on?