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  1. TheSpartan.SK

    Tank Crewmen in search for a primarily war clan/division

    Thanks for the info and i am still interested and would love to support! I'll join right away. And sorry for being so late, I don't really have an excuse other than thinking no one would reply
  2. I am an active player, usually am on daily typically from 7:30pm. - 12:00am. I usually play and am best with tanker class, but can play inf if need be (note: not the best infantrymen.). I follow orders very well often to the dot. My crewmen is rank 10 with Armour Assault 9th Grade coming on 10th. With the crewmen I tend to be not too far from point border to deliver fire support for infantry but not in the point to allow for a AT soldier sneak attack. Also I work well if other crewmen users in-case I am ever ordered to be attached to one. (For Example: A support gunner, spotter, etc.) And willing to learn any new play styles or tactics. Main Faction : Germany Secondary : US Preferred Method of Communication ; Discord ( TheSpartanSK#9148 ) [Note: I am willing to get teamspeak if needed] I am not picky, I seek a group with decent activity and semi-serious players. Any other traits are fine wit me, I am very adaptable.