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  1. Does changing those image's names of tanks and planes inside steam file will affect the game? I wanna memorize all those vehicle's characteristics and weakness
  2. Suggest developers can make some improvements on these issues Everyone knows the purpose of jumping are for cross over obstacles and avoiding bullets from enemies, but the jumping angle is high and it just looks like stuck in the air for 1.5 sec, this will give a chance for enemy to hunt you down from air while jumping or crossing obstacles. We need 45/50° jumping angle, isn't 70/80° even 90° degree etc. Delay 2 sec on get off the vehicles are the most annoyest delay ever in the game. While players are spawning on the apc, usually enemies will waiting us at side or front of apc. The problem is players have no chance to avoid when we hit the E button fast and early English isn't my mother tongue, please ignore my grammar mistakes
  3. Got the 3 days free veteran membership on 11 p.m. 23/6/18, the problem that I was facing is: when I played the game after 12 a.m. 24/6/18 the veteran membership decreased to 2 days
  4. ShAd0w99

    Delete extra bought soldiers

    Please tell me the way to delete the soldiers I bought