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  1. Wolfesteins

    The clan vs random problem.

    Thank you for your time and opinions gentleman.
  2. So, I had lost against partisans, KGB and etc... The main problem is that overskilled players like kgb are way to difficult to handle, esspecially with random players. My point here is that clans should fight clans. A tipical battle lasts like 2 minutes with Kgb. And I know their tactic, but they just overun everything.
  3. Theres no balance in war.
  4. Thank you for your information.
  5. Hi, I really love H&G it's not just a game, for me it's art. And the people working on this game rock. Does anybody know if there is going to be some new sound update?
  6. Wolfesteins

    AT Rambos ruining the game

    Really?! And people like you who want to rape with a tank dont ruin the game? please cry me a river
  7. Wolfesteins

    No sound

    Yes that fixed my issue.
  8. Wolfesteins

    No sound

  9. Wolfesteins

    No sound

    Menu music works, everything is fine but when I start the game in that other window there is no sound. Everything is up to date, everything is unmuted. Help me!