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    Worst lines for Attackers

    I think town E-line is the worst, because e4 is really hard to capture. e2-e3 spawn makes the journey to e4 really bad. e3-e4 spawn is also really bad. Then there's the water crossings. What do you guys think?
  2. dit55

    M2 Update is good

    I can actually see what I shoot now! Thanks Reto! New carbine feels great.
  3. dit55

    Assault Teams

    I shouldn't matter when you reinforce, because at the end of the war the cost of deployed ats is refunded in full. Its possible you lost money because someone wiped out your ats before the wsr ended.
  4. dit55

    Accuracy on scopes

    If you account for bullet drop (press space to auto adjust sights to drop) and account for travel time of the bullet. I have hit 400m shots no problem with this build (m1903 but it's the same build for all BAs): Match m72 (accurate bullet), scope, trigger, heavy bolt, Scout 2. Really accurate, hardest part is aiming forward to account for their movement.
  5. This has probably been brought up before, but what if we can select one or two AT(s) that will enter deploy queue immediately when the war starts. I.e I select a para AT and as soon as war starts it joins the queue regardless of being online or not. It could deploy in one of your faction's starting cities. It sucks that if you miss the start of a war by a few minutes (or even worse go to sleep) you can kiss goodbye to your chance to spawn fighter planes or paras. With the 'golden ticket' spawn everyone gets an equal opportunity to deploy at least something fun every war. Only concern I have is that it is possible that even with the golden ticket spawn those rare ats will run out extremely fast and people will still have to wait. Perhaps this could be solved by giving a portion of players a golden ticket and then in the next war give other players one and cycle after everyone gets one. Though I'm not sure if that would be necessary
  6. yes this also a prb and players form west are also effected I noticed this happened a lot to me when using a wifi connection. Sometimes wifi connections get really janky leading to rubber banding irregardless of internet speed. Try using an ethernet cable. Hope this helps
  7. dit55

    CQC Enemy strafing fast

    Like @horrific said, this is a result of the server. But this only really happens in high ping games (120+) from my observations.
  8. dit55

    Prototype test: Flamethrowers!

    Flamethrowers are fun, they do AOE damage so you can burninate people simultaneously. So I assume they could be used to clear out vehicles -at least what I imagine the flamethrowers would do best. range isn't that great and its ttk isn't either, but I feel like its more of a utility weapon, where you deny space and the like. US flamethrower has a great reload animation. GE Flamethrower reloads like a lever action rifle. SU Flamethrower reloads like a revolver. Only thing I have to say is that they feel kind of clunky in how the firing is handled. I would like the throwers to load the next primer after you stop firing instead of a preset time after firing. Also, a setting to turn off the screaming of the burning people will be nice. They don't seem to be decreasing performance but its possible that multiple people using them could cause fps drops. However, I don't think many people will be using them in actual matches because there are better weapon options. Would it be possible for trolls to preform fps terrorism in groups?
  9. dit55

    Happy 1000th war all

  10. You can cancel sprint by tapping or holding to the ADS (Aim Down Sight) button (and fire immediately after), even if you're holding your sprint key. With some practice you can easily get used to the rhythm to sprint cancel. Hold ADS to ADS or let go of ADS to hipfire. Firing like this is not much slower than if you were not sprinting. Only downside is increased sway from the aim penalty bar. However, if you use Marathon Man Gold it clears fast enough to a point where you get basically no punishment for sprinting when sprint canceling. This game doesn't seem to increase ADS speed like other fps games do such as COD when sprinting.
  11. dit55

    Mouse sensitivity

    In addition to what the guy said above, consider your mouse pad size (if your not using one I recommend you do). If your mouse pad it pretty big it can allow you to do low sensitivity pretty easily. As to specific sensitivity its more up to preference. Consider if you move your mouse with your wrist or your arm. If you move with your wrist more often consider higher sensitivity, and vice versa. For sniping specifically you want low sensitivity because you don't need to move the mouse as much, so lower sensitivity is better because its easier to make more precise movements. Because characters don't move to fast in this game you won't have to flick your mouse 90 degrees across the screen (except in super cqc) as would have to in a game like Overwatch. In general lower sensitivity in this game is more useful. As to what is the right sensitivity for you, its trial and error until you find the right one. If you feel you have to move your mouse too much to turn the increase the sensitivity. The same is true for the opposite. In terms of aim, its more about practice rather than sensitivity (sensitivity helps), unless your sensitivity is just too low or too high.
  12. I'd say it would be too op for +3 equipment points. A lot if the 'primary' weapons and equipment are balanced around the fact that you could only carry one primary into battle (you can also carry 2 but with only one clip on each). Maybe if it was like camouflaged (in that it only has gold) and it gave +1 instead it would be a cool idea.
  13. Yes (because it increases all damage done), but you cannot grind the chauffeur badge unless you use a civilian vehicle. So unless you plan to spend a 1.3 mil credits or 13k gold your probs not gonna get it.
  14. dit55

    Post-New Year Running Of H&G Due To Flash

    Yes it is created using flash. A long while ago H&G was launched from a browser (it doesn't anymore). ------ Edit: Did more research, after December 2020 Flash will no longer be supported (no more updates etc.) and will not be obtainable through normal means. This does not mean H&G will stop working, however it does mean that computers that do not already have flash will not be able to run the game. Is this the death of H&G? No, but assuming reto does nothing to change the UI running the game would be impossible to run on new computers (assuming flash is not obtained by regular means).
  15. dit55

    Grenadier question

    Grenadier only increases damage against infantry (not tanks and vehicles). Imo fast reload gold and iron fist (just FRG if only one badge slot) are best. FRG lets you pump out rockets significantly faster. Edit: I now realize you're talking about at nades. While I do not recommend you use them (due to their significantly lower damage output to rockets) you should use dynamite lover which gives you more nades and iron fist.
  16. dit55


    I believe that they do not plan on doing so. Most people who plan on using them at all already use discord and teamspeak (mostly clans)
  17. dit55

    please do somethink !

    For capture and hold tanks go to the middle town and farm the ai. This will give you good xp for armor assault ribbon so you could unlock new tanks. When you unlock assault mode, play that because it will put you in matches where you will only play against tanks of your level (light, medium, etc.).
  18. dit55

    Panzerschreck and M18 perk

    Yes it does, but it does not boost damage to tanks and vehicles only to inf. M18 does no damage to inf unless its a direct hit which is one hit (it does deal some splash damage but very little). Pansersherk is similar, but does more splash damage. Use grenadier only if you plan on using grenades against inf. If you want to do more tank damage with rockets consider fast reload gold and iron fist
  19. Didn't think of it that way, if that's how it works (because I believe it only takes effect once the action that is expanding your crosshair stops). I did some testing before putting it in the guide, but did not test for that how it reacts when shooting. If it is true then I agree that its a solid A tier. Will do some testing.
  20. In this tier list I will rate the usefulness of badges of infantry badges in a tier list. Higher on the list is better with the badges in each tier in no particular order. Disclaimer: I have not explored the use every badge or builds that take advantage of them (especially in the more niche builds). In general, the higher a badge is placed the more likely it is to fit in more builds. The only exception is mechanic because of how OP it is. This tier list is based on my experience with the game, and is subject to bias. S- Fast Reload, Marathon Man A- Pointer Quick Fire, Infantry first, Iron Fist, Quickdraw, Mechanic B- Dynamite Lover, Tight Grip, Dead-Eye, Heavy Set, Scavenger, Combat Medic, Hoarder, First Blood C- Grenadier, First Aid, Camouflaged D- Hand of God, Car Thief, Driver, Nimble, Ghillie Reasoning and Build Analysis (in order of tiers): Thank you for reading.
  21. Fair point, but the other badges have more utility than keeping you alive for an extra 100ms. A bush wookie is a person who camps in a random bush farming kd far away from the point where they are not defending anything of import and just shooting people farming spawn(which is why they are lovingly named bush wookies). Capable people will just ignore them and drive by while holding their heads down. Thiscis normally fine except when there are multiple on one team and effectively throwing the match. Camouflage only keeps them alive for longer. The playstyle you described is how I believe sniping should be (like for d4 bridge in town). At least you are defending something Usually in those spots you are around other teammates or their spawn making you very safe (assuming you are taking pressure of your team). This makes camouflage pointless as you are very safe even if people know where you are. Good Idea, I'll add some sample builds. My goal was to rate how much utility badges had and discuss what builds those badges could fit into. I don't think creating a seperate tier list for badges is useful, because in most builds you only really have a few badges to consider and even then its not a hard choice.
  22. Before sound got updated I could distinguish footsteps pretty well, however it doesn't seem to work for me anymore. Added to the fact that 99% of people don't use surround sound headsets I don't really see much use for it anymore.
  23. My intention was to create a tier list that shows the usefulness of badges in general i.e if I feel it is more useful for more builds then it is higher on the list (with increased weight for popular builds). The most popular build in H&G is CQC to midrange. I feel that HSG tries to compensate for skill. As a result, I believe it is more of a crutch as superior positioning and aim will always win you a fight regardless of HS or not. Yeah but a bush wookie build is kind of useless, sure it may be fun but it does not contribute much to victory. I was hoping that was mostly covered in my Reasoning and Build Analysis, where I suggested which badges could fit where.
  24. I personally never found a use for driver over other badges (I personally don't use IFVs so I can't say anything about that). As for nimble, even on my headset I always hear breathing more clearly than steps. If the sounds in this game weren't so janky I'd consider nimble to be a significantly higher tier badge. Unless we're talking about OHK snipers, ping has a bigger effect than HSG does on who dies first. But that's only considered that both players have seen each other at the same time and started firing at the same time. Even in that ideal situation it mostly becomes a question on weapon balance. Regardless, a skilled player who can hit their shots always has an edge on someone who can't. It became useless since last upgrades, now everybody is running ! I'd say its even better after because it drains the aim penalty bar almost instantly (before it just made sprint cost less stamina). So basically you don't get punished for sprinting . Sprint is a very powerful tool when used correctly. Draining the aim penalty bar that fast effectively makes sprint free.
  25. dit55

    Generals Tab

    When a battle first gets ATs there is a four minute timer counting down which signifies that the battle will not pop regardless of how many people are queuing on it. It will say something like: "battle is being prepared." After that the timer stars from zero and counts up. If a battle is not considered "fun" by 10 mins it will auto resolve. The longest a timer can go without a battle popping is 6 hours upon which it will auto resolve. The timer will say: "battle is starting." If a battle is in progress (people in the battle) it will still say: "battle is running". Only exception is when a battle is close to ending where it will say: "battle is ending."