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  1. TerrabyteGamingHD

    AA guns

    1. HE spam needs to be countered as plane dogs shall be punished for their BS 2. play Plane vs Plane mode 2.1 if you dont want that and instead want to kill infantry players with your plane you deserve everything you're getting 3. play infantry 4. want vehicles? play war thunder and paly against people who are in planes (edit i originally typed "tanks" by mistake) too.... oh wait then its actually somewhat fair and i have to do something for my kills <panic.png>
  2. TerrabyteGamingHD

    Advanced Filters not saved after 24.02.2021 update

    When you set custom filters in your To Battle menu, the filters reset after each time you queued up for your selected Maps/Modes and you have to manually uncheck everything you do not want to queue on again every time, even if you didn't paly a match
  3. TerrabyteGamingHD

    Cheater in H&G

    hahahha yes 83/15 cheater confirmed lelellelelele omg get a clue kek
  4. TerrabyteGamingHD

    Reinforce fast, bug or feature ?

    nahhh dont fix probability that randoms wont figure it out is high so just dont tell them and there will be like 1% less random troops at the front lines
  5. TerrabyteGamingHD

    Faction balancing

    pls stop pls and also @OdinThor321 almost all clans avoid other clans. your goal when you have a few BAD guys on is to play against other clans. it is likely that you will win most of these fights because your team has higher average skill. leaving the queue is not necessarily being cats but sometimes (form a GE clan perspective, NOT MINE!!!!) smart because it is simply a waste of time playing and potentially losing a long match against vets, when your own goal is to make RTS progress. a stack of any GE clan (nowadays) is most of the time no match for a BAD stack so why would they even bother. also i dont really see GE clans running away anyways (this is not how i think but im not representative of most GE clannies) about the tanks: literally every clan does it. and imo you cannot blame/disrespect an entire stack for the actions of the tankers/He spammers. there are good and bad people everywhere. for example i dont complain to Simon about Furiose sitting in a tank this is not meant to be an excuse for HE spamming on any side love you ❤️, TerribleCamping144p out
  6. TerrabyteGamingHD

    flamethrower is a terrible weapon and could use a buff

    This is the point where I start to question reality itself. If the weapon is good for bad players, that means that the weapon takes minimal to no skill to use. Currently it is just a crutch for absolute bottom of the barrel player to get a few kills in close quarters combat. It enables a player to "defeat" a much more skilled opponent even after he got killed himself. This is pretty much the definition of unfair. If kills should'nt be earned by skill then what are we even doing here? Increasing the range/damage and potentially spread will further decrease the already minuscule amount of skill it takes to use the flamethrowers. Why and how is this even remotely reasonable and or fair? While i agree that the flamethrowers are not a viable choice (for somewhat decent players) most of the time, i just cannot wrap my head around why it should be buffed.
  7. TerrabyteGamingHD

    We always lose.

    Yes Lored, that's exactly how it works. 1st jägers profile pic kinda cringe ngl still love you mate ❤️ just poking some fun at ppl
  8. TerrabyteGamingHD

    Latest War= SU out of infantry.

    No, nothing changed. Lots of people deployed and situations is even worse for US and GE especially.