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  1. T0UCH010

    Battleye Issue/Bug

    No worries i fixed it. I basically copied the battleye files from the prototype version to the steam version and now it works. Thanks for the replies
  2. T0UCH010

    Battleye Issue/Bug

    Tried both things and still shows the message. 1 thing the game works perfectly fine without problems on the prototype version. What if i reinstall heroes and generals all togeheter?
  3. T0UCH010

    Battleye Issue/Bug

    So.... i've done that all correctly... but... it still dosen't work. The same message pops up immidiately or after i join a match...
  4. T0UCH010

    Battleye Issue/Bug

    Yeah... I have been researching for the past hour and still can't find a fix. Thanks for the reply.
  5. T0UCH010

    Battleye Issue/Bug

    So i have been having this battleye issue for the past 3 days and i can't find a solution. This issue occurs when i get in a match on any map.I wait for it to start maybe start running or driving around and it "crashes", sometimes it does not even let me spawn and displays a message: "An issue occurred. BattlEye Anti-Cheat protection requests that you please restart the game." I really need your guys help because i really love this game and don't want to let it go like that. Edit: I have tried the standalone version still didn't work, run it as administrator still nothing... please help.