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  1. LucasVonBraun

    Saved by the bell, War 1000

    And despite reto's disabilities and failure to do absolutely whatever in honor of war 1000th, god knows how community managed to give best of themselves and give this jubilee magnitude it deserves. That is ofcourse if we exclude heartless SU veterans who gave up from the very moment GE retook its territories on Balkan peninsula. Shame! GGs
  2. LucasVonBraun

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    remove bipods from the game and you ll see massive decrease in machine guns' stats generally and especially for 'problematic' mg42. i was away during this time when bipods were added believe it was 2017 late or 2018 early. It was big mistake from the beginning another proof that devs dont play the game. Why would you add bipods on machine guns that can be equipped with "bipod" badge tab - tight grip gold .. maybe cuz of realistic reasons and historical accuracy? thats bs excuse, balance is always above anything else.. if you sticked to this there would be no armor 2.0 and bugs that came with it as well broken sounds.. remove bipods and increase time to prone position, apparently it got increased in an update around 1.18.1. @Reto.Hades and dont change magazine size for m1919 and mg42 just reading this makes me want to vomit
  3. 8th is the best one for the reason Rdanzer said. And it would be really great to bypass excessive "final" round 3, and just pick up top 3 voted options and rotate them. 1 war setup per month. This will prove to be very effective way to kill the monotony RTS players experience from day to day, month to month (year to year....) of playing one same areas all time along. Also it ll help as certain factions love crying about having bad capital starting positions. (SU vets are very famous) @Reto.Hades what you think about rotation? i think it can be new era of RTS gaming. Also can you tell us if reto.stenum is back and working actively again on the game? as i understood he's your only RTS employ.
  4. LucasVonBraun

    When are you going to balance the US devs?

    Hades you are such a god! sadly of underworld and dead stuff that have no use for living vets that are still playing this, for years dead game (feel free to take a look at playerbase) I assume it wont be a problem foryou to answer on my actual post since you did reply to minor provocation of fatal-is? Suspecting you won't,i ll just repeat the most important question regarding your new weapon rebalancement update. Why is M2 Carbine swayless (base sway inexistent, lesser than on smgs for example, sway is in same line with SA/BA rifles) and why did you add such HUGE amount of base sway on STG? I'Ve been repeating this for a while now, yet NO RESPONSE from reto moto. Do i need to make clips on subject base sway of each scoped AR?
  5. LucasVonBraun

    When are you going to balance the US devs?

    @Reto.Hades Why does M2Carbine have less sway then smgs? Why isn't sway same for all AR class weapons same way it is on BA's .. SA's .. etc Stg good weapon? Stg is no skill it is most random weapon in the game rn with current sway. You dont trust me? Go test for yourselves put scope on all 3 AR's make a comparison, you will be shocked by what you see. So why does AR with least ROF, supposedly weakest of all 3, have highest type of sway? Why does m2 carbine have non existent sway? Does this by any case has something to do with the fact you were always playing US faction and non other with your buddies from DB clan? Or maybe it is just all a coincidence :redbjarnehehe: How the heck can you even say stg performs slightly better than M2Carbine? M2 is as we all concluded previously, OVERPOWERED in cqc and it can perform decently well on medium distances if you are a player who knows how to right and left click. As for STG its all about randomness now, yoou ADS and shoot and it turns out to be one big lottery - question wether your aim will end directly on his head or a milimeter or two next to it or around it, thanks to the enormous sway you recently added. Shame, it is devastating me the imbalance you put in this context yet it was you who came up with this whole idea of rebalancing weapons (new con-fire, recoil, spray pattern, its core everything!!!) and introducement of sway to each. The AVS we really need to look into more, it's got a very high ROF and is also very stable getting easy headshots. What is this some kind of a joke? what high ROF dude it is the weapon that suffered most in this regard it went down from 694 to 631 (max rpm). What easy headshots with current sway? it is its randomness that headshot, not skill!!!! Now the reason AVS proved to be better is because it's unique, different from other 2 AR's with only 15 bullets. So nerfing its ROF allowed both vet and new players to maximize its use of all 15 bullets. Right now the ROF of the mg42 can be increased by 25% with modifications. I wish to lower this to between 10% and 15%. Really? This is clearly a direct nerf and loss on the rear of GE faction players. Cuz they are the ones who are losing modification setups, definitely not you an US player or SU players who will still be able to play MG42 on 850 rpm. How come only MG42 will be nerfed in this way? Why wasnt this disccused this way in regards of M2 Carbine?! This thing had 667 ROF before recent weapon rebalancement update and it could ve been modded up to 1004 RPM! ( it was significantly bigger jump in % if you mod it than currently MG42 is! ) Yet what happened is its base ROF nerf while mods stayed untouched. Even today m2 carbine can go up from 577 to 869 rpm!!! (Again enormous jump) So if you are under impression MG42 is op because of its high ROF mod, you are supposed to nerf its base ROF. Down to 800 or 775. Mods should be untouched clearly it is something that only GE players can modify as its their native weapon. If you are gonna nerf the weapon it should be on loss of all players. Nerf its base rof like you did with m2 carbine. The MG42 is performing better than the other machineguns both unmodded and modded, but once it gets modded the changes become larger. No! MG42 is outperforming every machine gun exceptionally in CQCs, it is no match for M1919/DT29 on medium-far distances. MG42 you would need to bipod, those other 2 you wouldnt. Those are the in game facts So go on Hades i require some answers, either confront facts this time and not avoid like you keep doing or people will start wondering who is the actual guy who needs to look himself into the mirror regarding bias. Well most likely players that always tended to play 1 faction out of 3 and that choose to rely on some stats instead of personal experience (which you can make complete only by playing all 3 factions) edit: Oh my gawd completely forgot about upcoming interferment with badge tab system, it is ancient stuff! its something nobody should mess with! If something should be done about this then its the implementaion of a new badge tab - the one which diminishes ugly, disgusting, annoying, random base sway that you added on every weapon, man!!
  6. LucasVonBraun

    When are you going to balance the US devs?

    ye ye m2 carbine is fine, i just wonder what would happen if i had ability to mod it Edit: ah ye forgot to mention how m2 carbine has lesser of basic sway than mp40 for example and most likely even BA rifles. While at the same time "OP" avs has more of this sway which somewhat diminishes while in crouched position unlike as on stg which was purposely nerfed in this context making it biggest swayass weapon in the game with sway that exists even in proned position. So basically what you did reto.hades is, from a decent looking weapon (old stg), you converted it to one of the worst with the current sway. And to mask all this up you made it recoilless so now we have newbie communtiy thanking you for that thinking that stg is better than before with small exception (not that important if you ask me) of ROF nerf (max ROF went down from 578 to 551). So please do nerf MG42 GE's currently best weapon and yes dont stop there nerf AVS in its essence, GE's 2nd best weapon - stock avs. Should i stop here ? Or i can just add how MG13 has more sway while moving around in ADS state, than johnson? As well time to ADS more sway cuz obv its GE weapon ok i ll talk about broken m1919 in my next post @Reto.Hades
  7. I see you guys didn't lock this thread yet. Now would be the perfect timing as you are about to find out which type of the people dared to come to forums, type nothing but baseball and non-sense, whine around about weapon imbalance, how certain weapons are OP yet they can't even maintain a positive K/D in PvP match. I underlined RS players with orange color while their bold clan leader is covered up in red. This was a 30 minute match, mountain town attack (B line), which means they had the defenders natural advantage + so called OP MG13 while still performing terribly. Enjoy their K/Ds, you are gonna laugh.
  8. I see you tovarishi got some git gud issues. Weapons are perfectly fine, in fact SU has vast majority of better weapon, which just require skill and patience in order to be played properly. Obviously stg is easier to use than AVS considering it has 30 bullets and slower rate of fire, obviously MG13 is easier to use than DT29 considering it has better sights and better hip-fire accuracy. But the fact that it's easier to use doesn't necessarily mean it's better to have. The rampage kill streaks i can do with DT29 i will never be able to do with MG13 simply because your imba LMG has 63 freaking bullets and it doesn't even need fast reload, it can be played easily with dead-eye gold or tgg. Put it this way and DT on full mod has lesser recoil and sway on sides than MG13 on fullrpm,stock bullet (classical modding). Not to mention that MG13 has >2x times less bullets than DT29 so if you wanna play aggresively, fast reload gold is a big must. The only actual supporters which you will get for griefing / baseball talking GE faction and the weapons is from newbie inexperienced community, inactive other factions' players (Neznan is perfect example), your noobish clan members who can barely maintain a positive K/D regardless of which weapon they play with, in general subjective, one-sided type of people who were fighting against GE vets way too much time and yet they couldn't do a damn thing to stop them. (The entertainer in link below is perfect example of this) In fact this specialist got so frustrated that he named his twitch title's stream "heroes and MG's13-42", while in game he complains about people using Gewehrs and Kar98ks. This is me on a DT29 rampage i was talking about which occured in first few minutes of the match. We did lose this battle in the end but not because OP mg13's and MG42's but rather due to the fact GE has, not only vast majority of veteran playerbase in it, but also the most skilled random players. As for you waran buran, please do step aside as you are nothing more than an average, mediocre player. These are my account's statistics As you can see if i had same amount of time played with SU weapons, kills would be at least the same as with GE weapons, if not even higher. So lemme give you tovarishi a friendly advice - GIT GUD and stop complaining about weapon imbalance when there is none. When i am bored of the clangames i tend to play solo random war and i assure you that there are GOOD players on every single faction, they just need to be gathered up, met, introduced to this hidden treasure we HNG veterans founded regardless of reto's incapability to gift us one, as pepeNS previously mentioned, it is organised groups / teamspeak 3 / clan communities - THE BIGGER PICTURE OF THE GAME. @PPikaso It's his playstyle he always tends to overstack the battles with >1.5k INF, i assume this gives him the enpowered feeling how he covers every single battle which he indeeed does yet he fails to understand the fact - the more overstacked battles you give to GE vets, the more captured resources will go on GE faction's stockpile as we all know that GE has most battle victories at the end of each war.
  9. LucasVonBraun

    The US and the Soviet Union cannot compete with Germany

    Hell yeah they could at least try to compete if reto finds a way to ally US and SU factions.
  10. REMOVE bots when. reto plizzz Just make sure you do it before you lose whats left of game's playerbase
  11. I completely agree with what kirik proposes. Reduce gunpowder gas, as soon as you can. best regards to company 👽 +
  12. LucasVonBraun

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    Think about something before you write it down please. No AR didn't make SU random players 'stupid and lazy'. They were like that since like always. SU was always losing battles like this, the ones that were played by fps and not AR
  13. LucasVonBraun

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    yes this is the best reply i ve seen so far. Towns should be autoresolved after like 3h15min. Skirmishes after 2h10min. Encounters after 1h10min. ez. Like dude do you actually guys realise how hard is to level up assault teams and XP for characters with AR completely turned off? Meaning if you send your troops anywhere they'll end up in overstacked town with figuratively speaking unlimited friendly resources meaning = a lot less xp from your ats Edit: Honestly AR is essential for war gameplay. It's just it has been abused for way too long and people got really depressed over it. But only a noob and a veteran player who has all characters maxed and grinded will tell you that its best way to turn AR completely. The reason i said 3h15min AR for towns and not 2h10min is because GE would not stand a god damn chance again. The RTS map is way too huge and wide, there are WAY too many cities and therefore unplayable battles which would eventually AR. That's reto's fault i guess they could edit that and make smaller and adjustable RTS map but it would take time..
  14. LucasVonBraun

    Time to merge SU?

    Like how pleb do you need to be to propose such a thing to add all these factions to game such as H&G. Obviously a guy who has no clue about H&G gameplay could suggest something like this at this point. best case remove ability to select a battle by hand LOL. Mate i will just tell you next: git gut
  15. LucasVonBraun

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    I am loving love your post. Reto should make a huge post about suggestions regarding balancing SU playerbase. What i know is that we get for sure 1 soviet map til end of this year and then next year we get another soviet map which is great. I think Soviet need at least another LMG weapon, Yes Soviets most def need more weapons, more tanks, more everything. Reto,moto seriously once this upcoming update is settled down and game gets balanced(might take a while tho xD) push those forums with that post about SU underpop faction - how to make it attractive. Oh yes. Reto most definitely needs to regulate those enc/skirmishes. I agree with you - encounter AR after 1h05min, skirmish AR after 2h10min .. or who cares put it both 1h10min if its easier to do it. I think this shouldn't be too hard for you guys to do and it's kinda essential. Like its worst when some people deploy their shirt and send it to frontline and in the meantime half of those ATs get stucked at enc/skirmish. About paras i don 't really think this would have any purpose(i will come in the end back to this topic - purpose).So first of all for Americans it's all the same either way they can use johnson in encounter with infantry, ask god why. For SU it's also the same they don't even have SU paratrooper weapon.. so yeah besides new Soviet LMG weapon add another weapon for paratrooper. And for GE just look how overpopualted it is right now.. we really dont need availability of having FG42 in encounter (meaning +100 more new players on GE faction.. just kidding). Anyway the only actual purpose of allowing paratroopers(foot paratroopers) would be easier grinding and leveling up.. kinda way too easy if you ask me. (for easy leveling paras you got skirmishes in my opinion) Btw this might be reason Soviets despise playing paras. Seriously think about it they dont have special para weapon - they barely play it