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    All Weapon classses

    All Weapon Classes http://imgur.com/gallery/efo8RT9
  2. pjprikolas

    Vehicles destroyed Experience gained

    I know that motocycles 7xp & terrain vehicles 5xp. But mistaken put work. Fighter planes 20xp. But recon planes 5xp. Civilian 0xp. All vehicles +5xp each infantry-foot soldier kill: Recon, paratrooper, tank crewman, fighter piloy
  3. Vehicles destroyed Experience gained. Anti-tank weapons or anti air
  4. http://imgur.com/gallery/V7zaToH
  5. Hello, I am Interested why too much over stockpile of infantry assault teams? https://imgur.com/LjVub41
  6. pjprikolas

    help i need to choose and i dont know what

    Wait for soldier sale. Buy rank 12 tank crewman or rank 12 pilot. T38 model 1933- 14credits to spawn only mg. Can destroy all infantry vehicles. Recon plane palikarpov r-z 55 credits but has bomb (free)
  7. pjprikolas


    I think you don't need any of this, because when you upgrade your Soldier to General. Then all your items hoes to equipment depot. You can give all his items to desired Soldier, if that soldier has ability to use that item. Even guns mods stays bought, but you have to unlock mods & dont need to buy mods. Same goes for vehicles